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Shorted PHM

The Builder PHM reports after the bell and I expect the stock will trade lower.  CTX announced a horrible quarter last night, and I didn’t see any signs the rate cuts will fix the problems with forclosures up 79% this year.  Housing starts are way down, and inventories are at recent records around 10 months supply.  The FBI launched a criminal probe into the housing sector to examine inflated revenue by homebuilders taking on buyers that were not qualified.  

  Lending standards are tight, and not alot of buyers.  { PHM has cash and  some debt. The loss on the quarter was big.  The company took no losses on in mortgage business – have to do some investigating to see if that was just poor accounting or they don’t hold any liability on the mortagages they originate. More perplexed after the evening report. } PHM is headquartered in Michigan, and mortgage origination is a significant part of it’s operation. Stock is trading around $14 and has traded as low as $8.20 recently.

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