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Funny Story; Hedge Fund Manager Points finger at Aristocracy as he quits.

“The low-hanging fruit, ie idiots whose parents paid for prep school, Yale and then the Harvard MBA, was there for the taking,” he wrote. “These people who were (often) truly not worthy of the education they received (or supposedly received) rose to the top of companies such as AIG, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and all levels of our government,”  Andrew Lahde said.

“All of this behaviour supporting the aristocracy only ended up making it easier for me to find people stupid enough to take the other side of my trades. God bless America.”  Funny Stories really make my days better.  I just wanted to share;  Full Article found below originally published in the Guardian UK news paper.


I found the article at a grass roots website support tool used to help move around mainstream media greed.  Delicous allows readers to bookmark cool  stories read on the internet to help share with others.  Sadly Arsitocrats are traditionally a slave owning society that rule over society through internal influence in government and business.

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Copy right laws for photos. + free photo links

Finding pictures to publish on your website can present a whole new challenge to running a website, and improving the quality of your content.   Pictures, media, and sound can add greatly to a website. Quality leads to more satisfaction and a better experience of readers. United States government websites are a source of photos.   The United States Library of congress operates a government website for the benefit of the community.                                   

Free Clip Art

Topstockblog found some helpful websites that offers copy righted photos that can be used provided you work within their rules below —
Every photograph used must retain the domain name: when used on the Internet, in a web page, in printed publications, or in any product, advertising, or packaging. This credit, however, may be cropped out or digitally removed from the photograph if it is included in readable type near each photograph, group of photographs, in the text, or in the credits.

2. images may be used for both personal and commercial applications. Any publication or product they appear in may be sold or distributed in any way an unlimited number of times as long as the photographs alone are not offered as stock, art, or news photography.

3. No stock photography agency, photography business, news service, or any one else engaged in distributing or selling photographs as single, stock, or news images can distribute, use, sell, or archive any of’s photographs without permission of and payment of royalties and fees to the owners of the copyrights or their agent.

4. No endorsement may be implied by any source or subject of the photographs on this site. The people and organizations in these images may not be subject to any untrue, slanderous, or obscene statements or portrayals in any publication or product they are used in.

The photographer who took each photograph is the owner of the copyright. photographs are not in the public domain. We reserve the exclusive rights to distribute these copyrighted images as stock, art, or news photographs. None of the images or a derivative of the images on this site may be copyrighted. Please do not link directly to the photographs or download large quantities for storage. Any links to this website must go directly to this home page or will be liable for storage and bandwidth usage fees. If you have a question about the legal use of any of these photographs in your application please email us and ask us about it.

Disclaimer: Some descriptions may be inaccurate and the user has the responsibility to research the accuracy of the descriptions themselves. The users agrees that they will not hold or their owners liable for any damage or loss resulting from a file download, virus, or anything that a 3rd party may have surreptitiously attached.
————end rules for specific for use of photos found at —————

   As a general rule you should not try to be deceptive when republishing photos or written work.  You should abide by posted rules and ask permission when in doubt, particularly for original work. Giving credit to the author, and personal use are more generally accepted as legal.  Non-profits tend to be more acceptable and legal to copy pictures when not acting abusively. Originality of content is also to be considered when defining the legality. Of course quantity and frequency of copying from another website play a part in defining illegal copying of information. Permission and profit sharing arrangements have been made by some parties when deemed appropriate. Fair Use Copy righted website link

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