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Toptsock Blog sets new record 106 page views in a day!! Thank you all!! Proud moment!!

Topstockblog thanks all those who have taken the time to read the blog. Topstockblog set a new personal record reaching 106 page views in a single day! Topstockblog is planning on launching another website soon to capture an even larger audience. Topstockblog will keep both sites running, and may need some help. A positive attitude, hard work, good luck, editing, and re-editing have greatly helped Topstockblog reach 100 page views milestone.

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Oil money will continue to flow west as predicted by George W. Bush

George W. Bush indirectly or directly went into Iraq to protect American business interests.  Iraq just opened bidding on oil production  for short term oil production.  Congratulations to the people of Iraq in moving the hard way towards good judgement as a nation. The money from Oil will help the Iraqi people financially.  Helping the people of Iraq do better financially and long term will help America make friends with Iraq in my opinion. The short run bid action is expected to give a major longer term advantage to big Western + European oil.  Iraq is already dealing with major corporations that are based in the United States.  Iraq is expected to double oil production by 2013. With Exxon, BP, and maybe even Haliburten getting a piece of the money along with over 35 others corporations from around the world.

In other news Iraq’i people are suing corporations who paid Iraq kickbacks, pharmaceutical company, and Australian exporter to get damages for millions of dollars paid in kick backs in the oil for food programs.  Violence is down in the middle east, and expected decline further as peaceful Iraqi people take control in a moderate way. 

I compare this to United States politicians being elected or fired by a responsible electoral voting public.   A voting United States public that will full fill it’s responsibility to live in a sustainable world that is responsible, and successful. Blogging on the Internet continues to fill voids where honest information can solve, and prevent real world problems

This could dent oil prices in the short run, and be very volatile over the remainder of the year responding to actual events in real time. This should build confidence in stocks; Iraqi currency, and the United States dollar. Weakness could materialize in all types of commodities as Iraq achieves mile stones in production, and an over supply of Oil could develop.

I do not give blind justice to leaders, and hope lawsuits force corporations to act thoughtfully towards people, and the environment.   Lawsuits are being filed against private contractors who tortured prisoned inmates inside Iraq. I support peace, careful communiction, sustainability, understanding, and the good judgement required to get there.

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Starting a website and running it is a tough challenge


(Article Update 6/15/08) New hi 53 views in a single day, Crossed 150 published articles, Redoing old posts to improve the quality, Accepted to Google Ad sense the website advertising program of choice for hundreds of millions of Internet users.  Going to try and make money through microsofts new network looking for all types of skills. offers a low cost and even free blogging site; but, you can’t be a stricly for profit site. On the other hand it is a great site to learn more about running a website. Paying so many fees to get a website started can be over whelming for most. I would highly recommend trying out a free blog first. The site keeps a daily tracking of your visitors. Including what article they read, key words used to find the article, and what links the reader clicked.
Learning more about the more technical aspects of the site.
Do alot of research about your plans. Making money is close to impossible it seems so far. offers competitive pricing and good value for the money as a for profit website hosting service, search engine placement, and user friendly templates to get your website running. . I am learning on the job as a web site operator and must say hard work is just that hard work. seems to be a helpful site that I am hoping to sign up with soon. Readwriteweb is a cool website I found reasearching running a website. Google advertising program adsense.  It is free to join

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Can you make money working from home?

Making money working from home is a very hard accomplishment to achieve. I know from personal experience…lol
1. Who is your target market?
2. Is your product legal?
3. How much competition is out there?
4. What advantages do you have that may allow you to make money?
5. Does your business have value in your community outside the internet? is my attempt at blogging to generate web traffic to hopefully make some money adding value to the world we live in. I am averaging about 20 viewers a day. I am finding it very hard to increase viewership. I will just work hard and see where this leads me. I do enjoy blogging. I do like to be at home so that is an added benefit of my life of working from home

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This website is dedicated to bringing millions of people together to solve the worlds climate changes,, and other environmental concerns.  The website looks to be a great asset to the world. 


I found another website at the FTC that gives tips for saving money in your home.

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Word press valueable free or low cost bloging site.

I like using wordpress to spread my ideas, and voice my suggestions on the internet. I have some popular post slike Comics about stocks.  A trading system modeled on a 50 day moving average stock investing thoughts.  Help others. I am looking to expand away from stocks, and talk about ideas that help myself, and others.  Word Press offers all types of solutions for posting.  No or little ability to collect revenue per viewer seems like it could be a problem at some point; but, compared to other solutions I think wordpress is a good place for bloggers to start.

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Company Outsource resource matched with worker at Ella’s Virtual Nook#comment-86


Website offering jobs working from home, and outsourcing of internet activities to build a small business. Looks like a solid technological advancement of  meeting needs of people efficiently and morally employing peoples’ skill most effectively.

Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource « Ella’s Virtual Nook#comment-86

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