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Finally a town stands up for Central American illegal immigrants! God bless you!!

Town stands up for illegal immigrants who were kidnapped and beaten badly.  I am very greatful for these couragous human being who defended human rights of others.

“Many of the more than 60 people inside later said they had been picked up by police, who turned them over to kidnappers. They were then crammed into the house, robbed of their money and belongings and forced to strip off their clothes.

Evis Casco, a Honduran, said he saw the kidnappers pay a police officer $100 for him. He said his captors stabbed his hand repeatedly as they demanded telephone numbers of family members in the U.S. and Central America.”   Many of the migrants are burned to get money out of relatives in central America or the United States or tortured.  Four officers were charged with kidnapping.  So many causes and concerns that governments and people can address that would make the world a nicer place.


Awareness and education,

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Review of the Kelly Pavlik v.s Bernard Hopkins Fight.

Bernard Hopkins the bigger fighter dominated Kelly Pavlick who moved up in weight class.  HBO Boxing  covered a replay of the boxing event played the previous week on Pay Per view. .  Kelly Pavlik’s camp sported the gear of the Youngstown Ohio Police Deparment.  Bernard Hopkins spent many years in prison.   Bernard expressed to Kelly after the fight that he was a real dude with respect and love for others.   Well said Bernard!   I still have a great deal of respect for both fighters.   Bernard is a special fighter, and fought a brilliant fight winning a twelve round decision.   Bernard employed a strategy of back tracking and then sliding off to the left and right side.   Then holding his ground and landing well place hard rights that many say is the future fight defense for fighting Kelly Pavlik.   Kelly looked awkward; styles can frustrate any one.   We all have been out classed or placed in diffucult situations in life.

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