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MGM good value going forward

MGM Mirages buying back some stock. MGM has some of the greatest gambling Assets in the casino, and entertainment industry. The stock is well below my value entry point, and MGM has plans for many of it’s properties to do well going forward. This linked article covers the positives of the stock well.

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Crox looks to be a great buy under $11

(update 7/11/08 – just bought a pair of crox – very comfortable, and the corporation continues to pick up shelf space in retailers. Two types of material in crox shoes – one very comfortable – other much cheaper + less comfortable. Management will have some tough choices moving forward as far as profits are concerned; higher quality – lower short term profit, lower quality – higher short term profits. It is clear cheap plastic will not be on everyone’s feet next summer; but, high quality will certainly be part of the future. I will definatlely be keeping an eye on product quality when shaping future opinions on CROX shoes)
—— end update—-
Crox footwear company has had to anounce some bad earnings recently.  I do believe this has brought the stock back to an entry that can deliver 100% plus returns over the couple of years if Crox was not a fad or was a fad but its efforts to diversify into other products customers like will stick.  Crox just signed a new vice president with 15 years experience working with Nike, and Under Armour respectively.
I did see a phone for sale at verizon packed in a Crox shoe.  They have gained shelf space in major retailers, and can hit a homerun if they can catch another fad.  I like that they partnered with Disney.   That should have a positive impact on sales around the world.  Crox is a beaten down company that I liked over $20 and some liked it over $60.  AT $10 it looks a great deal from where I sit.

The log consolidation pattern Crox is in builds my confidence that Crox will be a long term winner with it’s world wide focus.

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