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Cheaney may be tied to KBR oil bribes in Nigeria; but, never questioned?

Vice President Dick Cheney an executive at Haliburton who served during over a decade filled with bribes estimated over $180 million dollars.  Will never be questioned as to what his role in the fruad and/or knowledge of bribes paid? What?  Where is the justice in that? Time to rewrite some laws in Topstockblog’s opinion.  Check out this link covering the story of KBR inqiury broader, Federal investigation goes beyond a single incident in Nigeria.   The fraud is gradually being uncovered through brave actions of a few honest, and or pissed off people.  Karl Rove’s tactics that could be used on you by aquantances dividing and conquering your votes. Watch out for the Rah…Rah…with out substance, and stand with courage.  Understand humans can solve the complex problems facing the world.  Change takes time and persistence.   Topstockblog strongly supports throwing many Republicans out of office as a testament to the pursuit of honesty.  Dishonesty is never the best way forward.  Topstockblog does support the limited number of Republicans who are not served by greed and ignorance.  Those who have taken great strides to promote morals, sound economic policy, and other valuable services to our nation.  Evolution only works out with learning from the past.

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