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Energy Legislation – Flexible Fuel Taxation, Reduce Reliance on Trading Markets, Car Powering Batteries,


   Apeciating what we have is an important part of the future.  I like what you have done, and are looking to do.  I have a few suggestions to build on past legislation.  I would look at flexible taxation for oil consumers as part of the strategy to better match an educated understanding of reality.  Oil and Gas corporations have a duty to share holders to maximize profits, and this is often in contrast with doing what is best for consumers.  Two thirds of all U.S corporations paid 0 dollars in federal taxes last year.  Corporations influence the government in some cases in ways that lead to much suffering for some people.  The government should pass legislation to use a flexible taxation policy.    This would include taking no taxes when gas trades above say a fixed price of $3, and would take taxes on gas when the price was below $3 keeping the price constant to the consumer, and business alike.  Nothing makes someone more angry than when they feel they have been tricked.  

   Encourage sharing, and less greed.  Many Americans or shall I say most grow up looking for unrealistic riches.   Most follow all the rules, and then are greatly distressed when they do not achieve the great riches.  In many cases people can not meet basic needs.  We can learn from China the happiest nation on the planet in the sense that realistic expectations leads to the greatest happiness.   Predictable energy prices are an important part of developing our society to reach potential.  
      Taxes revenue can be collected when oil is lower than target maintaining the price at $3.  Tax revenue and debt reconciliation of balance sheets should occur currently recognizing profits not traditionally recognized by idle valuable lands.  Money threatens to become distorted by large entities + nations that want to build assets long term through accumulating massive amounts of debt dollars.  Taxes collected can be used to pay government expenses, even profits to corporations, and other community projects.

    Trading markets are overly concerned  with profits, and have long been non-profit enterprises to keep markets functions.  Large funds of money can become very disruptive, non-functioning.  Government needs to become competitive in a constructive way with these large money funds to protect the citizens’ of the world.  Government should negotiate long term contracts with other nations like Canada + Russia + Venezuela, to supply oil and cut out all the dealers + unneeded markets that have proved disruptive, and threaten long term stability.  

Oil prices went to low in the 1980’s and many technologies were forced to be shelved.  Prices going to low is counterproductive.  Energy policy legislation  should look at using batteries to power cars.   The use of battery powered cars eliminates much of the pollution, and cars may travel three times as far on comparable energy consumption.   Current cars can be modified, and gas stations can be modified to change batteries instead of pump gasoline.

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Algorithm’s can help solve the world’s most serious problems.

An Algorithim is a sequence of numbers, ideas, events, and or any sequence that occurs in the world.  An Algorithim made by man can solve many of the worlds most pressing problems. This is possible because technology allows us to do more with less resources over time with effort.   The world can work to understand challenges, and exert appropriate influence where needed.  The worlds ability to cooperate is becomingly increasingly important.  New and old challenges have gone unmet.  Africa is in despair, economies in America are losing jobs.  Natural and man made disasters would be well dealt with through Algorithms or money targeted at fixing the problems.   Personal responsibility to meet challenges of the world is higher than originally estimated by society.  Environmental damage threatens are entire ecosystem.   When an ecosystem breaks down it often leads to the complete destruction of the entire ecosystem.   

         The ability of a society to ensure people are safe, happy, and not destructive is a major challenge of the future.  Some populations are growing with no concern for the effects on the world   Dealing with problems by employing available resources is part of the solution.   Developing innovative and technological sensible ways in addition to all the great work so many people are doing is needed to deal with these problems


1.  Run algorithims through the entire world economy to most appropriately meet needs and wants while improving accountability. With a stated goal of maximizing functioning, appropriate influence, sustainability, and faith in the world to meet challenges.

 2. Focus on improving technology and sharing technology to meet needs and provide opportunities

 3. Pay profits to reduce waste and recognize past contributions to society.  Reducing the reliance on arcaic strategies that are often are oppressive and inappropriate.  Improve business leaders ability to pass along benefits to customers without an exclusive focus on profits.

 4. Pay checks to people to remain idle resources ready to employ if needed

 5. Fight Fraud, and let people know that we will forgive; but, it is not ok for people to inappropriate hurt others.

 6. Provide Education

 7. Reduce debts of nations through negotiations and shared benefits of working together

 8. Eliminate trade barriers that are often oppressive

 9. Employ people universally to meet security needs, and protect freedoms of communities

10. Adjust policy by principles of doing more with less employing technology and innovation

11. Provide funding for opportunities in recreational activities

12.  Feed the hungry and help them meet basic standards

13. Encourage participation in the economy through friendly policies like reducing taxes.

Entertainment purposes, and social benefit

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