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CMED trade

CMED a Chinese Medical devicecorporation missed earnings in early March 2008, and caught many buyers long the stock.  The high multiple that had been placed on CMED stock was no longer valid because CMED had now disappointed the market missing earnings.  This created an opportunity to short sell CMED.  The trade worked and now CMED has entered into a period of stagnation.  Stocks can remain in stagnation for weeks, months, and even years.

 Earnings June 12, 2008 will likely give CMED direction.   The Motley Fool Community, and its publishers still have a very bullish view on CMED*  I know in the last earnings costs associated with events in China caused the CMED some problems.  I imagine the recent earth quakes, and generally tempid environment of China could cause another short fall in earnings. 

      CMED  no longer deserves a large earnings to price multiple because the medical device market is showing earnings are fragile, and can be missed.    Seperate financial trading results from ideals and preferences.  I am watching CMED as a stock I have blogged about and looking to see how it may move in the future. 

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Whats on sale in the stock market?

(Update July 11th 2008)  The market appears to be oversold.    Topstock blog recomended shoring XL and others stocks six months ago.  The corporations that can survive this down turn may become buying canidates.  I am liking XL an insurance stock with alot of assets and cash.  XL will pay out a dividend of over 7% with XL plummetting in value over the last year.  

I believe the market is trying to get where ever it needs to quickly, and the Fed’s leader Bernanke is very aware of what is going on.  Some assets were overpriced forward looking.  Sustainability and surrounding morality issues are in my mind.   A few stocks are tempting at current prices. I might buy CALM because it is oversold, starting to act well, and my favorite sustainable growth story.  CMED and YGE look tempting to buy particularly with China’s sell off Monday.   All stocks may open lower making for a good entry point. Things in the world are getting more tricky with the sell off over seas.  Trying to be careful.   I wish I could of got into GS at $187 this past summer.  $187 for GS now looks not as tempting.   Too many people still want to buy into this market from my bear market point of view for stocks to stop declining. 

On the other hand  corporate America is healthy and stocks could rally when the Fed cuts rates.  I just read an article from Ben Stein about the market not being a bad time to invest.;_ylt=ApROSGTguIHTte4UKci.aqa7YWsA  Overseas markets are getting hit hard Monday on fears about the recession in the United States. U.S. markets are closed in honor of Martin Luther King.   

Mcdermitt  (MDR) a top infrastructure builder around the world looks to be a good value around current prices.  Apple (AAPL) showed off a new micro laptop at Macworld.  I thought it could becom the next big hit in a few years if they could get the price affordable for average consumers.

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