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Mad Money Cramer education how to trade.

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is a valueable educator hard at work to help the average investor and shed light on the investing world.  With out sun light nothing grows or prospers.   I really liked  some tips he gave on how to spot a bottom in the market.  Including  ocilator technical over sold indicater above 5 being an important measure in marking a bottom or the  VIX going over or at 30.” This is the point he believes a good investor should be sticking his toe in the water.  He said to “Buy  something at this point in a sell off  in-spite of the pain.  Play the cycle.  People are playing games with emotions.  Be careful. 

With the bottom set in february possible the stock market cycle is bullish.  I bought CFC amd sold it with a small profit.   I thought Google was a short sale; but, Google is a bull market stock going higher.  I would put a $725 Target off the top of my head on Google stock within 12 months.  Larry Kudlow of CNBC should be careful of accusing George Soroes and Bill Gates of being anti Capitalism.


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