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Expanding Statistical analysis of the world’s details a good idea.

The ability to better analysis details and long term effects objectively would be helpful to the future development of the world. The world has come so far in developing the success, and progress on a number of measurable levels.  Statisitics is the study of numbers and out comes of events. Statistics of so many areas need to be continually measured and even expanded in areas like government, science, law, security, education, and quality of life.  With accurate and reliable statistics one can make better judgement.    All of the world is near access to food, shelter, caring, and some prosper.  We should cherish what we have, and look to better understand statistics of mathematics to continue in that direction.   In an effort to fight fraud, preserve integrity, and do our best.   

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Stock Market direction?

Article created 2/08/08; updated -7/11/08, – 7/12/08, – 11/08/08.
(11/08/08) Market direction appears unpredictable, and future decisions still have there role to play in the direction of the market.  Value stocks are offering safety and opportunity for higher valuation in future years.  Tech stocks, auto, hardware, housing, credit, and other groups still look avoidable in my opinon.  The recent consumer trend of spending less, is hurting many businesses + people; but,  I think a little less greed will be beneficial to all.  

(7/11/08) Topstockblog still believes a lot of negatives for the stock market will develop over the coming years; but, selective stocks, and even indexes may be headed higher short term or maybe a few regional banks going bad could push stocks down for years to come. The retirement obligations could become more of a burden on the U.S. economy. Technological development , and innovation are key to maintaining, building, and living a in a successful economy.
Recognizing more can be done with less in the future is a part of the solution. To the point the stock market, bank loans, and other wealth/debt instruments add value to society they should be embraced. We just don’t want to get caught wasting resources that repeat the last fire ball on the earth. I would guess fires can more diffucult to deal with than imagined. Wealth maintainanance is a function of a developed economy. The world economy can be good for most people with careful judgement. need to bankrupted or a war breaks out before bottom. Maybe that market goes to zero. No one can see the future; but, we can try to predict it. )

(Originall article from February 12th, 2008) Many stocks are at attractive prices giving good technical patterns to be bullish about.   They have retraced nicely to value entries, and many see the second half of the year improving.  I read GM’s earnings and was most disturbed by the fact that one in ten of its mortgage holders is late on their home mortgage.   I feel the bottom line is profitable banking business is over.  America has reached a point where expenses just to support a home are much higher than in previous years.  Combined with a tight labor market and past easy credit.  Write offs are going to be part of the future for banking.   I am looking at shorting BAC because I know they seem to have been aggressive and greedy with customers.   They took over many banks and I’m am sure have a higher than expected number of bad debts on the books.

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