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Stock market risks, buy Gold ETF’s opinion

The stock market is a very complex system with risk. Much of the risk lies in the future earnings expectations of some industries.
 The Kirk Report is a really good source of sotck information.  Jim Cramer of Mad Money on CNBC of The is a great resource on the stock market direction. I think gold will trade to $1000 an ounce or higher. ETF’s that track gold might be a safer investment. Diversification, and hi quality investments are very important.  Unfortunately what seemed so safe a few months ago have quickly become very risky assets in large part from greed.

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Cool websites for Books on sale online.

Reading books is always a part of my life. I enjoy reading mostly for learning. <a href=”“> is my website of choice to buy books on line. merged with another big book retailer that has a great selection instore, and good pricing.

Barnes and Nobles another top retailer

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View Movies over you computer, free links

A friend who is knowledgable about the latest releases of movies told me to ckeck out <a href=”“> , side and nabolister. He watches many of the latest movies online. I personally like the blockbuster through the mail to stay up to date on the movies; but, will have to look further at these websites to see what movies are available.

If you want to see what is playing in your local theater or learn more about the latest movies check out You can view the latest trailer clips.
Indiana Jones is getting great reviews. I watched the first part of it on last night.

Entertaiment purposes only

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Post and view home video’s on YouTube.

YouTube looks to be a cool website for posting videos. Many people use YouTube to either post their own home videos or watch for the coolest new videos posted by others.

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