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12 tips to improve yourself, and or home business

Some  helpful ideas to improving your home business.   List of recent ideas I have brain stormed, to help improve myself and others. 

   1.  Network with those you come into contact with.  

   2.  Learn From others.

   3.  Be professional.

   4.  Work hard; Add value.

   5.  Help others;  worry about profits later.

   6.  Take responsibility.  Admit when you are wrong, and solve problems.  Focus on problems you can fix.

   7.  Business and personal goals should be shared.  Despite what others have said about seperating the two.  Keep your morals close by your side when you conduct yourself and good karma will be on your side.  

   9.  We all have different wants, and needs.   Have faith in constructive actions.  Destructive, greedy, and oppressive forces are risks worth looking at when analyzing your market thoroughly.

  10.  Use good judgement, and learn from your experiences.

  11.  Get business cards to share your contact information with aquantances, friends, family, and business prospects.  

  12.  Pay attention to details.

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