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ONTY small cap bio-technology cancer drug company looks very promising

ONTY  has partnered with MERCK, and the stock has a very low market cap comparatively speaking to other bio tech plays.  The stock should go much higher over the coming years.  Merck recently expanded the drug trial showing confidence in the current phase three trial.  

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FEED and VAR new stock picks

FEED – is a good growth story related to China.  Stock has been consolidating, and could move much higher.  Catchy name stock, China related growth, and consolidated stock price pattern all good reasons the stock to trade higher in my opinion.

VAR –  is the producer of a product for treating cancer with direct radiation beams. Incredible peace of technology for treating cancer.  Good results recently published.  Definitely makes this stock a candidate for take over bid at a higher price. Rumor of take over bid in media stated reason for stocks recent rise in price.

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Jim Cramer of Mad Money’s latest picks for the week

Jim Cramer of Mad Money’s latest picks for the business week

SQNM a new biotech company with a safer baby testing product for testing pregnant women safely for down syndrome with a major data point due out January 31st, 2009.  The product introduction to the market is expect in June of 2009 if the date point is positive.

CITI Bank under $7  is a screaming Buy!  Buy! Buy!  Jim applauded recent lending initiatives taken. 

GLW  Corning a fiberoptic play he chanted  Buy! Buy! Buy!  Calling it big buy change of significant value!

JOYG  an oil play with a strong drilling operation for a  great trading opportunity!

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In today’s word you may run into numerous problems. Government resources are really great!  At  I learned about a new Hud program to help struggling homeowners stay in their home, help with identity theft, help buying a car + many other consumer support topics.


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7 card stud played in limit holdem form is a game of skill,


7 card stud played in limit holdem heads up is a fun game with strategy.   A form of the old card game war with players going up and down in chip stacks trying to win all the chips.  You can find me at Ultimate Bet Poker  Sitegold12.  I win more than I lose so far showing the game has skill involved.  Practice helps, good judgement, observation, aggression and other skills.

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To buy or sell stocks?

“SELL!!! SELL!!!! SELL!!” as Jim Cramer of Mad Money would say.   Understandable the market and everyone around the world is very excited about the government ownership in the banking industry.   With government ownership society can collect higher tax revenue at a lower tax rate for everyone.  Today Secretary Paulson went on television calling the move unwanted; but, necessary.   Offering banks the ability to re buy stock purchased by the government in the future.  This makes Topstockblog bearish on the market.   The 900 point rally is a great time to cash out.

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Quickest way to healthy economy is communication. Reducing housing payments and helping others

With careful communication the world could provide, maintain, and ensure housing for everyone while increasing the overall functioning of a healthy economy.   In large part this can and should be done with reduced taxation, reduced cost of housing, increased understanding of community, and the idiocy of paying for the same assets over and over.   Interest payments dictate many homeowners would pay as much or more than three times the cost of the house over a course of a loan.   That does not make common sense.  It has lead to a healthy economy for many years with a few less fortunate not benefitting in America.   With a more broad look around the  world the lack of banking opportunities, funcitiongovernment, trade relationship have left underdeveloped and impoverished people.  Education, and leadership can solve these complex problems.  For instance recognizing even as we have taken North Korea off the international state sponsors of terrorist list we must take further action to remedy the great poverty of the nation and ultimately helping our selves.   We should buy debt and employ the neighbor of South Korea to send products to the north.  The south is a major investor in the United States debt market and has great capacity to generate products that would greatly help North Korea.   American government can be a great force of stabilization while protecting Americans.

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Market should bottom today on Zibabwe power sharing deal!!

Desmond Kwande/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Stock market should bottom out here or at least have a relief rally as Zibabwe leaders and rivals have come to a land mark deal.  To share power after an election was rigged.  In hopes to bring the country out of crisis.  Joining together in a common cause of working hard to meet the countries needs, and earn the trust of the world community.  The world community has promised relief if the agreement takes hold, and is honored by the people.  See related article below:

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Economy can be a successful Isolis triangle. If, we respond to necessary changes in direction as most appropriate to shared success” TopstockBlog

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  Saving The World Online,   Topstockblog has expanded efforts to reach a larger audience, and advertising markets. Topstockblog likes the word press set up, and hopes to keep both sites going for the best experience.   Please check out the new website, and the sponsored advertisers.

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Topstockblog Bearish on the market; QQQQ, SPY,

The stock market is becoming a bit risky with much uncertainty in the future.  Retirement , health care, transportation, environment, housing, banking, infrastructure, tax structure, idiots, ignorant people, fraud, hate, and other topics all pose threats that will likely push the market lower.   The market stagnation could get worse.   The nature of how unfriendly the markets are is disturbing.  Possible more disturbing than listening the lighting in the North East yesterday.  Much of which traveled horizontally for what seemed like hours.   Thought it may have been a war.  Time to get rid of for profit market makers.  Sponsor small traders, and innovate. 

     The number of people retiring, and hoping to spend money that is now currently in the stock market is higher than most people would like to acknowledge.  

 The housing market is still headed lower.  The national vacancy rate of properties in the United States is near 15%.   The cost of heating homes has tripled over the last five years.   Mortgage payments have accelerated higher for variable rate mortgage holders causing great distress.   To address this problem and others caused by the housing crisis the government would be best served by bringing creating programs that bring ownership of homes to many state workers in place of high wages.   Mortgages could be paid off for retired or any state worker for that matter to be able to greatly reduce government liabilities while increasing functioning.    American tax payers need to be compensated for past contributions.  

 American Tax payers should be able to reject social security, and pension payments to reduce death tax obligations and or meet personal responsibility obligations.

  Bonds can be issued that lose a small percentage to ensure the usefulness of money is preserved.   Profits recorded in the short term do not always reflect the best long term solutions.   Other motives for buyers of bonds that lose money could be wide ranging; but, with a focus of morality. 

   Not seeing enough progressive ideas coming forward to at least see some further decline in the market in Topstockblogs humble opinion.

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Developing personal responsibility is a life time process; Comparing assets, and liabilities.

  In life we have a greater responsibility than we originally assume at birth.   A well developed mind is said to be the only force capable of understanding this responsibility.   Of course that is until someone helps you learn more of your personal responsibility.  Topstockblog tells readers;  We need to work more as a community that takes the future seriously.   Topstockblog strongly believes the future would pay a high price or any price for us to live more appropriately.   Look inside, reflect, and reprocess until you understand people have a responsibility to the future, and can recognize profits in the present to reflect such understanding.   Algorithmic forms hold much of the innovation that is readily available to reconcile problems around the world, meet obligations, wants, and improve functioning of society to match potential.  People in the future would pay  high prices if they could to solve and prevent problems in the future.   Divide, conquer, and inappropriate influences used by the misguided.  Our misguided.  Newt Gingrich endorses this strategy to win local elections.  This strategy has been in place since the 1840s, Targeting likely voters. 

   Topstockblog supports actions that educate, and unite people.  If we all vote, this helps solve the problem.   Maybe even disguising your intention of voting will be helpful.   Picking up Trash on the ground today I found the Barrack Obama Democratic message. Lets make voting easier.  Sounds like a good ballot initiative.  Meeting responsibility is something that is worth aiming towards. 

 Comparing assets to liabilities is a college level skill that is developed in accounting classes.    Assets come in a number of forms.  From Money in your pocket, to your personal relationships, your community, safety, health, etc. 

Liabilities come from debt structures like credit cards, sickness, risks, financial obligations, crazy friends, and personal problems.    

Assets, and liabilities are intertwined between past, and future decisions, and random chance.

Entertainment  and educational purposes from the 3rd Prophet of modern religion.

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Long term oil contracts supported by people, corporations, and nations would support economic growth, and stability.


The world is far to beautiful to make reckless mistakes in.  Look for sustainability would encourage world harmony.

Oil markets need to adapt or be eliminated.  In capitalist terms that typically means elimination.  Price gouging, and market manipulation are sure to be a never ending part of oil futures trading markets.   Any market that allows for people to unreasonable lose or gain large amounts of money in very short periods of time is unsafe at best.

Why would Americans pay over a hundred dollars for a barrel of oil when nation around the world would sell us oil for lower prices.  How much lower?  Well, with oil trading at over $120 a barrel when nations with large oil reserves are currently will to make long term supply aggreements at more reasonable prices of say $80 a barrel.   Time for oil futures trading markets to go.  We don’t need you.  Support sustainable economic policies.

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How should the world deal with the nuclear ambition of Iran?

     Opinions are floating around the world on the issue of dealing with the nuclear ambition of Iran.  The issue is partly about nuclear weapons.  The more relavant conflict is about Iran’s hate and lack of tolerance towards other cultures.  Iran’s uses it’s diplomacy skillfully , and with logic to gain access to nuclear power.  The threat is more Iran could someday use it’s military power for religous extremism, and political domination of the Middle East.   Possible the world?  Should the world do nothing as Iran pursues nuclear power in a likely cover for nuclear weapons?    The Iranian regime is elected by the popular majority of people in Iran.  The Iranian population has long supported a culture that hates others and opposes free will.   In my opinion the Iranian state should be wiped out as long as it’s goals likely include evil intentions towards other cultures.  Iranian citizens must logically pay the ultimate price for their commitment to hate, and violations of human rights.   The Iranian religous leader Ali Khamenei  is resolute in his opposition to human rights, the United States, and Israel.  He sponsored the killing of thousands of Iranians in the 1980’s and was part of the war against Iraq.    The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  has made public statements committing Iran to wiping the state of Israel off the face of the map.  To largely cheering Iranians burning American, and Israel flags alike.   Iran has a strong influence in the middle east region and some bad intentions.  I was strongly against the Iraq war from the beginning.  However, Iran is a long standing threat to civilization.   Iran should embrace freedom of choices, education, sustainability, peace, and moving forward with evolution.

     Iran has been behind the killing of thousands of people inside Iraq of all nations alike.   Iran is prepared and committed to striking back against an attack on it’s nuclear and military facilities.  Here is a link from the Christian Science Monitor on  How Iran would retaliate if it comes to war.

(Quote from the above link)
“If you attack Iran you are unleashing a firestorm of reaction internally that will only strengthen revolutionary forces, and externally in the region,” says Ranstorp. “It’s a nightmare scenario for any contingency planner, and I think you really enter the twilight zone if you strike Iran.”

Though the US military has since early 2007 accused Iran’s Qods Force – an elite element of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – of providing anti-US militias in Iraq with lethal roadside bombs, and of training and backing “special groups” in actions that the US government alleges have cost “thousands” of lives, US commanders have played down Iran’s military capabilities.

Even Admiral William Fallon, who publicly opposed a US strike on Iran before he resigned in April, dismissed Iran as a military threat. “Get serious,” Adm. Fallon told Esquire in March. “These guys are ants. When the time comes, you crush them.”

End quote

 Careful communication could solve problems most effectively. This blog post is intended to share a reasonable perspective on the problem, implications, and path forward to solving the problem.   I do not approve of all the actions of any nation, and denounce many acts from the past.  Israel, Iran, and the United States have acting inappropriately at times in the past.  Forgiveness is part of the solution.  Until we have understanding; forgiveness is not on the bartering table.   I support democracy, peace, compromise, and forgiveness.  The protection of human rights, and  promoting a healthy planet is of  great importance to the world. 

  Nations from around the world like China, England, Israel, Iraq, Russia, U.S.A,  Saudi Arabia and dozens of other nations should join to launch a massive nuclear strike on Iran in the near future if they do not immediately change course.  Weakening Iran to a point of absolute defeat.  A minor attack on Iran or ignoring the violent intentions of Iran would likely cause more problems in the long run from my observation and understanding of the problem.  

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Blog Inside Iraq link

Iraq faces many challenges economically.   Feeding the hungry, providing jobs, building infrastructure, security, and good judgement are pressing concerns.  Topstockblog recently commented on concern that America was not sending medicine supplies to the government.  Instead they were recieving help from suppossed enemies in Syria, and Iran.

In my opinion readers needs to reach out to the United States government to ensure Iraqi citizens are treated with respect.  No free lunches; but, a long term plan to be a healthy, peaceful, and happy nation. 

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Starting a website and running it is a tough challenge


(Article Update 6/15/08) New hi 53 views in a single day, Crossed 150 published articles, Redoing old posts to improve the quality, Accepted to Google Ad sense the website advertising program of choice for hundreds of millions of Internet users.  Going to try and make money through microsofts new network looking for all types of skills. offers a low cost and even free blogging site; but, you can’t be a stricly for profit site. On the other hand it is a great site to learn more about running a website. Paying so many fees to get a website started can be over whelming for most. I would highly recommend trying out a free blog first. The site keeps a daily tracking of your visitors. Including what article they read, key words used to find the article, and what links the reader clicked.
Learning more about the more technical aspects of the site.
Do alot of research about your plans. Making money is close to impossible it seems so far. offers competitive pricing and good value for the money as a for profit website hosting service, search engine placement, and user friendly templates to get your website running. . I am learning on the job as a web site operator and must say hard work is just that hard work. seems to be a helpful site that I am hoping to sign up with soon. Readwriteweb is a cool website I found reasearching running a website. Google advertising program adsense.  It is free to join

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RTH looks like a good short at the higher end of it’s trading range

Update 6/13/08:  The RTH has risen pretty quickly along with most of the stock market.  I would like to go short Monday 6/15/2008.   QQQQ seems to be my favorite short sale position.   RTH; no real opinion!

(5/29/2008) RTHindex looks like a great short on the bounce higher.  The retailers look to be in trouble with consumers tapped out.  The RTH has alot of stability being an index and offering a small dividend. WMT being the largest stock in the index. RTH appears to be range bound and can be sold when over bought, and bought when over sold

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Brushing up on my stock watch lists and website programing…challenging work

Staying busy working on Topstockblog articles including citing sources, staying up to date on stock developments, checking spelling, and providing links is a challenge. Word Press is allowing me to learn more about website programing. Learning the basics takes trial and error. Lots of time to practice. I find and hope to share my experiences searching the net and publishing to connect with the world.

Blogging has given me an opportunity to spend my time more equally.  I read the market was over sold on the Kirk Report (highly recomend joining for a donation of $50 a year;) and decided to do some hunting for stocks that look interesting here.  Oil gets more dicey as the price moves higher; but, I imagine that will continue as supply is tight, and not alot of plans in the works to change that.  With out doing to much research with a real short perspective I like RTH, QQQQ, and AUY. With a longer perspective I would still play any stocks in my buy list that fall within my buy signals for my 50 DMVA system.  I found a new stock I will add to my watch list AEHR a technology play with growth opportunities over the next six months.

A special thanks to all readers and other website programmers. I send my concern to China that has had many dangerous earth quakes in recent weeks.

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CMED trade

CMED a Chinese Medical devicecorporation missed earnings in early March 2008, and caught many buyers long the stock.  The high multiple that had been placed on CMED stock was no longer valid because CMED had now disappointed the market missing earnings.  This created an opportunity to short sell CMED.  The trade worked and now CMED has entered into a period of stagnation.  Stocks can remain in stagnation for weeks, months, and even years.

 Earnings June 12, 2008 will likely give CMED direction.   The Motley Fool Community, and its publishers still have a very bullish view on CMED*  I know in the last earnings costs associated with events in China caused the CMED some problems.  I imagine the recent earth quakes, and generally tempid environment of China could cause another short fall in earnings. 

      CMED  no longer deserves a large earnings to price multiple because the medical device market is showing earnings are fragile, and can be missed.    Seperate financial trading results from ideals and preferences.  I am watching CMED as a stock I have blogged about and looking to see how it may move in the future. 

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Positive encouragement for today,

1.  Smile

2.  Laugh

3.  Learn from others

4.  Help others

5.  Relax

6.  Appreciate what you have

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Networking, learning, sharing, and adding value.

Networking is a key to success in life.   The people you meet in life have a lot to offer as does life.  Through networking we benefit from what others know and have to trade. 

   Trade takes many forms.  A successful trade is one in which both parties gain from the trade.  Successful trade is at the base of a developed civilization.  I have a college degree in economics and a minor in education.  So, blogging is fun for myself.  Recently I have been using this website to to add value and gain an audience to influence.   My blog has recently received a number of incoming links.  I thank all those who linked  to articles at topstockblog.  Linking other helpful websites is a form of trade that many bloggers benefit from along with their readers.  I have found it important to learn from others websites with intelligent articles, and ideas.  When blogging keep in mind your target audience and what they would like to read.  I have found editing past posts is a helpful way to improve your websites quality. 

 I would like to send a special thanks to a blogger who has inspired this article on the value of networking with your peers.  She advocates communicating with other bloggers attempting to work from home. 

  entertainment purposes, 


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I could not personally buy a pair of shoes with out trying them on; but, – shoes and handbags seems to be a cool website. sent me this link and it looks like an honest business offering name brand products, 110% best price gurantee, and free over night shipping.

Have a great day

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Larry negative again on market 1/01/08-6/01/08

Larry adds value to the economy most of the time. Larry Cudlow of CNBC went over economic concerns caused by inflation, high energy prices, and market regulation. Larry has predicted at times in 2008 that negative economic indicators have been telling of a periodic recession; part of the capitalist system.   A United states consumer driven recession.  He spoke about the leveraged economy being vulnerable to excessive consumer debt and the possibility this could unfold into a serious recession. Larry’s most negative viewers have called for a very long and deep recession in part because of high oil prices.

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Yahoo, Living Green Website link

Yahoo has a cool link to all types of Green information. How to save energy, and be a good person. I think it is very much a part of your personal character in your consumption. If you consume like no one else matters then you probably should change. Living in a sustainable planet that is considerate of others is as much a human obligation as human rights are gods will.

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MGM good value going forward

MGM Mirages buying back some stock. MGM has some of the greatest gambling Assets in the casino, and entertainment industry. The stock is well below my value entry point, and MGM has plans for many of it’s properties to do well going forward. This linked article covers the positives of the stock well.

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Bin Laden speaks out!! American speaks back!!

Alot of good information is available to use to look at stock market charts yahoo finance
*** Sorry, interupted by the latest Bin Ladden message directed towards the west. *****

Topstockblog calls for an end of violent preaching by Osama Bin Laden.   As a citizen of the United States of America I supports appropriate influence and good values. I do not support the inappropriate influence of money supporting any unmoral goals.  We all share in homeland concerns of all people. I do particularly share my concern of the palestinian people who have paid too high a price for living in such an other wise beautiful part of the world. I and many American people support the Palestian people in their struggle for peace. We have friends who are from Israel. People supporting their friends is an American tradition. Honest communication, and a goal of appropriate influence I hope will be your goal Mr. Bin Ladden.
Topstockblog supports honest people looking to influence the world in a positive way. Peace is the ultimate way of all people to evolve into a less violent, and more successful society.
Bin Laden goes to far, and I just had to get this out. Honest comunication should support democracy.

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Can you make money working from home?

Making money working from home is a very hard accomplishment to achieve. I know from personal experience…lol
1. Who is your target market?
2. Is your product legal?
3. How much competition is out there?
4. What advantages do you have that may allow you to make money?
5. Does your business have value in your community outside the internet? is my attempt at blogging to generate web traffic to hopefully make some money adding value to the world we live in. I am averaging about 20 viewers a day. I am finding it very hard to increase viewership. I will just work hard and see where this leads me. I do enjoy blogging. I do like to be at home so that is an added benefit of my life of working from home

Entertainment purposes

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Chasing Apple Corporation looks like a good bet

AAPL computers looks like a hit for Wallstreet and the consumer.  AAPL is working to fine tune it’s corporate email accounts to target RIMM subscribers and grow it’s base of AAPL consumers.  I think  AAPL stock will trade higher over the next six months. The Cell/Internet Iphones are a big hit, and demand is high around the world.  Products in major markets as people pay to have phones diverted to illegal carriers demand exceeds supply; even sold out in the United Kingdom.  Check out the chart and article linked to yahoo finance: AAPL;range=1y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined



Entertainment purposes only, Bored Guy LLC

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This website is dedicated to bringing millions of people together to solve the worlds climate changes,, and other environmental concerns.  The website looks to be a great asset to the world. 


I found another website at the FTC that gives tips for saving money in your home.

Entertainment purposes

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U.S military veterans website for peace and sustainability around the world.

Veterans have come together to search for peace.   A 2nd annual event of  marching for peace will occur on June 7th 2008.  I compliment all the good services these veterans of the military are providing.

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Invest very carefully in life and try to take all into account as you see best.

Philosophy is an art in bullshitting and intelligence. Good Judgement is always a target worth aiming for.  How many mistakes can someone make?  I don’t know that answer.  What I do know is to value you self, and the resources you have to live well.  Invest in your family. Investing in stocks can be fun and frustrating.  if you have good balance and careful judgement it might be worth while. 

Stock market appears dicey, and being diversified into different areas of you life.  Being diversified both financially and mentally helps people be less stressed out.

Live the life that makes you happy and fullfills your obligations.  Live within your means that supports your goals, happiness, and safety.  Being considerate of people less fortunate and of future generations


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Good call on the classical bottom

The follow through in high volume.  The strong price movements as deals were done.  Banks moved with grace to solve problems quickly.  Organizations of financial banks appears to have given the momentum back to the bulls.  The government has again risen to the short term problems that can arise in the current economic environment.


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CALM current value should change given CALM’s large trading range.

CALM the American egg producer with top technology, and strong earnings to date has traded wildly. Between $25 a share to a recent hi mark over $40 a share. CALM now trading around $30 a share.  I would look to start getting long here, and hope to average in a little higher or lower.   Very well written article that considers fundamental margin numbers, cyclical business cycle, limited growth, and yields between 8-12% being offered for short term corporate debt.  The author rules against investing CALM seeing the multiple of 26 times conservative earnings target of $1.26 per share.  

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Day of Sports for Iraq. Boxing, American football and European football. American military playing with all the middle eastern groups. Sports can mend and create bonds in a constructive way.

Hope for the Iraq people.  With cooperation the world can end war, provide security, health care, clean the water, spread comfort, and add value to the world.  People can and need to learn from the past.  A new modern tradition of sports in Iraq would be good. Iraq enjoy football or American soccor very much  People should respect the differences and just work together.  Iraq should maintain its health with over spending on security, food, and building a sustainable economy built on the hope of peace and happiness.  Sports between different ethnic, and national groups would be a good start to warming relations.  Some television coverage of Iraqi sports athletes would give hope to many from the region. Create a sports league of social benefit for the people.  healthy for the world on an a daily basis.  Some daily sports would do a lot of good for the people of the world in my opinion.  Sports give access to so many people who other wise have very Little in common.  When peace is achieved we can fight less.  Restore and build honest relations between all parties through sports.  I call for a yearly contest.  No more war. 


                         I hope to inspire or be the third religous prophet and inspire others

                         My education is in economics and I have no religous training.

Entertainment Purposes Only,

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Targeting Inflation to Create a Sustainable Society

Inflationary pressures in form of government payments are most appropriate to remedy inequalities promoting sustainablity, ability to store money, and contributions. Government spending on health care, infrastructure, and corporate contributions to these goals. 

  Paying corporations like IBM, AAPL, FORD, CITI, BA, GD, and many other greats corporations for advancing public benefit could be employed as an economic support. Profits paid by the government for public benefit added.  Supporting business with careful judgement.  Supporting corporations that increase the sustainability of the world, add benefit to people through convenience.  

          Inflation at a low digit percentage is much better than deflationary pressure that can slow trade unevenly.  A form of profit regardless of supporting production paid with tax revenue.  If a  home builder creates a house that is efficient, very strong, and lasts forever should he receive no profit?  Should oil corporations not recieve profit if they add value to helping other corporations to create a better product?  We need to watch for errors on the edges.

Government can account for advances in future intelligent solutions more considerate of everyone.  Macro economic money tools are guranteed by the power of the people. Supported by relentless greed of people getting a return on their investment.  Money supply financed by bonds in the United States can target a controlled inflation  better targeting real solutions.  Public statement of policies are appropriate to avoid deceptions. Many economist speak out against inflation attempting to trigger deflation. Ensuring very wealthy people have more than enough money.  Regardless of the suffering of those forced out of jobs as the world produces more goods with less employment.   Government deficit spending  can lead a nation or cause failure.  Investment in sustainability is a more appropriate course of direction.  Government was created to fill shortfalls of society.  As needs adjust so should government targets to meet these needs.  Debt forgiveness is better sought at some point to establish needs for debt relief and honest accounting standards. 

end of statement, below are some more details of my thoughts. “notes” 

     Should a bank not recieve money to support its employees, and community needs regardless of its ability to create profits?  Should a computer programmer not create the best solutions that offer the most benefit to society because he would lose profit? Should a company that creates strong computers?  Should a military corporation not be able to please shareholders when no threats of war are at   ? Should soldiers around the world have to fight endless wars despite contribution to soicety?  Man cam from a very small group of people to billions of people.  Common ground is there to be found.  “Aha” moments can be had.  People can learn from experience and support from community institutions when measured most appropriately. 

 The current economic system does a good job measuring profits and benefits but only to a point.  When points of intelligence and reason are denied in the pursuit of religion, war, life, or greed should people not rise to find solutions?  The economy is called weak and yet we have so much to be thankful for. People, government the environment, and business must rise to the challenge.   We need to find ways to evolve the economic system to be more thoughtful.   The corporations that have labored, and contributed to society should be recognized by values paid in profits. Corporations with large numbers of employees should be supported to meet peoples needs.  Employers, employees, the environment, and the government can benefit from shared responsibility most appropriately. 

Should a corporation be motivated not to create better ideas to help society because they ultimately will lose their own profits by the same tactics?  Public holdings of corporations should be taxed at a lower rate. This would compensate for the value of sharing wealth, and storing the added strength to world security.   Government should publically support inflationary prices by this type of real economic policy.  The stock market, housing market, lending policies all support trickery.  Sometimes people will go as far as to use human fear and many other abusive tactics to make a point.  It is necessary to carefully look to ways to encourage sustainable trade, employment, and individual freedoms.  An inflation policy would be a show of real strength in the world economy.  Those with money would rather jump on deflationary pressures that increase their wealth, and increasing the wealth of the richest people.   Recognizing tangible benefits, and supporting the large corporations in a manner directed to maximize human benefit, and sustainability.   

 I write to evolve economic benefits to society. To inspire people of all religions to respect human rights and work to solve problems thoughtfully. I am an economist by personal interest; not, a religous scholar.


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Possible classical bottom monday

If the market could open low enough, or make a very low bottom it could take place Monday in typical wallstreet fashion.   I think pressure was relieved when people went for the Buy ahead of the Bernanke speech next week on weakness.  Not much easy money in the market.  Loose money of weaker players is lost, and mentally speant.  I did switch long to short, and with a small profit.   

 In stock market theory the market bottoms when people are ready to jump out of windows and beaten up to the point they sell at the bottom.  It is sad to see the market need to engage in scare tactics to carry out it’s function.  The principal alone that markets can not trade more honestly to data makes it dysfunctional.  How ever it is the prescibed cure of the people holding onto control to use dysfunction to maintain functioning.  

Entertainment purposes only

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Market thoughts, positives to help and negatives to deal with.

I get too short sighted when my money is in the trade.  I am not sure if I can over come this.  Part of me says use the last of my financial resources to try to trade.  I just can’t seem to escape the short sighted nature.  Getting tricked frequently.   I had a short position on MTG today and a long position on YGE.  I missed the rally in YGE early, and sold out of the MTG trying to be more aggressive with a short position on QQQQ.   The Q’s have powered higher. 

 I have noticed that CNBC has alot of relavant information about the market.  CNBC helps me spot, and keep in mind market ideas.  I have noticed that I may be able to use CNBC as a contrarian indicator.  Cramer was complely sure the market wuold crash some time this weak.  Then the market opens higher squeezing shorts.  

Keep in mind weather the market is up or down. 

Watch the movement of ingterest rates.

Watch Government policy

Work hard.  

Cover both sides of a trade befor executing it.  Analyze risk and reward.  Time frame. 

Don’t let greed play too small or big a role in decisions

The power of using good judgement as a large trading component

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Out of AAPL trade with a loss and into NEU

I exited my AAPL  trade after taking a decent lost.  AAPL continues to trade lower this afternoon.  I think the investor meeting this week could boost shares.  

 I found a trade NEU that may work better.     NEU appears to have momentum on it’s side as the stock trades higher.  The stock just offered a dividend that attracts a new group of investors looking for dividend safety.  Earning have been growing, and the multiple of the stock is under 15 times 2009 earnings. ( updated  3/4/08  Turned out to be a trade I exited with another big loss, broke my rule of investing in a stock that is not very liquid.)

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Britain goes after profits of utilities

National Grid named, after being fined 41 million dollars for unfair competition practices racking up profits as thousands in Britain die every year from inadequate heat. Just a matter of time before the United States wakes up to large profits of the industry.

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Buying before the close or waiting for monday

I think the market is a buy here or maybe I am just long the market.   Nah, I think the market is a buy here.  More specifically I think AAPL is a buy here with upcoming investor conference Tuesday.  The self full-filling prophecy of a recession maybe could full fill if people scare each other too much, legislation, homeland attack or other event could happen to push the market lower.  Seems like a cumulative effect of weak news is causing a sell off.  

entertainment purposes only;  help others, ask questions later.

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AAPL on the pull back looks good

I bought some AAPL options on the pull back today.  AAPL looks strong in the computer market and cell phone market.  The recent break out higher out of a consolidation pattern looks good for upside potential.  The gap created in the break out higher, may hold it back  or it may be considered closed on the dip.; further market weakness could halt the stock.  The market looks range bound from my perspective for a bit.

entertainment purposes only

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ATPG looks like good oil/gas play long term

ATPG  an oil/gas play has had a good growth profile with all of its property in the gulf of Mexico and offshore U.K very safe areas.  The company reports today.  The company is generating huge piles of cash, and looks like a good take over target given it’s low valuation. I did not buy ahead of earnings; but, think it might be a decent play. A good play with a longer term out look.  The company is replacing 200% of reserves as of recent quarter, and has expansion under way for production.   The company has hedged is oil production at $65 which at this point was dumb, and I think is hurting the stocks upside.  Here is a link to a web cast of recent developments

entertainment purposes only 

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What I have learned or reminded of trading over the past couple of days

1. Investors are looking to dividends, safety, and liquidity in the stocks they buy.  Makes a lot of sense.  Investors are scared of companies that will have a hard time finding financing or have to pay high rates.  FITB a mid size bank just financed a billion dollars at an 8% rate.  That sounds a bit hard to profit taking a loan at that rate. They have single A credit.  That means that smaller size banks will have even harder time.  Bernanke said some banks will fail to function.  Mortgage markets are appearing to slow as rates offered increase over recent weeks

2.  Be patient, and try to get the best pricing on your trades.

3.  Investors and people have a hard time looking far into the future. 

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JPM looks like a decent short

JPM looks like it is going to cross below the  50DMVA on a day everything is rising.  I think JPM stock could linger here for a bit and then tank.  The stock has a huge exposure to the financial market and a giant market cap could make its size hard to maintain.  The stock has other reasons to tank with heavy exposure to the subprime market.  The bond market has slowed and could be slower with transactions declining.  The rate of profit should decline with private equity deals much lower going forward.  Multiple conflicts in interest on this new VISA ipo could raise some eye brows of investors, possible governments if the stock does trade lower after the intial public offering.  Financial transactions have to decline with the weakness in the economy shaking out weak hands.  Insiders have pocketed huge sums of money selling options they bought.  Resources of the world have been sold, traded, discovered, and transactions should decline.   The economy is generating multiple signs of weakness.  Heres a story posted on the Kirk Report about Steepest decline in housing prices accompanied by larges inflation.

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The need to be diversified by Jim Cramer

Being diversified is an absolute must by Cramer on CNBC Mad Money.  As a person that has violated this rule because it is hard not to chase a large return.   To not put all your money in one basket is hard to do.  By diversifying we limit our upside and downside.  This is risk management.  It keeps us in the game.  Cramer advises owning at least five top stocks in five different sectors to ensure diversification.  You have to protect yourself from yourself.  You will lose money if you break your rules.   We are human and not perfect so we need rules.  Frailty of humanity makes us go against stocks.  We need to not be arrogant.    Cramer also advised against ever investing in stock tips because it is either  bad information or could be illegal insider information.    I have watched Cramer for a couple of years.  If you just use a filter to listen to Cramer it is a great show.  Cramer also advises investing incrementally. 

(Friday February 26th update,  any small website is going to contain incomplete information, often biased.   In my opionion any t.v. channel is also going to have bias and agenda as Cramer would.  The world can make mistakes. )

  Entertainment purposes only.  Help others, ask questions later.

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I am bearish on the out look of the market and being so makes me look for good canidates to short. These are the one I think will go lower.  Again the rally faded today, just icing on a bad cake.

CRM – customer management software — too low of barriers of entry for profits to grow and maintain short and long term

BAC- heavily leveraged to consumer debt,  not being able to find new customers qualified for loans and loan defaults could really crush the banking business

TGT-  highly leveraged to consumer spending and credit, has issued credit to customers to grow sales – reality of lending to people who can’t afford to shop in your store may set in soon.

RIMM-  has patent problems with motorola, three networks shut downs in the last year, lots of competition in the market should hurt margins

NYX – market trading should slow as markets slows with confidence and investors losing money in a stagnant economy.

Entertainment purposes only; help other ask questions later

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Morals of markets would not matter, if they were not important to liquidity of markets

Markets are best served in a stable honest environment.  People are very willing to trade if they feel the market can be trusted.  With limited trust market trading volumes will decline.  Morals are the set of values that we try to use to guide our lives.    A further look allows us to see it also governs the lives’ of all people.  With bond markets drying up and the less fortunate being caught at a loss.   Moral hazards in the financial sector may cause this specific group to lose value going forward.     Derivatives of mortgages held by some investors called CDO’s (Derivatives  instruments for leverage and risk management purposes) and other securities  have not been kind to it’s holders.  Unless wall-street looks far enough into the future and can bring more honesty into their practices they will drink their own poisonous cool aide.  Warren Buffet commented it was nice to see those who have created poisonous cool-aide for others to drink have to drink some.  Insurance carries who have prospered from the derivative plays will likely suffer from a deterioration in trust slowing size, and number of transactions going forward.  BAC, MER, GS, BSC, and XL all have exposure to financial markets.

  On a positive note world leaders have gotten together to make a commitment to supporting market prices even if that means rigging them…lol  Leaders have made a commitment to move markets in an orderly fashion.   Economic stimulus packages have been passed, and rates of lending are being cut.    Solar corporations look they are expanding and finding needed capital to expand their contributions to the world. FSLR and YGE top solar stocks.

Entertainment purposes only;  help others ask questions later                          

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Nice rally, momentum stocks look good here.

The rally was impressive.  Must say most of this rally has me in tough shape.  I wish I could get this over bought and buying opporunity correct this past week.  Technology and oil seem to be putting a bottom in stock prices to date.  Frustrated about the move higher.  Chart patterns are adding to momentum.   Money moving out of bonds should be a buyer in the market.  I am taking a break early this evening and spending time with the girlfriend.  We are looking forward to some good television tonight.   I like  CALM, MDR, MTW, EOG, and BIDU in the morning.   I like put options in TGT, COF, XL, and UNH 

entertainment purposes only

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Short sold UNH, New York state investigating healthcare insurance fraud

UNH should be punished for committing fraud against it’s customers.  I hope you agree with me in condemning fraudulent behavior that ultimately denies society benefits and wastes.  New York state has launched a probe into illegal practices of Health Insurers.  I think UNH is a good short because of the dishonest behavior that I hope destroys the future of UNH. (update 2/13/08 lost alot of money on the trade – seperating morals from trading short term might be a lesson learned) Fraud has resulted in an inaccurate recording of profits in the past, and should not be allowed in the future.  One example of the alleged fraud New York is investigating UNH reportedly paid $62 on claims they believed should be paid $160 according to a Market Watch Report. AET, CI, WLP, WCG or HUM also look tempting to short in my opinion. They are being sold off on fear of earnings going forward in a climate with much risk for the industry as the government looks to cuts costs and eliminate waste.   UNH said to be at the heart of the probe   Doing more research I found Nevada probably the most pro business environment in the world slams UNH saying they committed 130,000 violations from not paying doctors and collecting fraudulent money from customers.  It could face 10,000 per violation equaling 1.3 billion dollars in Nevada alone.  I have heard of stiffing patients; but, doctors?  That is a business model for disaster.  Punishing this corporation and crushing UNH stock is best for society.  No more compromises.  As a society we need to condemn those who have chossen to deny us health benefits.  The future is about good decisions; not profits.  An argument against the trade is UNH is a large health care provider with a history of profits, predicted growth, and should  benefit from economies of scale because of the size it’s network of customers. Some may seen UNH being oversold and as a good value.

Entertainment purposes only,

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Rimm a short here

Companies Black Berry service is out across the country.  Should cause a specific problem for RIMM , and problem could go on.  (update 2/13/08 – Stock is trading up recently.  My trade timing and call have were wrong to date.  The stock rallied with the market.  Investors buying are looking at the growth potential of phone users upgraded to the blackberry handsets.

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Trading tips review from Kirk Report

Reveiw bulkiowskis trading tips

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Recent trading review

I have made a little bit of money in the market.  It has been an up and down week.  I have been a bit stressed out.  I failed to take any money out of the stock market.  I think taking money out is helpful for long term success and responsibility

I exited my COF short trade with a small loss.   The stock rallied and went against my position.  The stock rallied for anothe two days then fell quickly.  My timing was off.   News of a dividend and share buyback led me too the sidelines.   I don’t really believe the stock will be a long term success; but, not sure when or how far the stock will fall.   COF does have mortgage exposure and deal with risky credit card holders.  They are now refinancing all mortgage holders regardless if they are late on their payments.  In the news I have heard AXP represents a better shorting opportunity because it two will suffer from defaults; but, the defaults may be a surprise to investors who may take profits.

I short sold Google a few times successfully.   I believe the stock is currently a decent investment.   The stock has corrected and as time passes a higher stock price may be coming.  Just not sure how long the party will be

I short sold the RTH index successfully.  I became more aggressive with the trade over the last week.  I am currently overly aggressive ahead of the retail numbers and have added unsuccessfully to the trade.   I see the stock may stagnate in this range as I originally thought.   I want to exit the trade with my pride intact.  International story in MacDonald’s.   Have to look at percentage of sales over seas.  WMT should do well overseas.  I prob should get out soon.

I tracked some other stocks to watch. I have watched BIDU which represents value here, i saw good value in AAPL and that trade would have worked. Balance need to be found.

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Focusing on price improvemnt

Finding a good trade is one thing.   Then getting in at the best possilble price, and out at the best possible price are areas we all can work on.   Often times I find stocks to buy; but, don’t get as good a price as the market offers during the day.  Using five 1 and 5 minute charts is for day trading.  The same can often be said about my exits of trades. 

   Sometimes I am too early.  Sometimes to quick to pull the trigger.  Impatience is a recurring experience in my trading.  I have found buying some at one price and some at a slightly lower price resulting in the best price improvement for myself.

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The dangers of Drinking and trading

Decisions are hard to find.   Only complete education will lead to the best solutions.

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The rally can’t seem to find traction

The market still looks bearish to me.   The market seems to try to rally to establish an uptrend; but, fails time and time again.   I could see a stagnation period or complete break down if the data supports it.  I have see or hope the the bearish trend continues.  The present condition looks like a mix of investors mostly just sitting by idle.  Not a lot of conviction in traders bearish  or bullish.  The quick correction in the begining of the year seems to be a middle ground rather than end to the direction.

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Being too aggressive

Being to aggressive has a negative expectation.   I have to do something to stop being overly aggressive.    I am all in on the RTH 90 put contracts.  I don’t like acting this way.  It seems to be a regular occurrence for me to be overly aggressive.  I need to get this problem fixed or I soon may be on the side line broke.   I told myself before the week started I would invest in the March contracts to avoid total loss.  I will keep working to get more balanced.  I really think the trade has a big upside.  I hope I make alot of money on the trade.

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Monday’s Opening Notes

The market could go either way and my understanding is will likely go a little higher.  Everyone is expecting negative news, and much of this may be price in already.   Investors are looking for any place they believe will be a good store of wealth.  Investors are throwing eachother under the bus in a bit of a panic to protect their own money.    A look at history tells us that we are in a correction.   History may record this as a recesion.  Going forward stocks will likely bottom some time soon.   The Giants winning the Super bowl has been a very big negative for the market going forward.  Thats counter intuitive and may be Mr. Fixx flexing his muscles.   Delta Neutral strategies do have a lot of appeal.  In a the long run this will reduce drawdowns, and upside of results.

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NYX looks like a good short

Jim Cramer did an interview last night with the CEO of NYX (NYSE) and it sounded like a tough road ahead.  Increases in volume have been offset by increases in costs.  Volume going forward could stay high or it could drop off.  I think it will decline as the economy slows and with the rise of the Shanghai trading.  After all the last CEO of NYX was fired late last year. Things can’t be great.  CME is getting crushed today because of higher trading costs. I think a short is worth a try.  Upside seems limited and downside could be higher than thought.  Volume could drop off a cliff at some point.

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MTG looks like a good short here

MTG a private mortgage insurer looks like an attractive short.  MTG has held up and I think is over priced and should go to zero.  The company should be worthless when all is said in done by normal accounting standards.  If competition is allowed, a recession takes hold, and accounting standards are enforced MTG could go to zero   I hope the government progresses in its fight with greed.  I do worry because they recently allowed banks to take assets/debts to off balance sheets to be able to continue to loan money other wise not meeting correct  reserve requirements.

entertainment purposes only 

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ISRG looks attractive here

ISRG is a good buy under $320 in my opinion.  I think the stock will continue higher as it meets and exceeds expectations for the future.  Cramer was very bullish on the stock.  The growth potential is incredible in my opinion!  Here is Cramers coments last night “In contrast to Exxon-Mobil’s “hairy” quarter, Cramer cited Intuitive Surgical’s (ISRGCramer’s TakeStockpickr) recent earnings as an example of “going bald.”

When investors look at Intuitive Surgical’s earnings, they don’t see one-time gains, but rather earnings that beat every metric Wall Street was looking for, he said.

Intuitive Surgical beat the estimates by 20 cents a share. The company reported accelerating revenue growth, with sales up 68% year over year. International sales were also strong, accounting for 26% of sales vs. just 22% in the previous quarter.

Recurring revenue also increased and now represents 43% of total sales. Demand for the company’s core product, the DaVinci robot, was also strong. Wall Street was expecting Intuitive Surgical to sell 71 robots in the quarter, but the company shipped 78 systems

Cramer said Intuitive Surgical beat its numbers fair and square, and when a company beats every metric Wall Street is looking for, that’s a company he wants to invest in.

Going Strong”

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Short Sold FL and RTH, Retailers out look poor

Foot Locker will probably be one of the hardest hit in a recession.  Goldman Sachs cut the stock to sell mid January with a target price of $10   I was happy to find Goldman Sachs looking for a sell on the stock.  They are one of the most accurate stock pickers.  FL has bounced recently along with the RTH index and looks like it should retest it’s lows in my opinion.  I don’t see any thing that can make the shoe retailers future look bright.  New shoes are something that most people including myself will cut back on when money is tight or for lack of exciting new products.  The company is in a very competitive market.  With manufacturers raising the prices on the shoes they sell and cost fixed margins will be small.  Foot Locker and retailers are put in a bad situation to deal with declining margins or sales depending on how they price the shoes on the shelves.  

On the other hand the buy side argument for FL is a small amount of insider buying,  a divident yield of 3%, and 150 store closings.  Much of the labor lay offs will be swallowed by workers rather than the corporation.  

With the market looking like it is rolling over I shorted the RTH.  The idex is in a down trend and has recently bounced higher making a good entry as fundamentals of the Retailers deteriorating.  I looked further at the components of the RTH to see what I was shorting more precisely. The largest components are listed at yahoo   AMZN 7%, BBY5%, COST6%,CVS6%HD11%,KR4%,LOW7%,TGT8%,WMT18%

entertainment purposes only

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Bought YGE as it rallies higher

YGE a top quality solar play looks like it might be catching fire again.   The stock is up over 10% this morning.  

The stock has been stagnate for a while and this sharp move higher may just be what investors have been waiting for to pour into YGE.  I wish I bought it under 20 but; I missed it.   I will be happy to catch part of the ride higher.   The Solar stocks have a lot of investors looking to profit from the environmentally friendly producers that should play a big role in the future. 

entertainment purposes only

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Stock market humor take a break from trading


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Shorted GOOG again

 (Exited Position Neutral on GOOG updated 2/5/08) GOOG is going to continue to trade lower in my opinion.   Selling will continue Monday as the stock is not as attractive to investors.  Many may sell off the stock because it missed expectations and MSFT is buying YHOO.  The Google team is talented and growing.  Take a look at the conference transcript link at the bottom from Seeking Alpha.

  BIDU is taking share in China and can take on searches in multiple languages.  BIDU is going after the search market in Japan. The valuation is way too high given the uncertainty of future profits.  Where ever there is profits competition is sure to rise up.   I don’t think its a stretch to say Microsoft entering the search market buying  YHOO will seriously slow growth expectations of Google.   Nor is it a stretch that earning could deteriorate as a result of customers clicking less advertising as they become aware these ads are often low quality trying to sell something. I have been in and out of this stock short the past month, and putting my profits backs to work on the news that  MSFT entering the search race buying YHOO.   I think GOOG trades back to $450 sooner than later.    The conference call was mixed.  Google is working hard here is a link to the conference call.  Some interesting improvements in expanding different language searches, and a cost per sale option offered rather than a cost per click as a choice of options should boost ROI for advertisers.   Growth in the U.K was only 5% and 9% in the U.S.

entertainment purposes only

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Larry Kudlow of CNBC negative on the market?

Larry Kudlow is an important commentator from CNBC that brings important news and people to the television to discuss world market news. (Update July 28, 2008.) 

Larry Kudlow is still negative on the market; but, wants to believe in a summer rally.   (Monday July 28th 2008)Kramer talked about news conference disclosing SEC policy enforcement of Short Selling rules already on the book to protect common Americans and assume people of the world.  Stay vigilant Jim Cramer and thoughtful people around the world shall save the rest of the world!!!  



Larry Kudlow is scared of the bond defaults  (January 31st, 2008).  At least he seems not his usual confident self.  His audience is negative.    $2.3 trillion municpal market around the country has systematic risk according to a guest.  In my opinion the retirement system of obligations may make it impossible for stagnant areas to pay back the money at some point in the future, and lead to defaults as others recognize these risks. The problems of a pure focus on gr The market is surely going to trade lower tomorrow if the trend is still lower.  Kuldow’s guest talked of funding sources drying up with demise of MBI. Bull’s argued derivatives in bonds bonds is where the value in MBI is .  No-one really knows where we go from here. Pension funds have to hope this is bottom or they will have to sell to meet funding requirements causing a snow ball of selling. 

He also talked about long time economist Pual Vulcur is backing Obama.   Paul Vulcar an economist Larry thinks acts with good judgement will be helpful.  I think Obama is another George Bush with distinct differences.   Obama has some good values that will be helpful to all people around the world.   With some good economists on his side maybe they can bridge the gaps.  I think Hillary Clinton will deliver the better future.  Sure makes me feel better being weighted short the market. 

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Week update of trading, COF, CFC, GOOG, BJS, PHM

I had a good week trading.  Not perfect; but, making some profits.

COF  I shorted about a week ago and took a small profit on a dip.  I have again reentered the position as the stock trades up today.  Taking a chance the stock will sell off.  Not too confident in the trade.  COF has a lower credit customer, and exposure to the subprime mortgage market.  MA is up after it beat earnings.  Much of the earning was from overseas growth, and a sale of a company.

CFC  I have a small long position.  Have been in and out a few times with no luck.  My timing has been off.  Just missing my entries, and jumping at higher prices, only to sell it at even.

GOOG has been one of my better trades timing wise.   I have been on the short side a few times, and managed to take profits as the stock sells off.   I think GOOG will trade lower after earnings; but, honestly GOOG scares me.  So I took the profits, and my re-enter over the next couple of days. I seem to have a decent feel for the movement of the stock or just getting lucky.  I think GOOG is overvalued. 

BJS  I entered short on the mostly American oil servicer becuase of decrease in Gulf activity, and left the trade around even because they said the stock seemed to have buyers, and was looking to move internationally.

PHM  I entered short a couple of times yesterday and took my profits on the open this morning.  The trade worked out well.  I just don’t know the housing industry well enough to keep pushing the trade. May reenter on the short side.  Considered going long becuase the company does appear to be one of the better situated homebuilders.  

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Shorted PHM

The Builder PHM reports after the bell and I expect the stock will trade lower.  CTX announced a horrible quarter last night, and I didn’t see any signs the rate cuts will fix the problems with forclosures up 79% this year.  Housing starts are way down, and inventories are at recent records around 10 months supply.  The FBI launched a criminal probe into the housing sector to examine inflated revenue by homebuilders taking on buyers that were not qualified.  

  Lending standards are tight, and not alot of buyers.  { PHM has cash and  some debt. The loss on the quarter was big.  The company took no losses on in mortgage business – have to do some investigating to see if that was just poor accounting or they don’t hold any liability on the mortagages they originate. More perplexed after the evening report. } PHM is headquartered in Michigan, and mortgage origination is a significant part of it’s operation. Stock is trading around $14 and has traded as low as $8.20 recently.

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BAC confirms plans to go forward with CFC purchase

The deal values CFC shares around $7 or $4 billion.  A premium to the 6.35 the shares are currently trading at.    Country Wide is king of the mortgage refinancing business, and I believe could get higher bidders with rate cuts opening up the mortgage refinancing business as the economy stabilizes.  The deal is scheduled to close in the third quarter of this year.   CFC should have solid earnings in my opinion going forward.  Trade could take a while to unfold.  Solid 6 month investment.

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Too buy or to sell, GOOG, COF,

Tough question.  I think the market has a lot of people scratching their head.  I am short Google.  Bill Gates made another comment about the entering the search market. Saying it was going to surprise Google.   That will also surprise investors in Google, and cause the stock to trade lower.   Just having a hard time figuring out how much lower.   I think Google will anounce a share repurchase putting some of its cash to work.   I like a short in COF here.  AXP has credit detioration in the latest earnings report last night.  COF has bounced nicely, and might be worth a try on the short side.  The feds actions are putting money in the hands of buyers, and potentially real relief to those struggling.   I think Cramer was right about the Fed being to slow to act.   Many of COF and AXP credit customers probably would have been able to act quicker and put the problems off for a while with lower rates.   This still could be the case; but, lending seems too tight and home prices have yet to announce a bottom.   Scottrade is closd to all it’s customers online because of account maintanance.  That’s a whole seperate disturbing event to wake up too.

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GOLD approaching $1000 an ounce

Investment demand in Gold is high, and  this should lead Gold to trade over $1000 an ounce this year. Weakness in the United States dollar is seen as the biggest factor in Golds rise.    Corporations are seeing costs rise dramatically as the search for gold expands. Disruptions in Africa of electricity caused a mines to close down  and risks of other disruptions associated with chaos related to violence will all be supportive of higher gold prices. disruptions continue to spread gold could go much higher appropriately so.   Jeff Macke from Fast Money stated “gold is going to $1000 an ounce and GLD was the way to play it”. His comrads suggested playing gold mining stocks.  In my perspective safety of supply looks to be a key factor in choosing a winner in the mining space.  I would not want a miner with significant exposure to Africa. AUY, GG, AEM, RGLD, BVN,AEM,SA,NEM were all up on the day. AUY is my favorite play because the stock is going higher on increased volume, a recomendation from Cramer, and strong growth prospects.  GG I see people buying heavier call options.  GG, SA  is in exploration stage of development (dicey; but, has upside potential) with it main operations in Canada, BVN (risky; but, I see upside) is linked to Peru, has solid earnings; but, the currency will fluctuate. RGLD is based out of Nevada, the company has had instability in its history (not sure about)

Downside risk to the rise in Gold prices is the record long buyers.  This has been a sign in the past of a top in Gold or at least a temporary consolidation of the price of Gold.  I hate to be the last one to the party, and may wait for a pull back

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Market looks for value stocks

Market looks like it is trying to find places of good value, and avoiding places of high risk.   OIH is up on spreading disruptions in Africa, and the Middle east.  Possible up on the big snow storm in China.   Some places of value I see buying in are AAPL, CALM, CMED, GLD, GS, ISRG, POT, and OIH.  GOOG (Google)  Seems to be selling off with investors looking looking to avoid the downside risk, and lock in profits.    A bit tricky figuring out how much lower Google could trade.   I have been a bit uncomfortable trying to trade, and make good decisions.   I put some money into cash.   I excited my short in BJS.   Just have to keep working hard to find opportunity.

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Tips on getting started in the market

  1. Learn about the market before you invest your money or start small 
  2. Stay away from Penny stocks
  3. Find high growth stock that could move up quickly
  4. Only buy stocks at a discount
  5. Open an account with only the highest quality brokers.  I am happy with Scottrade Securities.
  6. Open a margin and cash account if possible.  The interest you pay on margin is hard to overcome.  By having a cash account you can use that mostly, and the margin account when you want more leverage or to short sell a stock.  Stocks trend higher over time becuase of earnings, accumulated capital, and new technology so not many shorting opportunities are available.  Only look to short the very worst of stocks at over bought prices.
  7. Set stop losses for positions.  Don’t add to losing positions. 
  8. Read as many articles, and books as possible. I read a few books from the library when I didn’t have money to buy a book.  Jim Cramer has written several good books. Find a book on technical analysis. Read a book or take a course in economic theory. 
  9.  The  Kikr Report is  a great website to keep in touch with the market, and learn more about the stock market.   I would recomend becoming a member.
  10. Turn off CNBC they are not your friends. Too easy for anyone on the shows to manipulate you for financial gain.  That is the advice as have recieved from other professional traders and my experience.
  11. If you don’t have much money find a job or career to accumulate money.  Trying to work ful l time and invest actively is too diffucult.  Adopt passive trading rules to keep you interested; but, not uncomfortable. Things can change in a moment and you have to develop your feel for trading over time. Open an account and start with the idea of earning a small amount or gaining experience. 
  12. Patience and good judgement are the quickest way to achieve good results. If you are short on either try to work on these skill sets. 

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Market going to test the lows again, bearish GOOG

With some people just not understanding why things could be better with compromise I believe the stock market will crash.  The key to my hope and change to optimisism was the market appeared to be getting it that we are all in it together.   Bill Gates being progressive trying to help the impoverished.  The house introduced a bill to restate the governments responsibility to everyone.   It hasn’t been passed yet.  The can’t move forward if people think the goal is to try and get over on one another. 

The rate cut could make a difference if people have faith in the value of a lower interest rate to banks.  Not sure it will work yet.  Customers may not be as quick as they were last time to go for lower rates.  So the one week effect of rate cuts boosting stock prices as seen in the past may or may not show up.

The smart ass comments back in the mix from CNBC reporters about pure capitalism is the answer and always has been is very concerning.  The world again realizes these guys’ don’t get it and might just never get it.  Until they do get it.   I am staying bearish.  An additional rate cut should make things interesting; but, when used as a tool to get over on people can’t possible be the answer.

  I like a shorts position in GOOG especially   I think Google has very specific to google problems pitching ads for mostly crap, and competition is coming quick.  I have just added the kitchen sink to this trade.  Also shorted BJS an oil servicer with 70% of it operations in the U.S because the United states is running out of oil, and oil should be peaking with Solar stocks taking the lead.  Dubai’s 15 billion dollar emission neutral city could be a sign oil has peaked.  OIH, GRMN, QQQQ, XLF, MSFT, MRK, XL also look like tempting shorts. 

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No one can predict the future. Sell GOOG, Buy CFC

Update, 6/15/08

CFC seems to be bottoming with the buy out of BAC.  I swear BAC was just ducking personal loans it made and eliminating a tough competitor.   I little more bullish on the pair as the real price with capital injections, buy outs, and frauds on the loose.  Inflation actually arrived as war appears in the cards with Iran.   I love Russia is my last comment)  Russia believes it is on the verge of major technology development in the nano-technology group.

 Still like a short position in GOOG with a major new business product out from MSFT offering cash to devloopers, programers, and the like who want to make money.  At Dynamic Microsoft.


GOOG and BIDU are up nicely in after hours on Microsoft’s 30% growth in revenue.  I call it the Halo effect.   (updated 2/5/08  Neutral on GOOG under $500)

  I short sold GOOG and then added to my position after listening to a guy on CNBC about declining searches and users not clicking ads.   Not proud of that (Going to trade with the t.v off tomorrow, too easy to be manipulated)    Still want to be short going into earnings.    A lot of competition rising.  Wiclapedia is launching a search engine.  BIDU is taking 80% of search es in China and just announced its launch in the Japanese market.  Declining revenue per transaction around the world is not supportive of GOOG.    Looks like a good pop to short.  Not taking anything away from GOOG; but,  the stock may be over valued.   Bull market is making a case going forward with hope. 

I am long CFC   The corporation is a leader in the mortgage refinancing market and should rake in big profits with the increases in loan sizes to 125% of median home value in a community proposed by congress. BAC may a share price offer at $7.50 I believe.   Stock should be pretty steady; but, could pop higher when application numbers increase.  

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Stocks for 2008 GFA and UPL. A look around the world

Some interesting stocks around the world I dug up this evening I wanted to share.  Amazing how much can improve in a day with good judgement.  My favorites that I found were GFA, and UPL.  Lots of others worth looking at.

Barrons 2008 picks from Seeking Alpha



Forbes Bric investing for the bold, EEM, FXI, IIF,INFY, PBR

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Stock market Buy!! or Sell!! humor


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Bidu taking market share from Google

Search engine giant  BIDU is taking the lions share of the search market in China and going after the Japanese market expecting similar results.  I must say this website gets translated into chinese every day currently by Google.  I bought BIDU shares on sale today.  Expecting things to look a little better in the world economy.  I think Google and Bidu will do well as corporations and stocks from here.

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Tricky market, shorted RTH on the pop higher

(Exited  trade because the rate cut will has a positive effect on earnings with the Refy business coming back.  HD and LOW look best in the group. Updated 1/23/08 3 pm )   Retailers trading up today.  Not sure why in this bear market; so I took the oppotunity to short the RTH index.  Not sure about the market direction from here.  I would guess we continue lower.  I am still in my short on CRM.  I exited the XL trade because the stock was already sold off, and buyers started to come in as they did with MBI scaring me out.  XL hit a low around 36 this morning.  May well have been a bottom as the Fed cutting rates should allow business’s and homeowners to find some ways to save money refinancing.  I wish I would have tooken the plunge long into YGE on the open around 21-22

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Earnings reports for the week

Seeking Alpha has a nice article highlighting top earnings for the week and trade ideas around the earnings.  MSFT, SPWR, WFR, and POT are all mentioned.  I am not to confident about which way earnings results will drive stocks.  I imagine each corporations earnings will be judged by itself.   I speculate some corporations will  have a hard time meeting growth estimates if the recession spreads faster, and further than expected which is typical in a bear market.  On the other hand with the recent correction added to a big sell off at the open Tuesday could be a short term bottom if earnings are decent and the world doesn’t melt.  I  honestly have found a new respect for the capitalist market.  The market rages ahead quicker than would be the case in any other economic model; but, then can rapidly put on the breaks if needed.  The breaks are on, and with investors still sitting complacent the pain level for most long the market could increase rapidly.      

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Stock market crash humor


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Opportunities shorting war related stocks,

It is very clear that the country should move away from war related spending to balance the budget.       Thursday Jan 17th  2008  12pm

Going forward cutbacks in war spending are the quickest way to balance the budget.  Shorting LMT, BA, NOC, GD.   (updated found others in the industry that may suffer from cutbacks COL and ATK)

 I personally find war appalling and in these time of weakness can make a great short opportunity with good judgement.   The world would me much better represented with a dramatic decrease in spending on the war related stocks.  Shorting LMT, BA, NOC, GD.   War is not a tactic of a moral society, debtor nation, or aging society.  America may and can decide to be a peaceful nation.

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Shorted retailer Under Armor (UA) , stock priced for growth

(Update 10/12/2008 Sunday) Under Armor (UA) is fighting back in a bear market. UA has had success gaining contracts and products in recent months. Check out Thomas Wheisal Conference at UA website. The stock has shown great volatility since my original post in January. UA looks to be settling into a consolidation pattern I suspect will last for a long period of time. — end update–
Being in a bear market Under Armor (UA) a trendy sports wear company seems to be fading,              11 am 1/17/08  Thursday

and the stock is getting beat up.  The corporation has been operating with a negative cash flow, and is going to have to get more soon. It just broke lower out of a consoladation trend and I was able to get short just under$40 .  I hope the stock goes a lot lower soon.  The risk is not much, Bernanke seems to offer no help and I have lost my faith in him.  (Updated 10-12-2008 Topstockblog has regained faith in Ben Bernake and lost faith in Hank Paulson.  Check out the pictures from the G-7 conference to promote economic financial stability October 2008.

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When searching for stocks, and trading.   CNBC is always hyping one side of the story or the other (Bear Market) or (Bull Market).   It is easy to get confused.  So to watch or not to watch?   I like to watch; but, often wished I didn’t.  If you look hard enough you can find what you are looking for.  That doesn’t make it more true than the other side of the situation.  It is just too easy for CNBC to manipulate the story to expect them not to.  After all they represent a corporation dedicated to making money G.E.  I demand higher standards.  It’s not until average Joe is able to demand standards before we will get them.  I hope to do my part with my blog.

      I was a little disappointed when the friendly cute lady on the show was stopped from talking about problems in the market on Monday when it was rallying.  Confirmed my suspicions CNBC was actually against independent reporting of the news.   

I wonder how long ago China, Dubai, and India figured this out?  Too bad they might just be playing the same game.  Well with higher standards we can make sure we live in a better world.  Higher standards for drug companies, government oversight, honesty, quality of life for all, clean water tables, jobs, and a sustainable competively priced stock market are all achievable.

Any way I am going long the stock market at todays prices.  Top companies are buy out targets for over seas companies. I am taking a shot with the against the grain trade.  Getting aggressive ahead of option expirations this Friday.   I like FXI, YGE, CMED, AAPL, and GS here. 

I am working on an add on about fixing the American economy permantly.  Going to finish it up and send out the senators.  That could give the market reason to rally….lol           I’ll post it on the blog when I finish up.     I will be sending it along to some senators/my congressman and hope others will help.    

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IBM strong, stock market out look evolving.

I figured the market would either start high and close low today.   Or start low and end lower.  well maybe,     Monday Jan 14th,  2008

Well that didn’t work out.  It appears as long as wall-street takes write off and has over sea’s exposure they may do very well.   Provided we can make friends in the world.   I say we work to improve the worlds poorest by giving them all chickens, lambs, and plant-able crops.  Might be better than using guns and bombs.   Went long INTC ahead of earnings with 90% of their revenue occurring over seas.

  I do see a few cases for the long side argument one being the market has corrected.   A second reason being emerging markets continue to grow strong.  U.S business’s are benefiting and will continue to benefit from a weak dollar to boost earnings results.  IBM beat the street estimate by 20 cents   $2.80 v.s $2.6 a  share this morning .  I heard an argument on CNBC a few weeks ago that humans will continue to race ahead until all the resources are gone.  Given the weakness in the dollar, and a new president it could be a good year for the stock market.  Value entries are being talked about on CNBC this morning.  A few blogs have also made value entry comments.  I feel more neutral on the markets direction from here. .  I like AAPL, CALM, DRYS, YGE, AUY, and CMED today on the long side.  

I am still short and feeling some pain watching the ticker this morning.  Just happy I have some profits to lose.     I am going to stay short this morning and most of the week if the top is on the open this morning.  If I see the market opens up 100 and goes higher then I will start to worry more….lol     I still can’t find any reasons why the RTH doesn’t go lower.  What could possible save the retailers.   Weakness could be ahead in the markets.   The bank of England has not being able to raise cash to save Black Rock bank, and Goldman Sachs is recommending the move to nationalization of the bank.  I heard talk on CNBC of Citi bank not being able to get the money it needs from China and may to have to lay off another 20,000 jobs.  The economic theory there goes why would you save your competition.  That was the argument used by an analyst in reponse to Warren Buffet’s Berkshire investing in MBI and or other mortgage insurers in trouble.  More profitable to let your competition get weaker.     We did turn off our economy six months in front of China’s Olympics, Bejing 2008! (or at least I thought we did)  England is running an estimated 3% deficit, and talked of being in Afghanistan for decades yesterday.  I sure bet the U.S is sorry for not supporting a Soviet take over in the 1980’s of Afghanistan.    I think the pop on the open is good to help the markets re-balance.  

                                Good luck!

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Bank of England moving to nationalizing Northern Rock bank! Organized by Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs helping to line up Northern Bank nationalizatin in England.  The article states no private options are viable or available.  They say they can’t find the 15 billion dollars needed to bring the bank to international standards.    Check out this article in today’s  United Kingdom Telegraph.  Lets see how the market react.  It sure helps one understand how bad things could become.  Should put a pretty big scare in the market for good reason.  I can’t imagine governments can nationalize too much.   That means a lot of banks and business’s will be going out of business the hard way with no parachute for the fall.   I give much credit for Goldman’s action facilitating the populism movement should be good for stocks longer term.  Market just needs to value sustainability instead or growth.   Sustainably growth could become should become the new methodology of evaluating stocks.  Goldman looks to be on top of the curve.     Definitely staying short QQQQ and CRM.   Going to be shorting the RTH retail holdings index Monday.  Don’t think any one can save retailers even if they wanted to.  check out the article!;jsessionid=J1D10W44PAXFBQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/money/2008/01/13/cnrock113.xml

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The stock market should be volatile monday

  1/12/08 Saturday

  Tough week for the bulls.  Most everyone lost a lot of money except the bears.  I am one of the bears; but, wish I cashed out before the close.  Verizon called me trying to get me to resign for another two years as the market closed.  I was a bit too greedy and didn’t pull the trigger earlier in the day and it may cost me.  

You are always guaranteed to lose some premium on an options contract at the open on Monday of an expiration week.  I wish I never answered that call by Verizon.  But, I guess I’ll have to wait till Monday to see what happens.   Verizon must of bought some customer management software like  CRM I am short.   Looks like the product might need some work.   

     I am sure there will be plenty of sellers going into monday with fear riding high for retirees, and the market will be none to accommodating to let them out on a large gap lower.    Could be hundred points  down or up on the open with all the volatility and associated heads games. 

Everyone seems to be looking for more cash and the market is trying to do the shakedown the best it knows how with a crash.  Must be that trade deficit catching up to us.  Disappointing the market is supporting drug, health care, and hmo’s.  I would think that the all seeing market could figure out socialized medicine is coming and in the entire nations best interest.

  Look to get in or out at your price on  Monday.  I am sure the market will go both directions.   The one thing I fear more than the banks explaining why they lost so much money.  Is the terrorist making an attack when they see weakness or us being dumb enough to attack Iran.  The world needs to work together.   I sure hope we get a president who invests heavily in solar and brings about a system of socialized medicine.   Its the only reasonable way forward. 

     Pure capitalism was created hundreds of years ago when people thought humans were heathens.   We had no idea how much one human could do or how great a country we could build.  Google is working on robots that can calculate every angle, and think more intelligently than humans while we surf the internet. I sure hope the heathens don’t blow it selling us out to the greedy.  Its no longer the rich we have to fear.  Its the greedy.  The world has enough resources so every hard working American can have a home, two kids, a picket fence, Mercedies, and a college education. 

   The Dow could crash a few thousand points according to one bear investor on t.v.  Maybe or maybe we trade higher this year.  Stranger things have happened.  I hope populist female president wins and sets the world straight.   Life’s to short and precious to be wasted on wars.    The world gets more crowded every day and respect has always been a sure way to stay out of trouble. 

 A lot of funds have set rules that have been triggered by all the weakness in share prices.  So that could provide grounds for going lower; but, the market likes to keep the investors guessing.  Jim Kramer from mad money was constructive about AAPL, AUY (Kramer’s best gold stock).  I like CMED SEED MOS and YGE for bullish trades or investments next week.  I like a short in any retailer.   I may short TIF,  BLK , or QQQQ for a trade.  I don’t see any light for TIF with the high end women already sporting all the diamonds they should rationally desire and the heathens still don’t have any money or lost it this past week.   Market makers are sure to be currently swimming in sells with all the selling these past few weeks; but,  I think they have been waiting for this and should have no problme taking the market where it needs to go wheather thats higher or lower.  

     No important indicators until Tuesday’s retail sales, retail sales ex auto’s, and PPI.  The inflation numbers are going to start moving higher or the balance sheet losses are going to pile up for retailers.  Kramer was making fun of sports retailer that said BGFV could no longer say the were the third largest sports retailer.  The environment does not seem friendly for passing along costs to the shoppers who are managing to make less transactions, and spending less each time.  Good job!  I imagine the balance sheet losses are going to pile up and inflation will stay tame. Lets hope not and the nation realizes they have a diverse region with the population equally distributed 2/3 of the 70 million that is under the age of 30.     Apple a big conference to showcase products on Monday in Europe that has always made the stock move higher in the past.  I think Apple should open much higher given the pull back and the growing number of world wide consumers that would like the new gadgets Apple creates.  Select software companies also appear to have some support  I notice that  some stock seem to be establishing a small base and others look to be heading out of business.  First I want to say it is a miracle that the banks could straighten their balance sheets out.  Society should demand they are as leanant with American tax payers.  Not the current administration, and not unless it is demanded.   Good luck getting the oblivious to notice anything going on concerning their children’s future.   I think the plan going forward is to support anything that America has patents behind and sell everything you can’t patent. Drugs stocks are definitely benefiting.  You would think no one told the investors most major drug companies have pipelines that are at best comparable to the drugs we already have on the market.  How many cholesterol, heart, depression, anxiety, or pain medication can society need.  How many CEO’s can we send to the moon if they would like.  Wake up wall-street!  Wake up America!  Over paying CEO’s is not capitalism its feudalism.  No body wants to live in a world where they don’t know if the money in the bank will be worth anything.   No wants a fixed rate triple AAA top rated fund that only returns half its investment.  

 Mrs. Clinton appears to be turning more populust to get the votes or maybe she is following her heart.   She proposed a 70 billion dollar stimulus package.  25 billion dollar tax rebate.  5 billion towards renewable energy.  That will put a dent in the 500 billion needed to put 90% of the world on solar energy in the next hundred years.  Now if she just gives back the $800,000 Michael Moore states she has received from the drug companies and health insurance companies in his movie Sicko ( A must see for all).  Maybe everyone can health care this century and doctors can still get a few hundred thousand a year in real currency.  Any way sure hope Hillary puts  a few accountants and economists back to work.   We need to reconcile our balance sheets of wealth in the country, eliminate the massive trade imbalance over time, and make some real friends.  Wake up America!!  

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Staying Short CRM, and QQQQ. Most stocks look good to short here

Given the weaknees in the market, and a number of competors in the CRM (customer management software) sector this stock should tank.  I first took the idea from Jim Cramer’s Mad Money last night about  CRM stock being priced to achieve perfect earnings given they have very little earning and a stoc multiple in the 100’s.     I bought the Jan 55 option puts.  It can take a long time for big shareholders to get out in a stock and the stock has been selling off as the market trends lower.   The stock has crossed below the 50 day moving average which should bring more sellers into the picture.  Besides insiders never miss a day to sell the stock.  Check out insider sales on yahoo finance.  Automatic sales take place just about every day according to yahoo’s stats.  
 The market maker does appear to be accumulating  alot of shares and supporting the price.   
On the QQQQ trade I can’t see any reason why the index won’t go lower.   The only thing holdnig up the market here is the drug index which is the worst index of them all long term.   With so many drugs going off patten and the number of available drugs can’t support these multipes.  Personally I and about four billion people in the world are in support of socialized medicine the stocks have a large downside risk if things go any other direction than perfect adding to QQQQ’s loss.   The growth prospects in the U.S are shot.  Bulls only hope in my opinion is that Wallstreet begins valuing sustainability and rationalizes I higher multiple accordingly.  After all a company worth should be based on the long term rate of return.  Rather than the growth rate until the next blow up.  The market is resilent and the guys on wallstreet are the brightest.  I’m staying with the down trend and QQQQ is a pretty safe way to do that.   QID is a leveraged index to play stocks short for those with no other options to get short stocks.   I hope to post a few more leveraged funds for those that want to be a touch aggressive.
     Bill Seidman the man who fixed the savings and loan crisis in the 1980’s was just on CNBC saying the current situation has similarities to that of the 1980’s.  That should surely fuel the fire as more investors wake up to reality of a full blown recession.  Defaults  should keep rising, credit tightening, and the stock market being a forward looking indicator heading lower.  I will continue to go in and out the market shorting the market.    Steve Leisman pointed out today that software stocks are vulnerable in 2008 with 30% of Ceo’s saying they would cut back on CRM software if they needed to cut back on spending due to weakness in the economy.This article is for entertainment purposes only, not investment advice.  Do your own research and only make educated decisions when trading

Now you add in my brother in law works in the sector, and he said he was expecting a flat year for the sector.  Hardly a situation that a hi growth company can be overly successful in.

CRM could go up on the other hand because it has recently sold off, and is obviously the stock is over priced because investors pay for growth, and buyers/sellers set the current price.   Kramer did say the risks were 10 points up and 30 points down. That means it could go up 10 from here.   Always remember to look at the other side of the trade, and only take the best opportunities.  Rember this site is so you can learn from my mistakes as well as succeses. Good luck

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Short Sold QQQQ

Be careful, and don’t be long this market are my thoughts.  I cashed in my long position on a QQQQ  I went long based on the oversold condition and hoping the British Central bank would lower rates.  They cited fear of inflation as the reason for not doing so.  Not a perfect exit near the low on the open this morning the QQQQ’s.   Then I resumed my short position as the market came close to neutral on the day. Bill Seidman the guy who fixed the savings and loan crisis in the 1980’s was just on CNBC saying the current situation has similarities to that of the 1980’s.  Bill was concerned if the consumer realizes things are getting bad they may tighten up and make the situation worse. That should surely fuel the fire as more investors wake up to reality. With economy weaknening, defaults risings, credit tightening, and the stock market being a forward indicator I will continue to go in and out the market shorting the market.   The trend is lower. (I giving back my profits on this one)

I should have waited to catch a pop in the market.  With alot of people selling or buying you know there is going to be alot of volatility.  So try to buy low and sell hi. (talking to myself on this one…lol)  with a Crashing the stock market is the easiest way the rich can protect their buying power in a weak economy. Its going to get worse in my view.

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Short Sold CRM, over priced stock in a weakening economy

Given the weaknees in the market, and a number of competors in the CRM sector this stock should tank.  I first took the idea from Jim Cramer’s Mad Money last night about  CRM stock being priced for perfect earnings.   I further found they had very little earnings.    I bought the Jan 55 option puts.  It can take a long time for big shareholders to get out in a stock with low volume.  The stock has crossed below the 50 day moving average which should bring more sellers into the picture.  Besides insiders never miss a day to sell the stock check out insider sales on yahoo finance.  Auto sales have taken place just about every day!!

Be careful, and don’t be long this market are my thoughts.   Bill Seidman the guy who fixed the savings and loan crisis in the 1980’s was just on CNBC saying the current situation has similarities to that of the 1980’s.  That should surely fuel the fire as more investors wake up to reality. With economy weaknening, defaults risings, credit tightening, and the stock market being a forward indicator I will continue to go in and out the market shorting the market.   

 Steve Leisman pointed out today that software stocks are vulnerable in 2008 with 30% of Ceo’s saying they would cut back on CRM software if they needed to cut back on spending due to weakness in the economy.

This article is for entertainment purposes only, not investment advice.  Do your own research and only make educated decisions when trading

Now you add in my brother in law works in the sector, and he said he was expecting a flat year for the sector.  Hardly a situation that a hi growth company can be overly successful in.

CRM could go up on the other hand because it has recently sold off, and is obviously the stock is over priced because investors pay for growth, and buyers/sellers set the current price.   Kramer did say the risks were 10 points up and 30 points down. That means it could go up 10 from here.   Always remember to look at the other side of the trade, and only take the best opportunities.  Rember this site is so you can learn from my mistakes as well as succeses. Good luck

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Made a long trade on the QQQQ’s

The downside appears to be limited given investors have been selling for the Nasdaq 8 days straight lower.  Goldman recomended a buy on the drug stocks which is supported the QQQQ that are present in the index.   London is scheduled to make cuts in rates tomorrow, and Beranke is set to make a speech tomorrow. Got in when the Nasdaq was down.   Berkshirt hathaway said they are looking to make a deal with one the current morgtage insurers which should limit the downside move in the stocks in the next 24 hours.  I am hoping a short term bottom has been achieved. Solar stocks also look over sold short term trade set up.  CMED a medical device company with strong growth in China just covered a gap.

Not alot of  profit in trade.  Just looking for a quick gain on the Jan 46 call options.  Taking profit early tomorrow on what I hope to be a pop, and positive close today.   I have been short QQQQ most of the past week.

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Stocks ready to go lower BLK, LEH, MTG and MBI

The bear market looks to be rocking and rolling!!                             January 8th 2008

 I like a short entry into MTG.  The company offers mortgage insurance to homeowners that purchased borrowing a hi debt to equity ratio in some cases going over 100% of than the homes originally worth.  Home values have since declined, and defaults have risen substantially.  The government is offering no help to the company or home owners.  Warren Buffet just entered the business with a top of the line tripple A credit rating insurance agency for home purchases and should grab much of the new business.  MTG has hoped new business would help it’s business offset losses.  With home sales declining and new competition the company is likely going to zero.

LEH presents an opportunity to short  sell it as they were behind alot of packaging of bond sales in municipal bonds and mortgage bonds (two funds recently defaulted). The mortgage packaging business has dried up and may never return.  The company is being investigated for not disclosing the risks of the mortgages they sold as hi quality after problems were likely all ready known.  Charlie Gasparino a CNBC contributer has reported, “No wallstreet corportation has ever survived an indicment.”  CNBC’s  Fast money reported the stock as a good short tonight.  Fast money is a great source of accurate trading information.  

BLK  a public hedge fund had two of it’s money market funds declared junk over the holidays by S&P ratings agency.  Then asked the ratings agency to remove the company from it’s rating system. The company has since frozen the funds and not honered withdrawal requests by investors.

MBI a bond insurer should also go to Zero as defaults on bonds rise in all area’s of business.

All suggestions should be taken as that of entertainment value, and opinions to further investigate.  Not investment advice or an endorsement to make any trading decisions.

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Two stocks to buy in today’s market CMED and YGE

CMED and YGE are two top growth Chinese stocks that will benefit from the weak dollar and strong yuan. 

CMED is my top pick for the year a medical equipment company with incredible growth opportunities ahead of it.  The company is growing revenues at over 80% a year with high margin businesses, and recurring revenue. China’s medical care industry is just in its infancy.  Management is proving to be brilliant adding and acquiring new businesses like the closing today on Beijing Bio-Ekon Biotechnology, a fast-growing ECLIA diagnostic equipment for use in all kinds of medical problems including diabetes player in China. The Acquisition is expected to strengthen the Company’s leading position in advanced  invitro diagnostics (IVD) market in China. The Company expects the Acquisition to immediately add to both revenues and non gap net income in the current quarter.

YGE is a top of the line solar growth stock forcasing growth in revenues and earnings at around 100% this year. The companies has analyst targets as hi as $196 over six times the current price.. YGE is gaining the attention of investors, and has pulled back to a good entry point with the sell off in the market.

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