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Small cap play GV. + Hurricane Stocks link from

GV is an electrical/construction stock worth looking twice at for penny stock players. Particularly going into huricane season trading at or near the 52 week low. Having watched GV management for the past couple of years. Topstockblog is impressed with the quality of managements decisions. Including the landing electrical installation contracts around the nation. A market the company has been looking to break into for a while.
Recent productivity gains at GV are expecting to contribute to profits in the future. Along with other planned efficiencies gained from economies of scale at the corporation grows.
GV has completed condo units that are for sale. The development is over 50% sold and management see the condo’s as an asset in coming quarters.
The appetite for Hurricane stocks should be gearing up a little later than usual because of the recession; but, could come to life if a hurricane comes through the United States sometime in the next six months.  In fact, if several hurricanes hit or the company has gets taken over the premium could e several times the current price of around 50 cents.

Another small capitilaztion stock Topstockblog thinks could be a good investment, or trade is CGR a canadian resource play. Buying CGR.TO as an American gives a way to buy into the Canadian currency that has potential to continue to appreciate against the dollar because of it’s abundance of natural resources. Stocks traded on the Toronto Exchange are traded in Canandian dollars.  

The recently highlighted stocks worth looking at that may do well in a busy hurricane season for a trade. The downside of a hurricane stock play is, if no hurricane materializes the stock may lose value with more sellers than buyers.

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