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Affiliate websites to make money.

Affiliate marketing is used to generate money on your website. I have found a few quality Affiliate websites that offer many products. With a basic website you can sign up to offer products or services to cater to your website. Affiliate marketing is when you either make money when someone buys something from a site you link them to. Sometimes you may be paid when someone gives personal information to a site to get access to a service or a product. These website all have high standards for products offered. Many websites pay a fee to Affiliates to expand their advertising efforts.

Leader Markets

Commision Junction

Click Bank

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Thoughts on working from home

Working from home is a big challenge. Yahoo offers resume writing tips, and job opportunities. In particular working from home catches my interest.  Possible careers include transcriptionist, virtual assistant, realtor, poker player, ebay sales, book writing, babysitter, or many other businesses that can be run from the home. Networking is a big part of working from home. Many careers that can be done at home require networking with others. I read an article that suggests becoming a realtor. I have tried being a realtor, and found the work challenging. I did not sell any property. The costs of getting started and staying in realty can make the opportunity not for most people. If you have a big network of friends and relatives you may be a good canidate for realty or financial planning another idea mentioned at yahoo.

Playing poker online has been a success for many people. I was successful for a couple of years. However, as the game has grown so has the competion, and playing online poker should probably only be a hobby. As good and bad luck can ultimately play a big role in your outcome playing poker.

The internet is filled with promises and other related jobs that promise riches. Hard work, unique qualifications, and thoughtful planning will play a role in your success of working from home. I recently talked about the possibility of working for home and suggestions for working from home.

Working over the internet has many traps. This website will help you avoid many of the traps and learn more about opportunities.

The United States Government has a small business website that may be a great resource for some people getting started or advancing your small business

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Can you make money working from home?

Making money working from home is a very hard accomplishment to achieve. I know from personal experience…lol
1. Who is your target market?
2. Is your product legal?
3. How much competition is out there?
4. What advantages do you have that may allow you to make money?
5. Does your business have value in your community outside the internet? is my attempt at blogging to generate web traffic to hopefully make some money adding value to the world we live in. I am averaging about 20 viewers a day. I am finding it very hard to increase viewership. I will just work hard and see where this leads me. I do enjoy blogging. I do like to be at home so that is an added benefit of my life of working from home

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