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Jim Cramer’s latest thoughts and bullish stocks. Mad Money recap

 Jim Cramer’s latest thoughts and bullish stocks. Mad Money recap

Jim Cramer (November 27th 2008) is very excited about small successes in the market, and has come out with several stock picks C, MDR, CAT, AAPL, NUE among several other stocks he is cautously bullish on.  Cramer targets corporations with dividend’s and stable share holders.  Cramer recommends not trying to time a bottom, diversification, and doing your homework.

(June 15th 2008) Jim Cramer recently published am artcle about sticking with new tech. Corporations that will meet the worlds most pressing issues over the next 50 years like Energy, poverty, environment, clean water, and population. Here is the list of new cap published at the a cool website for stock market information. Recap: Stay with New Tech05/20/08 – 07:43 PM EDT

Review Jim Cramers latest edition of Mad Moneywhen searching for stocks, to gain both insight, and understanding of the latest developments in the stock market. Through this link to this website that gives a link to the latest show. Including a link to Jim’s portfolio plus recent trades. A link to Warren Buffet’s portfolio, and alot of great information.

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To buy or sell stocks?

“SELL!!! SELL!!!! SELL!!” as Jim Cramer of Mad Money would say.   Understandable the market and everyone around the world is very excited about the government ownership in the banking industry.   With government ownership society can collect higher tax revenue at a lower tax rate for everyone.  Today Secretary Paulson went on television calling the move unwanted; but, necessary.   Offering banks the ability to re buy stock purchased by the government in the future.  This makes Topstockblog bearish on the market.   The 900 point rally is a great time to cash out.

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The need to be diversified by Jim Cramer

Being diversified is an absolute must by Cramer on CNBC Mad Money.  As a person that has violated this rule because it is hard not to chase a large return.   To not put all your money in one basket is hard to do.  By diversifying we limit our upside and downside.  This is risk management.  It keeps us in the game.  Cramer advises owning at least five top stocks in five different sectors to ensure diversification.  You have to protect yourself from yourself.  You will lose money if you break your rules.   We are human and not perfect so we need rules.  Frailty of humanity makes us go against stocks.  We need to not be arrogant.    Cramer also advised against ever investing in stock tips because it is either  bad information or could be illegal insider information.    I have watched Cramer for a couple of years.  If you just use a filter to listen to Cramer it is a great show.  Cramer also advises investing incrementally. 

(Friday February 26th update,  any small website is going to contain incomplete information, often biased.   In my opionion any t.v. channel is also going to have bias and agenda as Cramer would.  The world can make mistakes. )

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