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7 card stud played in limit holdem form is a game of skill,


7 card stud played in limit holdem heads up is a fun game with strategy.   A form of the old card game war with players going up and down in chip stacks trying to win all the chips.  You can find me at Ultimate Bet Poker  Sitegold12.  I win more than I lose so far showing the game has skill involved.  Practice helps, good judgement, observation, aggression and other skills.

Entertainment and education

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Quickest way to healthy economy is communication. Reducing housing payments and helping others

With careful communication the world could provide, maintain, and ensure housing for everyone while increasing the overall functioning of a healthy economy.   In large part this can and should be done with reduced taxation, reduced cost of housing, increased understanding of community, and the idiocy of paying for the same assets over and over.   Interest payments dictate many homeowners would pay as much or more than three times the cost of the house over a course of a loan.   That does not make common sense.  It has lead to a healthy economy for many years with a few less fortunate not benefitting in America.   With a more broad look around the  world the lack of banking opportunities, funcitiongovernment, trade relationship have left underdeveloped and impoverished people.  Education, and leadership can solve these complex problems.  For instance recognizing even as we have taken North Korea off the international state sponsors of terrorist list we must take further action to remedy the great poverty of the nation and ultimately helping our selves.   We should buy debt and employ the neighbor of South Korea to send products to the north.  The south is a major investor in the United States debt market and has great capacity to generate products that would greatly help North Korea.   American government can be a great force of stabilization while protecting Americans.

Entertainment, and educational purposes,

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IRS whistle blowers link; IRS awards 15-30% for solid leads on $2 million recoveries

The IRS is getting more creative in going after taxes not being paid in the American Economy.  The IRS has a program set up to pay reporting citizens’  15%-30% of recovered funds who have credible evidence that someone owes the IRS over two million dollars in taxes See more at the IRS website,,id=180171,00.html


Entertainment, and educational purposes

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Important gifts of the world through Iblis eyes

  1. Honesty
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. Free Will
  4. Religion
  5. Beer mixed with water
  6. Good Judgement
  7. Muarijuana
  8. Imagination
  9. Sex
  10. Morals
  11. Clear Boundaries
  12. Safety
  13. Happiness
  14. Understanding
  15. Hope
  16. Technology
  17. Security
  18. Government
  19. Careful Judgement
  20. Common Ground
  21. Hard work
  22. Science
  23. Education
  24. Help
  25. Developed minds
  26. Mistakes
  27. Gambling
  28. Forgiveness
  29. Evolutionary consideration
  30. The need for swift justice.
  31. Fear
  32. Love
  33. Shared goals
  34. Math

Daniel Boone Iblis III seeks to justify his spot with angels in heaven,

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