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800 Charity Cars Organization gives automobiles to struggling families

Check out Charity cars website at  1-800- charity cars organization.    800 Charity Cars Organization  accepts donated vehicles. Offering free Towing service nation wide.  Then distributes those cars to families in need.  Donors gain a tax deduction of the full market value of the car or vehicle, and help others’.   Charity cars helps many people through non-profit organizations like the Working Poor and Battered Women to name a few.   Charity cars is not accepting applications for free cars in 2009 due to the heavy demand of current obligations.  I bought a car through a charity auto dealership that was set up to help tigers.  It was a great experience because I was able to buy more vehicle than I would have other wise and be part of something nice.



Entertainment, and education; Sharing and caring about others.

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Car Buying Tips,

Buying a car is often a painless experience for most people; but, that often leads to paying too much for a vehicle.  Leaving too much pain down the road.  Planning ahead is often a good way to go about purchasing a vehicle.  Take careful valuation of your goals, and then make a plan.  Use the telephone, and internet to find what you are looking for at an affordable price.   Get access to your credit report, and take care of your credit concerns. 

As a former Car Sales man I enjoyed reading Yahoo Auto’s car buying  tips.   The tips are well written and helpful to learning about the car buying process to save money. 


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October 31, 2008 Posted by | Personal Growth, Serious Subjects that need public exposure | , , , , , | Leave a comment Government website helping consumers

In today’s word you may run into numerous problems. Government resources are really great!  At  I learned about a new Hud program to help struggling homeowners stay in their home, help with identity theft, help buying a car + many other consumer support topics.


Entertainment and education,

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Have a good weekend, comics and favorite stock websites

Have a good weekend,  here are some comics and my favorite stock websites.

Bush's Social Security Gamble
( original poster)






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Eharmony versus online dating sites; Where do look for your mate?

Where do you look for you mate?  focuses on a more complete profile of people.    Eharmony can be worked at to create a good relationship; even offers counseling for married couples.  Eharmony does the job on helping people learn more about themselves, and meet through the process of elimination.   My experience with has not been great; so far, patience is a virtue. helps with self awareness and improving dating skills.  has a long history of being a user friendly dating site with many attractive members or at least freindly. offers to help you find someone within six months or the service is free!  Topstockblog experience with has been positive.  Yahoo dating looks friendly.   It’s just lunch sounds like a nice option.

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Glass half empty or half full!

Glass half empty or half full is a matter of perspective.  Topstockblog is a strong supporter of the glass half full.  Suffering or not; god gives us an opportunity to smile, and be thankful for what we have.  An opportunity to help others’.   Enjoy life, appreciate what you have, and be thankful for the opportunities life brings your way.


Entertainment, and Education purposes,

Stock market terms, that means the market maker is going to be moving things around a bit to accomodate many sellers; but, confounded by realities of balancing inventories, and making a profit.  He is hoping for a big profit!

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Congress Representative Kirsten Gillibrand and the Public Forum Institute hosted economic summit on energy, and technology opportunities in New York

The 2008 economic summit was a great experience, and well attended at the Gideon Putnam Hotel.  The conference brought together influential people interested in economics of the region.   I learned about some interesting opportunities.   New windows that save great deals of energy in each installed house, and the strength of the windows was a highlight that stands out in my mind.  Classes on  gaining access to capital, and how to employ existing capital in the New York region.   Wind Farms can be created, and are being created.  


(8/21/2008) Congress Representative Kirsten Gilibrand of the 20th District of Upstate New York is proving to be a strong member.  The government website linked above documents and provides links to much of the hard work she has put into action since she took office.   Kirsten Gillibrand, and The Public Forum Institute is hosting an economic forum in September to discuss ideas to build a bright future for the region.  Topstockblog is very happy about receiving an invitation to the event and will let readers know more after attending the event.  

Entertainment and Education purposes,

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Copy right laws for photos. + free photo links

Finding pictures to publish on your website can present a whole new challenge to running a website, and improving the quality of your content.   Pictures, media, and sound can add greatly to a website. Quality leads to more satisfaction and a better experience of readers. United States government websites are a source of photos.   The United States Library of congress operates a government website for the benefit of the community.                                   

Free Clip Art

Topstockblog found some helpful websites that offers copy righted photos that can be used provided you work within their rules below —
Every photograph used must retain the domain name: when used on the Internet, in a web page, in printed publications, or in any product, advertising, or packaging. This credit, however, may be cropped out or digitally removed from the photograph if it is included in readable type near each photograph, group of photographs, in the text, or in the credits.

2. images may be used for both personal and commercial applications. Any publication or product they appear in may be sold or distributed in any way an unlimited number of times as long as the photographs alone are not offered as stock, art, or news photography.

3. No stock photography agency, photography business, news service, or any one else engaged in distributing or selling photographs as single, stock, or news images can distribute, use, sell, or archive any of’s photographs without permission of and payment of royalties and fees to the owners of the copyrights or their agent.

4. No endorsement may be implied by any source or subject of the photographs on this site. The people and organizations in these images may not be subject to any untrue, slanderous, or obscene statements or portrayals in any publication or product they are used in.

The photographer who took each photograph is the owner of the copyright. photographs are not in the public domain. We reserve the exclusive rights to distribute these copyrighted images as stock, art, or news photographs. None of the images or a derivative of the images on this site may be copyrighted. Please do not link directly to the photographs or download large quantities for storage. Any links to this website must go directly to this home page or will be liable for storage and bandwidth usage fees. If you have a question about the legal use of any of these photographs in your application please email us and ask us about it.

Disclaimer: Some descriptions may be inaccurate and the user has the responsibility to research the accuracy of the descriptions themselves. The users agrees that they will not hold or their owners liable for any damage or loss resulting from a file download, virus, or anything that a 3rd party may have surreptitiously attached.
————end rules for specific for use of photos found at —————

   As a general rule you should not try to be deceptive when republishing photos or written work.  You should abide by posted rules and ask permission when in doubt, particularly for original work. Giving credit to the author, and personal use are more generally accepted as legal.  Non-profits tend to be more acceptable and legal to copy pictures when not acting abusively. Originality of content is also to be considered when defining the legality. Of course quantity and frequency of copying from another website play a part in defining illegal copying of information. Permission and profit sharing arrangements have been made by some parties when deemed appropriate. Fair Use Copy righted website link

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Toptsock Blog sets new record 106 page views in a day!! Thank you all!! Proud moment!!

Topstockblog thanks all those who have taken the time to read the blog. Topstockblog set a new personal record reaching 106 page views in a single day! Topstockblog is planning on launching another website soon to capture an even larger audience. Topstockblog will keep both sites running, and may need some help. A positive attitude, hard work, good luck, editing, and re-editing have greatly helped Topstockblog reach 100 page views milestone.

Thank you,

Entertainment and Education Purposes,

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Cool website helps home owners find websites to improve energy efficiency, and or find resources like solar or wind power.

With energy costs high; people are looking to find ways to save money and protect the environment.
Check out this cool website

Entertainment and Education,

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Working to deal with differences; a theme of hope!

Many people around the world work in their own unique ways to solve problems.  Topstockblog wanted to share a blog that looks to solve difficult problems surrounding race, religion, and perception of others. Change of great degrees would require a great degree of understanding that can only be achieved by expanding communication with others.   Google possible is doing more than any other corporation in the world to connect the dots of evolution.  Topstockblog is positive on Google stock under $550 with 6-24 month time frame. Bloggers are filling in the holes Google needs a little help with. Typepad and WordPress allow hundreds of thousands of people to access the blogging world for little or no cost.
Check out article on race and religion . Looking at race as a theological problem. Good conversation; successful economies that last address all problems.

Found a cool site for Free Stock Photos to use on the internet provided a link is shared.


Entertainment and Education from the 3rd Prophet,

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Free Credit Report –

At one of the major three credit bureaus a free copy of your credit report is available from the three Credit Bureaus’. Your score with helpful tips are provided. It is important to check your credit, and resolve any inaccuracies. Much of this can now be done over the internet at Experian. Topstockblog just ran his report, and learned more about the system. The website is very helpful, and helped me gain a better understanding of the influences over my credit score. Better yet, how to move towards higher scores.
Managing, and developing your credit is something that everyone can do. Technology, and laws in recent years make this process more transparent.

Entertainment and Education purposes

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Jamaica proving to be the fastest humans; Topstockblog sponsors 2nd child through Christian’s Children’s Fund.


 !Congratulations Jamicai!  Beijing, China –
The Jamaica track team is having a very strong performance at the 2008 Summer Olympics.   Shelly Ann Fraser won the women’s gold medal followed by teammates dead heating for the silver.  She is beautiful.  check out joyous picture at Yahoo Sports.


Topstockblog sponsored a 2nd child through Christians Childrens fund.  Topstockblog is now the proud sponsor of a handsome and intelligent 7 year old young man from Northern Vietnam.  His community has a vast number of needs that often go unmet.  He lives in a community that follows Thai belief system.  To raise True ( American translation) out of poverty I have to help his whole community.   True goes to school almost every day in his community.  The school is very poor, and has no electricity or water flow.  Topstockblog is very excited about this opportunity to help True, and his community.   Looking forward to learning more about his life, and culture.  I sent his community $500 dollars to help meet needs.  I sent $24 a month paid for the next six months, and $200 for the community to use to buy goats for breeding.   Goats are a tough animal that adapt to many conditions, easy to raise, and sell quickly.  Topstockblog bought Sandra’s family some goats over the years, and this is helping Sandra’s family out greatly.
In my seven year experience with Christians Children’s fund it has been wonderful. Most positive experience of my life. My first child Sandra is ten years old. She lives near Mexico City, and currently enoying being a ten year old kid.  Sandra, and her family express their thanks in writing, and through good actions.  All leters are translated free of charge, and typed neatly with the original letter.  Accounting standards are hight at Christian’s Childrens Fund.  I recieve pictured documentation of all the supplies + holiday gifts I have bought Sandra over the years.  I am very proud to help her family live a better life.  Her parents work very hard, and make good choices.  Sandra wants to be a school teacher when she gets older.  I hope to share more in the future about my experience with my sponsored children with respect for their privacy. 

Entertainment, and Education purposes.  !Congratulations Jamaicai!

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Resume writing tips + resources,

  A strong resume brings out your best qualities and can opens doors in life.  In Topstockblog’s opinion everyone should write a resume, and update it on occasion for personal development.  When you are writing or editing a resume it can bring out your strengths.   Help you see the glass half full.  Help you understand where you think about what you would like to be able to include on your resume in the future. Be sure to show a balanced resume. For example, Topstockblog has a range of experiences, and understanding of complex subjects. Depending on what job Topstockblog was applying for he would custom tailor the resume to the job. This can includes a brief statement on why this job or experience would be a positive experience.

Resumes come in a number of forms.   Some jobs might like a more traditional resume and others my be really excited about a more flash resume depending on the job you are applying for. 

Cover letter indicated appropriate details.  This should identify who you are applying to and for what position.  Your cover letter may include a sentence or two about why you are a good canidate for the job.  Your Name + Contact Info.

My curent resume starts with my  name centered + bold at the top of the page, with address + Contact Information below.
Contact Information

 Work History starting with most recent job

Followed by Interests

Followed by educational achievements

A mention of references available upon request or included if appropriate.

Hot Jobs at Yahoo offers a Premium Resume Writing Services for those that need the help. Professional resume writing services is probably could be a part time service of resume writingIf you create an account for free at hot jobs you can create a resume using templates they offer free of charge to encourage the exchange of resumes to help meet a market need. 
Sharing work experience, skill sets, education, charitable experience, and . for himself through creativity. Strong communication skills and helping others are items that may stand out to a future employer.  

Good advice and jobs to apply to at Resume tips



Entertainment and educational purposes,

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The world benefits from encouraging young minds to live happy, and sober until 21 years old


Encourage young people to live alcohol, and drug free until age 21 would be helpful in dealing with world problems.  In America much of the talent pools of labor are not ever reaching mental maturity in part because of alcohol and drug consumption  Minds n before the complete development of the mind.  

 Personally part of the problem drinking age when I was younger.  I must admit the truth to this.  I watch too much energy be wasted on alcohol, tobacco, drug, stealing, and posturing than other wise healthy.  One should not consume alcohol before the legal age of twenty one to fully enjoy the beauty of alcohol without losing a part of your brain that may be needed in the world.   One must take responsibility at a young age to engage in the educational system.  Education is not a goal that is easily attained, and can take many forms.

   Topstockblog gives my respect to all those that fight the good fight of sobriety.  Paying a responsibility before they can fully understand the personal and shared responsibility in waiting to be of drinking age. to ensure you develop the later part of the brain that in large part foccusses on caring and understanding for others.  

  I watched a judge give a passionate and well communicated speech in court on the benefits on the brain on not wasting life drunk. 

Important facts the judge shared include.

1. 30% of all youth underage of 21 in the world do not consume alcohol! 

2.  5 Drinks of Alcohal a week between ages 17-21 will reduce you lifespan likely approximately      2-5 years.  

3.  Car speed is the number one killer of youth in America killing over 3,000 youth tragically every year. (implied point is slow down, and realize dangers are greater than imagined)

4. The mind of a person is not fully developed until the age of 25. (The last stage of development largely concerns with our compassion towards others)

— end —

 I drank to early, and developed bad drinking habits.  My mind is said to be stuck at 9 years old development age level irrespective of my bright inteligence by a jail psychologist, I saw today before getting out of jail.  My mind has never been allowed to develop to maturity.  I figured I had some brain to waste.  I have had my fun; but, I have been through more than my share of violence and suffering due to my drinking.  Much of this self inflicted.  It took 9 years to get a four year college degree.  I have come through a school of hard knocks and want to share the danger of alcohol to the youth of the world.   As the reincarnation of Iblais I walked the hard road so you don’t have too.  I worry, so you don’t have too.

  The world goes on and we all have value.   Despite are short comings however small or large.

Entertainment purposes, and personal development

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Posturing political positions for idealogical gain like supporting human rights with careful boundaries.

  Posturing is a strong political stance without necessarily really needing the action to come through.  Most species, identities, and specifically people have taken postures to achieve ones goals.  My lesson learned is that going to far in a any direction will possible lead to one’s own demise.  Topstockblog is attempting to appropriately send  Iran, and any other person, or party a message that fraud or complete ignorance will not be tolerated. 

  Topstock is a strong supporter of a firm, and god willing unbreakable posture of  direct ultimatium to the Iranian nation.   Iran would control of the world by force if it could along with other hard line religious and or idealogical parties.  Topstockblog is in the battle until the end and will not let the world down.  Iblas hopes to share an earth someday that achieves understanding with out sacrificing morals or lacking development.   Iblis hopes this can be achieved around the world with careful planning.  


hard work, personal responsibility, and happy communities.

No more vails that support uneccessary suffering by women allowing a comndition that colloborates with the smuggling of weapons, unwilling woman, physical abuse, drugs and heat exhaustion.

    Not in my world.  Women are creatures of beauty, and in need of much understanding for their human rights around the world.  




                               Iblas  the angel  of personal responsibility, happiness, and human rights.

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Excercise workout + eating tips + link

MSN has a great video with mutliple series on excercise + eating tips for the office.  Just made MSN my new home page.   Enjoying the upgrade from Yahoo.


Entertainment purposes and social benefit.

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Online Conference made easy at

Watching CNBC television this morning I learned about an on line meeting service offered over the internet on  a  fun commercial. The service offers unlimited meetings for a flat fee monthly of $50. and The commercial sited saving gas, reduced commute time, and increasing productivity of your organization. as reasons to check out the service at  Saving time is of great importance to myself, and meeting personal repsonsiblity to cut environmental impact on the world all seem like good reasons to check out the service.  “Easy on-line meetings, any where any time.” company slogan.  Citrix is a reputable corporation running the website.  enter promo code (for 30 day free trial offer): CNBC


Entertainment purposes,

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Being a good person will help you keep your job. + Republican senator loses presidential campaign post for calling America a nation of whiners.

Being a nice person was the point that stands out in a John Tesh radio broadcast offering helpful tips on dieting, and life skill development.  Eating an apple 5 minutes before a meal or other healthy appetizer will help your diet results. A  regular planned snack at night was also shown to help your diet in a study.  

   John also talked about what empoyers and co-workers look for in other employees.  Likeability was high on the list.   If you do a good job; but, are a jerk.  You better change your tactics and try to be a nice person.  Employers and co-workers favor pleasant co- workers.  Even if they have less skills.   Make three friends at work, and you are almost certain to enjoy your job. John Tesh Radio Show.

“America is a bunch of whiners that puts the nation in a mental recesion. ” by Texas Senator  (R) Phil Gramm. Caused the senator to lose his job as campain co-manager for John Mcain presidential campaign. Reality of negative viewpoints, policy, and comments like these are worth observing. John Mcain is a bit out of touch with the world, and probably not capable of doing a good job. I hope that , and what they call the brain of the operation is a lack of touch with suffering of people around the world.

Entertainment Purposes.

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Miss Universe winner beautiful inside and outside + link.

Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela (R) reacts after being announced ...

Miss Venezuela was just crowned Miss Universe for 2008 + top viewed pictures from Yahoo!  Sunday July 13th in Vietnam the elegant Beauty queen contest occured.   She is beautiful inside and out.  She delivered a speech of hope to young ladies around the world about dreams coming through. Never giving up hope. Many of the worlds most beautiful woman inside, and outside were in the contest that took place in Vietnam.

Miss Universe pageant is on NBC est at 9 PM. I am late but, the women are pretty. Photos of Miss Universe pagent in swimsuits.

Entertainment purposes, The world is beautiful; figure it out.

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‘Ali asked the Prophet


  ‘Ali asked the Prophet one day about the principles governing his general behaviour, and he replied, “knowledge is my capital, reason is the basis of my religion, love is my foundation, desire is my mount for riding, remembrance of God is my comrade, confidence is my treasure, anxiety is my companion, science is my arm, patience is my mantle, contentment is my booty, modesty is my pride, renunciation of pleasure is my profession, certitude is my food, truth is my intercessor, obedience is my sufficiency, struggle is my attitude and the delight of my heart is in the service of worship.””


was asked the question today.  The Prophet’s would have to respond to a new world.  His answers may have some variation.  Today’s society is much different than during his time.  Maybe, the Prophet would emphasize careful communication, honesty, peace, technology, understanding, security, sports, human rights, stock markets, good judgement, and environmentally friendly solutions.

  Topstockblog is dedicated to helping the world reach thoughtful solutions to these problems. Topstockblog has put some study into becoming a prophet, and learned a great deal about Jesus, and Muhammad in the process.  Jesus words were written in the bible after his death interpreted by religious scholars.   Muhammad was more directly involved in the writings of the Quran.  As such he has a large audience of followers.   Topstockblog  hopes to help the world.  In doing so he is prepared to pay.

Entertainment and education from the 3rd Prophet

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Blending languages could be good for the world economy

Mixing languages to form or use common words between languages is a good idea. Different languages like English, and Chinese could find common words to use for proper nouns, verbs, and the like. To be mixed. Spanish and English. French and English. If more people could communicate around the world. A reduction in both redundancy, waste, mistakes, and shared experience would help the wolrd achieve it’s economic, social, and environmental potential.
Connecting in the odd sort of way all languauges work. With careful attention to detail, and a blending of words like Pepsi. Proper nouns, verbs, and other important words can retain their sound, and word.
As the world works to find peace, and security for the future. Practical answers can be found.  Enhancing communication of people around the world with a common interest could create trillions of dollars of wealth, savings, and benefit around the world.  People should be able to communicate around the world.


Entertainment purposes

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Appoligies to peaceful people from the Middle East, and those who want peace.

I was pretty drunk last night, and send some offensive comments directed towards people from the Middle East. Expressing my frustration over the constant threat of violence in the region. I send this appology to all the those that need one. Good Karma. Karma is something I believe in or hope is true. When you create good or bad energy it is not sometihng that happens to you right that moment; but, something that occurs in the future. In theory brought back around from my actions of the past.
I learned about karma on What about Earl available in clips at Earl is an inspiring friendly good American from the trailer park changing his life, and the lives of others one good act at a time. Earl is concerned about fixing all his negative Karma energy.

Entertainment purposes,

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CNBC did a special worth watching Home Wrecker; avoiding crooks, and dishonesty.

MSNBC special Home Wrecker about the risks associated with paying an inexpensive contractor, lies, work not completed. Many small contractors in remodeling, plumbing, roofing, painting, and other related fields can come up short of expectations. in fancy big trucks took money, and did not complete the work or attempt to do the work. Many others were guilty of everything from not being licensed to doing drugs on the job. Many small contractors do really good work. It is those with bad intentions or just a large amount of ignorance.   Many small contractors do not complete the task.  Some small contractors can be in-experienced, learning on the job, and even under the influence of drugs. Problems also included over budget expeditures, lack of quality in the work. References can even be made up or false.
On the other side of the coin the person offering the job may not be upfront about the work. May not be upfront with payment. .

For those who  want to learn more.  Go to this copy of an application to become a contractor in the state of Indiana.

Every state has an individual licensing department. Check you search engine under government and state licensing procedures for contractors.

Entertainment Purposes,

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Top 5 reasons frequent drinkers should take a break from drinking!

1.  Your mind will benefit over time.

2.  Your liver will last longer.

3.  Your family and real friends will appreciate it.

4.  I can say less dumb shit.

5. Better manage your life.

Entertainment purposes, needless to say, I am taking a break from drinking!

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United Nations information website link + link

 The United Nations is involved in helping the lives of millions of people around the world.  Building, improving, and sharing information are goals of the program that I like.  The United Nations has set up an information website that shares details of the organization, and problems it faces. Check out this link  United Nations information


another Non-profit Charity focus website. Offers services and information over the web to help your non-profitit business.

entertainment purposes only,


Entertainment purposes,

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Statistics relates to everything?

Statistics on events in life are occuring as we speak.  All events have a probality of occuring in the future.  Measuring events that occur in the future, is mearsurable through statisitcs.   Horse racing is a fun sport; but, without the use of measuring risk you will go broke. Even, if you win betting on large fields you will still experience too much stress.   Horse racing is a fun sport betting on smaller fields!  Texas Holdem is another fun sport that measures statistics, luck, and probality to attempt to earn profits.

A focus list in stocks similarly limits risk, and field size.

My focus list,  CALM, AUY, AAPL, NVTL, and CROX.


 Entertainment purposes only,  Quick inflation would be good for me I owe 40K then $40k; but, equals 20k!! INFlation now!!!

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Daily excercise suggestions for all

Any exercise is better than none at all.  Finding the time to take care of your body will have a positive impact on your life, and the people around you.

Getting in good physical shape is a challenge. With busy schedules, air conditioning, and conveniences it is easy to see how people become over weight.  In fact getting in any type of shape at all is a mystery to millions of Americans. As my father would say “being over weight is something I understand.”

In Topstockblog tradition I found some exercise websites to share.   This exercises/health website has a nice article on Daily excercise suggestions for adults.

 Video Jug offers free video’s on a variety of work outs, and a number of other subjects.

Ask Men the benefits of Aerobic exercises to burn more fat. Ask Men boasts over 5 million readers a month.

Plyometric excercise is always something Topstockblog has wanted to learn more about. offers some insight in Plyometric excercise is used by high level atheletes to improve athletic performance.

Womens’ Health Magazine online looks like a great website for the latest exercise tips.   The website site is very funtional, comprehensive on the subject of fitness, health, and diet.   Men and women can benefit from this website.

Entertainment and Education purposes,

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Trying to set up a not for profit Business

Not for profit business is a good solution for the future. Many successful business’s work under more honorable interests than for profit business. In principle because the often act to help the less fotunate, the environment, and for the purpose of achieving some benefit for the world.
I purchased a car from a charity auto sales lot and had a positive experience. The car was well taken care of and the charity being represented was rare tigers. Under the laws of the business I think it was 70 percent of the sale amount went to the charity, and the remaining amount went towards expenses of operating the car lot; including compensation for those working at the dealership.

Fraud is a big concern of myself and just a reminder to be considerate of others when doing business. The government has more information on operating a non-profit business and how to protect yourself from fraud. With some reaserch, and education I believe may try to set up a non-profit business.
Quick thoughts on getting started.
1. Think about a mission statement
2. Ask yourself does this business really help other people? How can I improve upon this idea?
3. Do lots of research.
4. Find a cause you want to support and will work with you.
5. Be persistent in achieving your goals.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Dale Carnigie’s rock solid, time tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.  One of the most groundbreaking guide-books of all time. (Excerpt from the back cover of a great book to improve your life and the life of others.

Check out How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.   I have enjoyed the lessons taught in this timeless classic of professional conduct, devlopment, and inter personal skills.  A personal and sales skill development book.  Check out your local book retailer. is always at the top of my list in book sales 


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12 tips to improve yourself, and or home business

Some  helpful ideas to improving your home business.   List of recent ideas I have brain stormed, to help improve myself and others. 

   1.  Network with those you come into contact with.  

   2.  Learn From others.

   3.  Be professional.

   4.  Work hard; Add value.

   5.  Help others;  worry about profits later.

   6.  Take responsibility.  Admit when you are wrong, and solve problems.  Focus on problems you can fix.

   7.  Business and personal goals should be shared.  Despite what others have said about seperating the two.  Keep your morals close by your side when you conduct yourself and good karma will be on your side.  

   9.  We all have different wants, and needs.   Have faith in constructive actions.  Destructive, greedy, and oppressive forces are risks worth looking at when analyzing your market thoroughly.

  10.  Use good judgement, and learn from your experiences.

  11.  Get business cards to share your contact information with aquantances, friends, family, and business prospects.  

  12.  Pay attention to details.

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Tips on how to clean your car; Auto Leasing Tips at links

Cleaning your automobile should be a regular part of maintenance. I worked a few large car dealers in the Used Vehicle and recondition departments. I had the chance to gain an appreciation for the reconditioning, maintenance, and expertise. This article at AOL gives some tips on washing your own car. Focussing on tire cleaning products. is a great automotive site to learn about values of vehicles, tips, and professional advice. Edmund’s gives tips on get out of leases, getting discounts, and preserving the value of your vehicle.

Entertainment purposes, and adding value

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Thoughts on working from home

Working from home is a big challenge. Yahoo offers resume writing tips, and job opportunities. In particular working from home catches my interest.  Possible careers include transcriptionist, virtual assistant, realtor, poker player, ebay sales, book writing, babysitter, or many other businesses that can be run from the home. Networking is a big part of working from home. Many careers that can be done at home require networking with others. I read an article that suggests becoming a realtor. I have tried being a realtor, and found the work challenging. I did not sell any property. The costs of getting started and staying in realty can make the opportunity not for most people. If you have a big network of friends and relatives you may be a good canidate for realty or financial planning another idea mentioned at yahoo.

Playing poker online has been a success for many people. I was successful for a couple of years. However, as the game has grown so has the competion, and playing online poker should probably only be a hobby. As good and bad luck can ultimately play a big role in your outcome playing poker.

The internet is filled with promises and other related jobs that promise riches. Hard work, unique qualifications, and thoughtful planning will play a role in your success of working from home. I recently talked about the possibility of working for home and suggestions for working from home.

Working over the internet has many traps. This website will help you avoid many of the traps and learn more about opportunities.

The United States Government has a small business website that may be a great resource for some people getting started or advancing your small business

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Learn Spanish

Spanish is hard to learn.  Most people need help to learn a foriegn language.  Paying attention to details, and good memorization is important.  Hear are some links to English, and Spanish websites.“>”/></a></div><div>

Entertainment and education purposes

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U.S. Government website dedicated to Grant opportunities

Looks like an excellent resource for small businesses, and others to find opportunities to help the world while finding creative solutions.   ttp://

Small Business loans are said to be a driving force in the economic recovery of the United States.  I saw many links to loans with low rates funded through the SBA sponsored financing.

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Mental health disease or related issues

   Mental health disease is not easy to talk about.  In my experience it is a disease of both the mind and interaction with reality.   Things can seem different than they really are.  Mental health disease can be brought on by a multiple of factors.  Ranging from genetic preconditioning, tramtic real life experiences, and even alcohal/drug induced conditioning. 

  My symptoms cover all of the above.  Which makes me a bit like Earl from the t.v. show on Fox television.  Dedicated to helping the world and not for profit.  My reactions to fear and feelings are more exaggerated or not at all present at times.  Yahoo has a cool page on health that also covers mental health ideas.
   Mental illness in my experience is to a degree of affliction or experience.  Bipolar seems to cover most of my symptoms.  All people have some sort of personality differences. The way we interact with others is where differences can appear.  I have had bad experiences dealing with people and that largely contributes to my problem.  

  I have a lot be thankful for and don’t want let any disease be a major problem in my life. Paxil, and sobriety are helpful.  Really understanding friends, and family could not be thanked enough.  Paxil is a generically available pill that I take.  The drug has is relatively safe, and been  on the market long enough so generically prescribed  inexpensive prescription.    

      Mental illness is said to affect millions of people directly and probably everyone else indirectly at some point in life.   Triggers of mental illness come from all types of causes.   Medication is available to treat  depression, bipolar condition, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, and a variety of other conditions.   Medicines work for some more than others.  I have tried a few different types to help myself.  I am on several medications currently. The medicines add a new set of feelings.   I have feelings of being a bit out of touch  with reality.  I find some simple stuff harder to understand.  I am not less than, and look to grow with a better understanding of myself.

 I had an adrenal gland removed that was out of place in a surgery to fix some damage from falling off a roof.  Just knowing, an unknown adrenal gland was out of place gives me some closure on acting out when I was younger.  I wanted to be a boxer.  I retired 6-10 in the amateurs with a few novice golden glove titles to show off.  I enjoy holding the mits, and consider myself one the best mitt holders in the area because of experience, and hard work.

I like to work hard on something that I find enjoyable.   This helps me to feel like I am meeting my personal needs most appropriately.  An addictive personality leads me to many of my hobbies/addictions so to speak. For instance this blog is also my attempt at humor, and entertainment.  I hope you find my writing style entertaining, and humorous at times.   The stock market has an addictive like quality.  The market alows the pursuit of dreams in a sense.  Diving into something completely!  i.e. stock research is fun sometimes; looking for just that one extra piece of information that will give me the edge trading.  “Where a stock trades in a given hour, day, week, month, or year is irrelevant in the shortest of time frames, and the point in itself in the longest of time frames.

  I try to not do to much of anything because it is not appropriate.  A little bit of most anything is good, and too much is always bad.  I try not to be over addicted to stocks, alcohol, marijuana, or any other not so great addiction of mine.

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Word press valueable free or low cost bloging site.

I like using wordpress to spread my ideas, and voice my suggestions on the internet. I have some popular post slike Comics about stocks.  A trading system modeled on a 50 day moving average stock investing thoughts.  Help others. I am looking to expand away from stocks, and talk about ideas that help myself, and others.  Word Press offers all types of solutions for posting.  No or little ability to collect revenue per viewer seems like it could be a problem at some point; but, compared to other solutions I think wordpress is a good place for bloggers to start.

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Invest very carefully in life and try to take all into account as you see best.

Philosophy is an art in bullshitting and intelligence. Good Judgement is always a target worth aiming for.  How many mistakes can someone make?  I don’t know that answer.  What I do know is to value you self, and the resources you have to live well.  Invest in your family. Investing in stocks can be fun and frustrating.  if you have good balance and careful judgement it might be worth while. 

Stock market appears dicey, and being diversified into different areas of you life.  Being diversified both financially and mentally helps people be less stressed out.

Live the life that makes you happy and fullfills your obligations.  Live within your means that supports your goals, happiness, and safety.  Being considerate of people less fortunate and of future generations


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Can anger be measured? If so, who, how,what, when, where, and why?

Quantifying anger, and it’s effect on the world economy is an impossible task.  So how close or to what degree of error can a  moving target of human anger be measured?  Does it matter who is angry?  Response to anger appears to have individual, cultural, religious, and other ties.  Why do people get angry? They get angry for an un-measurable amount of different things.  I get angry more than I would like, and hope expressing my feelings will help fulfill my needs to express anger.

Anger has a value that is casually tossed aside in the understanding of an economic system.  In the more careful circles of life anger is something that is not disruptive at all.  Anger is essentially a human emotion.   Measuring intrinsic value in material goods may not be appropriate.  Measuring how anger plays out in the real world is definitely a task for this generation of people.

People often site anger in fights of all sizes.  From fights in wars to the disruptive forces of poverty.  Alcohal is known to make some people more angry.  I just get angry getting out of bed some days. Whats a guy supposed to do if he can’t sleep!
I get angry sometimes in unexpected places.  I only have one adrenal gland, and that contributes to my uneven, and unpredictable responses at times.   Do corporations push the edge on chasing profits with out enough concern for the customers.   Consumers feel differently about the price of products? Depending on how high or low a price is.   Should a car salesman be paid more to take advantage of a customers good will at the risk of making him angry.  Not passing judgement on the issue; maybe, a little.   Some corporations probably do a better job of customer satisfaction than others. 

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Company Outsource resource matched with worker at Ella’s Virtual Nook#comment-86


Website offering jobs working from home, and outsourcing of internet activities to build a small business. Looks like a solid technological advancement of  meeting needs of people efficiently and morally employing peoples’ skill most effectively.

Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource « Ella’s Virtual Nook#comment-86

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Topstockblog wants to be the third economic prophet to the modern world

  Tostockblog is here to share a peaceful, accepting , understanding, and respectful message.  People of the world need to be safe to maintain a secure, fair, happy, productive, and largely successful world .   Trade, and debts founded in more than a pursuit of profits.  

    Taxes should be lowered over time.  High taxes encourage fraud and non-payment of taxes.  Taxes pay debts; not, create free money for debt holders.  Tax on consumption is part of resolving material differences for wealth.  Wealth is something in the heart and mind.  Too much greed leads people to waste, and fear ones neighbors.   Taxes should occur with the function of maintaining services, and a slight deficit to target inflation.   Careful planning by the people.  Addressing individual needs of those that do not contribute to society may be contrary to profits; but, is cleary the productive path to protecting boundaries. 

    Education can and should be used as a measure of a societies ability to meet needs.  People will be able to work hard, contribute to society, protect the future, and provide for their families.   Corn should not be used for oil. Drugs should be taxed, and discouraged.   Humans have a right to drink and use drugs to meet needs.  Some people are always going to use drugs to the extent this can not and is not a mission of god to control drug users should not be prosecuted, and drug sellers should be heavily taxed. Some people enjoy drugs.  Helping and encouraging people is the logical evolution of time.
Values of supporting neighbors, finding common ground, protecting boundaries, and meeting needs are the driving forces behind trade.  Dishonesty and inappropriate influence are disruptive forces that threaten the world we live in. 
   Some profit is ok.  Inflation is better than deflation? Maybe not, I actually found that under doing more with less principles goods would cost less, and we would be able to meet more needs. Both thoughts could be logically argued for with making accounts for realities as understood.
      Targets and honest pursuits of the targets seems to be effective in helping to balance risks to the economy.  is key keeping people knowledgeable, and on board with the expectation that will be likely be near target.  With inflation, deficit spending is in part erased with time made up by a broad  nu number of realities. Most notable doing more with less resources at the foundation of my prophecy of intelligent comment to share with the world.  

    Careful communication, clear goals,  and a participant friendly economy.  he world does not respond aggressively enough for human boundaries.  Far worse than anything prescribed by books, people, or imagination.  
        The world has enough resources to meet reasonable needs and wants of all people.  It is the lack of congruency, and inability to reconcile the differences.   We all have different wants.  With the removal of harsh judgements on each other is reasonable.   We must learn from the past, and respond our understanding to the right direction with gained knowledge.   People should not be discouraged to detach from others.  Population management is part of sharing a planet. We need to be careful as humans.  More respectful of cows.   Cooks earn their money in making food taste better.  We all need to earn are place when allowed opportunities to contribute presents itself.  To be responsibile for the future as humans.  

  Muslims were promised a third prophet of foreign decent.   Muhammad called for a power to rise up to lead the Muslim people to salvation.   A christian is supposed to rise up and show himself to the people as a saint.  Topstockblog rose up, and selflessly gave his life Human boundaries and inspiration is a start to finding the third prophet.    I think the answers are in science, reasonable human rights, and application of current agreements of international agreements.  A foreigner is something very distinct from Muslim culture in my opinion.  Someone who is peaceful and all seeing.  Someone who meets the needs of the people.

    No more violations of human rights. To best deal with threats of violations of boundaries of all kinds. An understanding of all the existing threats need to be more clearly understood.  Do not let greed be your leader.   Society should question how some one acquires their wealth. To the extent lawyers, and doctors can take large sums of money from the public and high level procedures are not accessible to many that would like to learn more should be questioned.   More appreciation, communication, education, free time, honesty, personal responsibility, security, and uderstaning is the answer.  The answer to  under doing more with less principles. 
   A reasonable common enemy for people should be human suffering and environmental damage.  
Corporations could focus on their intrinsic value if enough people are ready to recognized such.   More  A value can be attributed to a long term ability to add value to society when measured for sustainability, happiness, respect for all,   a targeted inflation an inflation rate that targets for all defiict spending, over accumulation of wealth, and changes in the worlds economies.  God must be allowed to be viewed by others as they believe for ever.

          Humans can not rule over one another with out clear boundaries.   The United States has a strong framework for success.   Provided appropriate adjustments are made to account for human needs domestic and abroad.  Focusing on the common enemy of environmental concerns is good.  The common enemy of the world is dishonesty, homelessness, hunger, sadness, those who promote violence, human rights violations, long term threats, and a positive community energy.  Addressing unrational accumulation of assets in a confined space only makes sense to a point.  Crossing this point of greed makes accumulation of wealth destructive.   Particularly with short falls of greed and human error ineffectively accounted for.  Through careful judgement we can improve the function of society, and human benefit delivered to people.   People should be allowed to study educational opportunities with the benefit of the entire population in mind.  People all want different things.  It is important for the government led by the people to fulfill potential of society.   The use of environmentally friendly solutions should be promoted with rapid support and careful judgement to account for past mistakes.   Much environmental pollutants have been released through war and violence.

     Banks needs to function regardless of profit.  In fact, banks pursuit of profit leaves 15% of homes currently unoccupied because of foreclosures.   to deliver community ownership thought housing and business needs.  Accounting for the intrinsic value of happiness and To study religion as they and their family choose to do so.  Not to shun others for religious differences.   

    Security of nations can be met by fullfilling basic needs.  In developed nations surplussGovernment debt is ok if all nations work together.   Armies of all nations could further merge together.     The current frame work of the United Nations must be expanded, and better regulated for moral development.

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