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Topstockblog Bearish on the market; QQQQ, SPY,

The stock market is becoming a bit risky with much uncertainty in the future.  Retirement , health care, transportation, environment, housing, banking, infrastructure, tax structure, idiots, ignorant people, fraud, hate, and other topics all pose threats that will likely push the market lower.   The market stagnation could get worse.   The nature of how unfriendly the markets are is disturbing.  Possible more disturbing than listening the lighting in the North East yesterday.  Much of which traveled horizontally for what seemed like hours.   Thought it may have been a war.  Time to get rid of for profit market makers.  Sponsor small traders, and innovate. 

     The number of people retiring, and hoping to spend money that is now currently in the stock market is higher than most people would like to acknowledge.  

 The housing market is still headed lower.  The national vacancy rate of properties in the United States is near 15%.   The cost of heating homes has tripled over the last five years.   Mortgage payments have accelerated higher for variable rate mortgage holders causing great distress.   To address this problem and others caused by the housing crisis the government would be best served by bringing creating programs that bring ownership of homes to many state workers in place of high wages.   Mortgages could be paid off for retired or any state worker for that matter to be able to greatly reduce government liabilities while increasing functioning.    American tax payers need to be compensated for past contributions.  

 American Tax payers should be able to reject social security, and pension payments to reduce death tax obligations and or meet personal responsibility obligations.

  Bonds can be issued that lose a small percentage to ensure the usefulness of money is preserved.   Profits recorded in the short term do not always reflect the best long term solutions.   Other motives for buyers of bonds that lose money could be wide ranging; but, with a focus of morality. 

   Not seeing enough progressive ideas coming forward to at least see some further decline in the market in Topstockblogs humble opinion.

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