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New Formula saving millions in Africa – Plumpy Nut

That’s right a new to the market formula Plumpy Nut, a creation by  Doctors With Out Borders consisting of peanut butter, dried milk, and vitamins is helping millions of children in Africa survive, and even escape malnutrition.    60 minutes recently did a special on the topic.

Maybe these types of foods can be shared withother nations that fall short of food production targets or even supplied to deal with hunger issues ahead of time.  Famines a condition of large proportion where masses of people are unable to meet food needs and in extreme cases, numbering in the millions of Deaths each year to date. July 27th 2008 the year of our lord.   Famine or starvation is and has been a devastating force throughout history.  Modern innovations and technology gains have the potential to reduce hunger and achieve population targets that support sustainability and a growing concern for public responsibility to meet short falls.   Fighting crimes and using good judgement to protect personal rights, human rights and sustainable ecosystem understanding + environmental dangers will serve to move the world in a positive direction. 

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33% of corn production in 2009 U.S.A predicted to go to ethanol!

In 2009 33% of the corn produced in the United States will go towards ethanol production because of the high premium paid for oil.  This is causing a short fall in production of food world wide to meet the needs of the world…hmmm. If, Humans didn’t breed like rats in conditions of poverty
I would’nt ask you to be concerned.  But, humans reproduce at a dramtically higher rate in conditions of poverty.
No more corn use as a substitute for gasoline!! This would be a start in the right direction to alleviating short falls in food around the world.   Topstockblog supports revisiting legislation supporting switch grass as a substitute for gasoline.  More incentives to find new solutions.
Carbon farming has alot of potential to solve problems of the world by taking carbon out of the air.

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