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Jim Cramer’s latest thoughts and bullish stocks. Mad Money recap

 Jim Cramer’s latest thoughts and bullish stocks. Mad Money recap

Jim Cramer (November 27th 2008) is very excited about small successes in the market, and has come out with several stock picks C, MDR, CAT, AAPL, NUE among several other stocks he is cautously bullish on.  Cramer targets corporations with dividend’s and stable share holders.  Cramer recommends not trying to time a bottom, diversification, and doing your homework.

(June 15th 2008) Jim Cramer recently published am artcle about sticking with new tech. Corporations that will meet the worlds most pressing issues over the next 50 years like Energy, poverty, environment, clean water, and population. Here is the list of new cap published at the a cool website for stock market information. Recap: Stay with New Tech05/20/08 – 07:43 PM EDT

Review Jim Cramers latest edition of Mad Moneywhen searching for stocks, to gain both insight, and understanding of the latest developments in the stock market. Through this link to this website that gives a link to the latest show. Including a link to Jim’s portfolio plus recent trades. A link to Warren Buffet’s portfolio, and alot of great information.

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Have a good weekend, comics and favorite stock websites

Have a good weekend,  here are some comics and my favorite stock websites.

Bush's Social Security Gamble
( original poster)






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Buying time in the market!!

Stocks are possible at the bottom here Teusday 10 amish 7/01/08. JEC is my top pick as an infrastructure play. QQQQ, and SPY are probably good indexes to look to trade higher short to medium term


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Oil money will continue to flow west as predicted by George W. Bush

George W. Bush indirectly or directly went into Iraq to protect American business interests.  Iraq just opened bidding on oil production  for short term oil production.  Congratulations to the people of Iraq in moving the hard way towards good judgement as a nation. The money from Oil will help the Iraqi people financially.  Helping the people of Iraq do better financially and long term will help America make friends with Iraq in my opinion. The short run bid action is expected to give a major longer term advantage to big Western + European oil.  Iraq is already dealing with major corporations that are based in the United States.  Iraq is expected to double oil production by 2013. With Exxon, BP, and maybe even Haliburten getting a piece of the money along with over 35 others corporations from around the world.

In other news Iraq’i people are suing corporations who paid Iraq kickbacks, pharmaceutical company, and Australian exporter to get damages for millions of dollars paid in kick backs in the oil for food programs.  Violence is down in the middle east, and expected decline further as peaceful Iraqi people take control in a moderate way. 

I compare this to United States politicians being elected or fired by a responsible electoral voting public.   A voting United States public that will full fill it’s responsibility to live in a sustainable world that is responsible, and successful. Blogging on the Internet continues to fill voids where honest information can solve, and prevent real world problems

This could dent oil prices in the short run, and be very volatile over the remainder of the year responding to actual events in real time. This should build confidence in stocks; Iraqi currency, and the United States dollar. Weakness could materialize in all types of commodities as Iraq achieves mile stones in production, and an over supply of Oil could develop.

I do not give blind justice to leaders, and hope lawsuits force corporations to act thoughtfully towards people, and the environment.   Lawsuits are being filed against private contractors who tortured prisoned inmates inside Iraq. I support peace, careful communiction, sustainability, understanding, and the good judgement required to get there.

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Bin Laden speaks out!! American speaks back!!

Alot of good information is available to use to look at stock market charts yahoo finance
*** Sorry, interupted by the latest Bin Ladden message directed towards the west. *****

Topstockblog calls for an end of violent preaching by Osama Bin Laden.   As a citizen of the United States of America I supports appropriate influence and good values. I do not support the inappropriate influence of money supporting any unmoral goals.  We all share in homeland concerns of all people. I do particularly share my concern of the palestinian people who have paid too high a price for living in such an other wise beautiful part of the world. I and many American people support the Palestian people in their struggle for peace. We have friends who are from Israel. People supporting their friends is an American tradition. Honest communication, and a goal of appropriate influence I hope will be your goal Mr. Bin Ladden.
Topstockblog supports honest people looking to influence the world in a positive way. Peace is the ultimate way of all people to evolve into a less violent, and more successful society.
Bin Laden goes to far, and I just had to get this out. Honest comunication should support democracy.

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Mental health disease or related issues

   Mental health disease is not easy to talk about.  In my experience it is a disease of both the mind and interaction with reality.   Things can seem different than they really are.  Mental health disease can be brought on by a multiple of factors.  Ranging from genetic preconditioning, tramtic real life experiences, and even alcohal/drug induced conditioning. 

  My symptoms cover all of the above.  Which makes me a bit like Earl from the t.v. show on Fox television.  Dedicated to helping the world and not for profit.  My reactions to fear and feelings are more exaggerated or not at all present at times.  Yahoo has a cool page on health that also covers mental health ideas.
   Mental illness in my experience is to a degree of affliction or experience.  Bipolar seems to cover most of my symptoms.  All people have some sort of personality differences. The way we interact with others is where differences can appear.  I have had bad experiences dealing with people and that largely contributes to my problem.  

  I have a lot be thankful for and don’t want let any disease be a major problem in my life. Paxil, and sobriety are helpful.  Really understanding friends, and family could not be thanked enough.  Paxil is a generically available pill that I take.  The drug has is relatively safe, and been  on the market long enough so generically prescribed  inexpensive prescription.    

      Mental illness is said to affect millions of people directly and probably everyone else indirectly at some point in life.   Triggers of mental illness come from all types of causes.   Medication is available to treat  depression, bipolar condition, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, and a variety of other conditions.   Medicines work for some more than others.  I have tried a few different types to help myself.  I am on several medications currently. The medicines add a new set of feelings.   I have feelings of being a bit out of touch  with reality.  I find some simple stuff harder to understand.  I am not less than, and look to grow with a better understanding of myself.

 I had an adrenal gland removed that was out of place in a surgery to fix some damage from falling off a roof.  Just knowing, an unknown adrenal gland was out of place gives me some closure on acting out when I was younger.  I wanted to be a boxer.  I retired 6-10 in the amateurs with a few novice golden glove titles to show off.  I enjoy holding the mits, and consider myself one the best mitt holders in the area because of experience, and hard work.

I like to work hard on something that I find enjoyable.   This helps me to feel like I am meeting my personal needs most appropriately.  An addictive personality leads me to many of my hobbies/addictions so to speak. For instance this blog is also my attempt at humor, and entertainment.  I hope you find my writing style entertaining, and humorous at times.   The stock market has an addictive like quality.  The market alows the pursuit of dreams in a sense.  Diving into something completely!  i.e. stock research is fun sometimes; looking for just that one extra piece of information that will give me the edge trading.  “Where a stock trades in a given hour, day, week, month, or year is irrelevant in the shortest of time frames, and the point in itself in the longest of time frames.

  I try to not do to much of anything because it is not appropriate.  A little bit of most anything is good, and too much is always bad.  I try not to be over addicted to stocks, alcohol, marijuana, or any other not so great addiction of mine.

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Crox looks to be a great buy under $11

(update 7/11/08 – just bought a pair of crox – very comfortable, and the corporation continues to pick up shelf space in retailers. Two types of material in crox shoes – one very comfortable – other much cheaper + less comfortable. Management will have some tough choices moving forward as far as profits are concerned; higher quality – lower short term profit, lower quality – higher short term profits. It is clear cheap plastic will not be on everyone’s feet next summer; but, high quality will certainly be part of the future. I will definatlely be keeping an eye on product quality when shaping future opinions on CROX shoes)
—— end update—-
Crox footwear company has had to anounce some bad earnings recently.  I do believe this has brought the stock back to an entry that can deliver 100% plus returns over the couple of years if Crox was not a fad or was a fad but its efforts to diversify into other products customers like will stick.  Crox just signed a new vice president with 15 years experience working with Nike, and Under Armour respectively.
I did see a phone for sale at verizon packed in a Crox shoe.  They have gained shelf space in major retailers, and can hit a homerun if they can catch another fad.  I like that they partnered with Disney.   That should have a positive impact on sales around the world.  Crox is a beaten down company that I liked over $20 and some liked it over $60.  AT $10 it looks a great deal from where I sit.

The log consolidation pattern Crox is in builds my confidence that Crox will be a long term winner with it’s world wide focus.

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