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Miss Universe winner beautiful inside and outside + link.

Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela (R) reacts after being announced ...

Miss Venezuela was just crowned Miss Universe for 2008 + top viewed pictures from Yahoo!  Sunday July 13th in Vietnam the elegant Beauty queen contest occured.   She is beautiful inside and out.  She delivered a speech of hope to young ladies around the world about dreams coming through. Never giving up hope. Many of the worlds most beautiful woman inside, and outside were in the contest that took place in Vietnam.

Miss Universe pageant is on NBC est at 9 PM. I am late but, the women are pretty. Photos of Miss Universe pagent in swimsuits.

Entertainment purposes, The world is beautiful; figure it out.

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House representative Kucinich to launch impeachment arguments against the Bush Adiministration for committing over a dozen misdeamenor and higer crimes, would like to thank <a href=”“>Representative Kucinich stance against illegal and immoral government behavior to manipulate data, and people in the pursuit of an agenda.


You can reach your representives at United States house of government and the United States Senate government.  Voice your oppion on the needs for open and broad hearings to acount for both good and bad judgements made by the president and his staff to learn from the past. 

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