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Have a good weekend, comics and favorite stock websites

Have a good weekend,  here are some comics and my favorite stock websites.

Bush's Social Security Gamble
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New free Adobe 8.12 link, new security, and collobartion tools


New software free from Adobe reader for PDF files.  Also free Adobe Media player if you need a media player. Plus link to 100 free AOL songs.

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United Nations information website link + link

 The United Nations is involved in helping the lives of millions of people around the world.  Building, improving, and sharing information are goals of the program that I like.  The United Nations has set up an information website that shares details of the organization, and problems it faces. Check out this link  United Nations information


another Non-profit Charity focus website. Offers services and information over the web to help your non-profitit business.

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Affiliate websites to make money.

Affiliate marketing is used to generate money on your website. I have found a few quality Affiliate websites that offer many products. With a basic website you can sign up to offer products or services to cater to your website. Affiliate marketing is when you either make money when someone buys something from a site you link them to. Sometimes you may be paid when someone gives personal information to a site to get access to a service or a product. These website all have high standards for products offered. Many websites pay a fee to Affiliates to expand their advertising efforts.

Leader Markets

Commision Junction

Click Bank

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Cool websites for Books on sale online.

Reading books is always a part of my life. I enjoy reading mostly for learning. <a href=”“> is my website of choice to buy books on line. merged with another big book retailer that has a great selection instore, and good pricing.

Barnes and Nobles another top retailer

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View Movies over you computer, free links

A friend who is knowledgable about the latest releases of movies told me to ckeck out <a href=”“> , side and nabolister. He watches many of the latest movies online. I personally like the blockbuster through the mail to stay up to date on the movies; but, will have to look further at these websites to see what movies are available.

If you want to see what is playing in your local theater or learn more about the latest movies check out You can view the latest trailer clips.
Indiana Jones is getting great reviews. I watched the first part of it on last night.

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Post and view home video’s on YouTube.

YouTube looks to be a cool website for posting videos. Many people use YouTube to either post their own home videos or watch for the coolest new videos posted by others.

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Cool games website,


Check out this website for fun, and free online games.   The graphics on the black jack table were impressive. The baseball game gives you fifty pitches, and you move the batter to attempt hit his best pitches homederby stlye

Yahoo games seems ok. I tried a game in the video arcade that I had to download the game, and it was ok. I know I have played chess at yahoo games that was fun.

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