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T. Boone Pickens link looking to solve looming problems in the economies of the world.

T Boone Pickens Energy plan to reduce oil imports to protect the world.  T. Boones newest plan allows for complete elimination of all oil imports.   Pickens plans is creating jobs, and putting money in the owners of the land effected by windfarms.  10,000 – 20,000 per year picken is paying land owners; while, cattle can still graz the land.


T. Boone Pickens of BP capital management idea of creating an army of people cooperating to reduce oil dependence and protect the world economy. A long time Oil Man is changing his tune. T. Boone runs the world Oil Markets in combination with other world market players. T. Boone brought the lesson of high oil to the nation and world. The evil interests in the world are taking away subsidies of alternative energies, driving waste in oil use, promoting the attacks oil infrastructures, using the the threat of violence, and in some cases murder to achieve nothing. Oil should be around $3 a gallon sooner than later in America. I will advise T. Boone to buy domestic food to eleviate starvation around the world.
T. Boone is sure to run a tight Army with peaceful tactics to ensure the world is a safer and more fair place. Can't wait to watch the T. Boone Picken Army set the world straight. T. Boone is looking for the movers and the shakers to join together to get the energy policy right. I hope to contribute thoughtful ideas to help the world as part of the T. Boone Pickens Army.

Flexible taxation, Meaning 0 gas tax over $3 and more taxation when prices are lower to stabilize profits of cororations, increase public benefit, and realize real savings.

Entertainment Purposes, and social benefit.

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