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Posturing political positions for idealogical gain like supporting human rights with careful boundaries.

  Posturing is a strong political stance without necessarily really needing the action to come through.  Most species, identities, and specifically people have taken postures to achieve ones goals.  My lesson learned is that going to far in a any direction will possible lead to one’s own demise.  Topstockblog is attempting to appropriately send  Iran, and any other person, or party a message that fraud or complete ignorance will not be tolerated. 

  Topstock is a strong supporter of a firm, and god willing unbreakable posture of  direct ultimatium to the Iranian nation.   Iran would control of the world by force if it could along with other hard line religious and or idealogical parties.  Topstockblog is in the battle until the end and will not let the world down.  Iblas hopes to share an earth someday that achieves understanding with out sacrificing morals or lacking development.   Iblis hopes this can be achieved around the world with careful planning.  


hard work, personal responsibility, and happy communities.

No more vails that support uneccessary suffering by women allowing a comndition that colloborates with the smuggling of weapons, unwilling woman, physical abuse, drugs and heat exhaustion.

    Not in my world.  Women are creatures of beauty, and in need of much understanding for their human rights around the world.  




                               Iblas  the angel  of personal responsibility, happiness, and human rights.

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How should the world deal with the nuclear ambition of Iran?

     Opinions are floating around the world on the issue of dealing with the nuclear ambition of Iran.  The issue is partly about nuclear weapons.  The more relavant conflict is about Iran’s hate and lack of tolerance towards other cultures.  Iran’s uses it’s diplomacy skillfully , and with logic to gain access to nuclear power.  The threat is more Iran could someday use it’s military power for religous extremism, and political domination of the Middle East.   Possible the world?  Should the world do nothing as Iran pursues nuclear power in a likely cover for nuclear weapons?    The Iranian regime is elected by the popular majority of people in Iran.  The Iranian population has long supported a culture that hates others and opposes free will.   In my opinion the Iranian state should be wiped out as long as it’s goals likely include evil intentions towards other cultures.  Iranian citizens must logically pay the ultimate price for their commitment to hate, and violations of human rights.   The Iranian religous leader Ali Khamenei  is resolute in his opposition to human rights, the United States, and Israel.  He sponsored the killing of thousands of Iranians in the 1980’s and was part of the war against Iraq.    The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  has made public statements committing Iran to wiping the state of Israel off the face of the map.  To largely cheering Iranians burning American, and Israel flags alike.   Iran has a strong influence in the middle east region and some bad intentions.  I was strongly against the Iraq war from the beginning.  However, Iran is a long standing threat to civilization.   Iran should embrace freedom of choices, education, sustainability, peace, and moving forward with evolution.

     Iran has been behind the killing of thousands of people inside Iraq of all nations alike.   Iran is prepared and committed to striking back against an attack on it’s nuclear and military facilities.  Here is a link from the Christian Science Monitor on  How Iran would retaliate if it comes to war.

(Quote from the above link)
“If you attack Iran you are unleashing a firestorm of reaction internally that will only strengthen revolutionary forces, and externally in the region,” says Ranstorp. “It’s a nightmare scenario for any contingency planner, and I think you really enter the twilight zone if you strike Iran.”

Though the US military has since early 2007 accused Iran’s Qods Force – an elite element of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – of providing anti-US militias in Iraq with lethal roadside bombs, and of training and backing “special groups” in actions that the US government alleges have cost “thousands” of lives, US commanders have played down Iran’s military capabilities.

Even Admiral William Fallon, who publicly opposed a US strike on Iran before he resigned in April, dismissed Iran as a military threat. “Get serious,” Adm. Fallon told Esquire in March. “These guys are ants. When the time comes, you crush them.”

End quote

 Careful communication could solve problems most effectively. This blog post is intended to share a reasonable perspective on the problem, implications, and path forward to solving the problem.   I do not approve of all the actions of any nation, and denounce many acts from the past.  Israel, Iran, and the United States have acting inappropriately at times in the past.  Forgiveness is part of the solution.  Until we have understanding; forgiveness is not on the bartering table.   I support democracy, peace, compromise, and forgiveness.  The protection of human rights, and  promoting a healthy planet is of  great importance to the world. 

  Nations from around the world like China, England, Israel, Iraq, Russia, U.S.A,  Saudi Arabia and dozens of other nations should join to launch a massive nuclear strike on Iran in the near future if they do not immediately change course.  Weakening Iran to a point of absolute defeat.  A minor attack on Iran or ignoring the violent intentions of Iran would likely cause more problems in the long run from my observation and understanding of the problem.  

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Without respect it will never be a very well functioning worlds.

With, Israel and Iran flexing their muscles in preparation for the oncoming war.  What do they really hope will come from the war without respect.  That is a dark answer of death.  Israel conducting a military show of force excercise over the Mediterranean Ocean.  Following war excercises by Iran early this year.  Including boarding a boat in the International waters without proper cause.   Launching long range torpedos to blow up practice targets.  The increased speed of Uranium Enrichment.   A little respect and understanding towards one another could go along way toward solving the problems.  

 ” Respect others and pray the respect is returned is my message of the Israel and Iran in particular”

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