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Democrat Barney Frank issues statement of grievance against the Whitehouse + Republicans for failure to regulate government sponsored enterprises like housing lender Fanie Mae sooner.

Frank Statement on Congressional Action Regarding GSE Legislation



 Washington, DC – House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) issued the following statement today in response to accusations from a White House spokesperson that Congress has been reluctant to move forward on GSE legislation for many years:


“The truth is when President Bush took office, and the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, he did not make any progress on comprehensive legislation to reform the regulation of the Government Sponsored Enterprises.  It was not until 2005, when the House, on a bipartisan basis, and over the President’s objections finally passed a reform bill.  It died in the Senate in part because the White House’s failure to make it a priority.


“In 2006, when the Democrats regained control of Congress, House Democrats made it one of our highest priorities, and passed a bill in May 2007.   Finally, a full year later, as the financial crisis worsened, the Senate passed and the President signed GSE reform. 


“It is unfortunate that ideologues in the White House who opposed common sense regulation did not join Congress early enough to help prevent the financial firestorm that now threatens the entire economy.”


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Congress Representative Kirsten Gillibrand and the Public Forum Institute hosted economic summit on energy, and technology opportunities in New York

The 2008 economic summit was a great experience, and well attended at the Gideon Putnam Hotel.  The conference brought together influential people interested in economics of the region.   I learned about some interesting opportunities.   New windows that save great deals of energy in each installed house, and the strength of the windows was a highlight that stands out in my mind.  Classes on  gaining access to capital, and how to employ existing capital in the New York region.   Wind Farms can be created, and are being created.  


(8/21/2008) Congress Representative Kirsten Gilibrand of the 20th District of Upstate New York is proving to be a strong member.  The government website linked above documents and provides links to much of the hard work she has put into action since she took office.   Kirsten Gillibrand, and The Public Forum Institute is hosting an economic forum in September to discuss ideas to build a bright future for the region.  Topstockblog is very happy about receiving an invitation to the event and will let readers know more after attending the event.  

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Food, conservation, and energy bill becomes law,

When it counts for passing laws that provide funding to modernize Food conservation policy. Along with provided sound principles in ways that make the United States strong. Congress and the Senate over rode a veto from George W. Bush to make the Food conservation, and energy bill law. Congress member Tom Harkin sent out details of the news in his latest newsletter release. The following message can be accessed at Tom Harkins website.

It is with great pride that I note the new farm bill, The Food, Conservation and Energy Act – is now law. As Chairman of the House-Senate conference committee on the farm bill, I was honored to usher through a farm bill conference report on a strong, bipartisan basis, demonstrating support for core farm bill initiatives in farm income protection, conservation, energy, nutrition and rural development. This bill benefits every American and every Iowan – from our smallest towns to our biggest cities, urban and rural residents, farmers and non-farmers. The farm bill conference report passed the Senate by a vote of 81-15 and the House by 318-106.


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Congress member Robert Wexler from Florida is dedicated to ending political and economic corruption in the United States government with strong statements.

Congress man Robert Wexler speaks out to stop the war in Iraq.
Wexler has a whole campaign of searching for the truth, and holding government accountable for decisions. Mr. Wexler calls out lies told about the Iraq war. Wexler seeks sound solutions for the future. I give the congressman from Florida much credit. Mr. Wexler has fought to make polluters pay in Florida, and protect the environment. Mr. Wexler takes strong stances against corruption in government, and the private sector.

Check Robert Wexler at congress member Robert Wexler website for his re-election campaign. the Democratic party, and support his efforts to end the war.

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