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Blog Inside Iraq link

Iraq faces many challenges economically.   Feeding the hungry, providing jobs, building infrastructure, security, and good judgement are pressing concerns.  Topstockblog recently commented on concern that America was not sending medicine supplies to the government.  Instead they were recieving help from suppossed enemies in Syria, and Iran.

In my opinion readers needs to reach out to the United States government to ensure Iraqi citizens are treated with respect.  No free lunches; but, a long term plan to be a healthy, peaceful, and happy nation. 

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Stop funding for the Iraq war and support peaceful solutions!

Time to get out of Iraq.   The war needs to end!   This petition allows you to send a notice to your three representatives in government in a few minutes.  Barrack Obama’s 2010 withdrawal plan is sensible.

Iraqi citiznens and the people around the world can support Iraqi journalists and the Iraqi people by viewing an Iraqi website posted by a blogger.

The United States Government is set up with controls to ensure the will of the people is heard and honest solutions are achieved.  The government issues daily realeases from the government.  Topstockblog encourages it’s readers to support good judgement and freingly solutions.

Entertainment, and education,

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U.S military veterans website for peace and sustainability around the world.

Veterans have come together to search for peace.   A 2nd annual event of  marching for peace will occur on June 7th 2008.  I compliment all the good services these veterans of the military are providing.

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