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Car Buying Tips,

Buying a car is often a painless experience for most people; but, that often leads to paying too much for a vehicle.  Leaving too much pain down the road.  Planning ahead is often a good way to go about purchasing a vehicle.  Take careful valuation of your goals, and then make a plan.  Use the telephone, and internet to find what you are looking for at an affordable price.   Get access to your credit report, and take care of your credit concerns. 

As a former Car Sales man I enjoyed reading Yahoo Auto’s car buying  tips.   The tips are well written and helpful to learning about the car buying process to save money. 


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Tips on how to clean your car; Auto Leasing Tips at links

Cleaning your automobile should be a regular part of maintenance. I worked a few large car dealers in the Used Vehicle and recondition departments. I had the chance to gain an appreciation for the reconditioning, maintenance, and expertise. This article at AOL gives some tips on washing your own car. Focussing on tire cleaning products. is a great automotive site to learn about values of vehicles, tips, and professional advice. Edmund’s gives tips on get out of leases, getting discounts, and preserving the value of your vehicle.

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