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No more kidknapping and murders; Free victims!!!

No more kidnapping, and terrorist attacks around the world.  No more acting like idiots.   Forgiveness, and respect.  Negotiated settlements.  Security for all.  Personal freedom is important.  An end to a bad era of wars, hate, slavery, and people stealing. No more stealing, tricking people, and better judgement.

Society will give a break to people who stop fighting an endless war.  Please comment if you support this view points.   Vvictims to move on!!  Forgive!!!   Free all victims of abuse!  Seek help for all problems.  The justice system can do a better job of helping society.  I think it is important to mention the counseling, and guidance the legal system serves to positively affect individuals.  Please free people around the world and forgiveness will find you!

 Help people; learn; from others!  

Those who do not free vicitms and stop terrorist attacks shall get a firey death on earth!! Sooner than later!!!


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