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The world benefits from encouraging young minds to live happy, and sober until 21 years old


Encourage young people to live alcohol, and drug free until age 21 would be helpful in dealing with world problems.  In America much of the talent pools of labor are not ever reaching mental maturity in part because of alcohol and drug consumption  Minds n before the complete development of the mind.  

 Personally part of the problem drinking age when I was younger.  I must admit the truth to this.  I watch too much energy be wasted on alcohol, tobacco, drug, stealing, and posturing than other wise healthy.  One should not consume alcohol before the legal age of twenty one to fully enjoy the beauty of alcohol without losing a part of your brain that may be needed in the world.   One must take responsibility at a young age to engage in the educational system.  Education is not a goal that is easily attained, and can take many forms.

   Topstockblog gives my respect to all those that fight the good fight of sobriety.  Paying a responsibility before they can fully understand the personal and shared responsibility in waiting to be of drinking age. to ensure you develop the later part of the brain that in large part foccusses on caring and understanding for others.  

  I watched a judge give a passionate and well communicated speech in court on the benefits on the brain on not wasting life drunk. 

Important facts the judge shared include.

1. 30% of all youth underage of 21 in the world do not consume alcohol! 

2.  5 Drinks of Alcohal a week between ages 17-21 will reduce you lifespan likely approximately      2-5 years.  

3.  Car speed is the number one killer of youth in America killing over 3,000 youth tragically every year. (implied point is slow down, and realize dangers are greater than imagined)

4. The mind of a person is not fully developed until the age of 25. (The last stage of development largely concerns with our compassion towards others)

— end —

 I drank to early, and developed bad drinking habits.  My mind is said to be stuck at 9 years old development age level irrespective of my bright inteligence by a jail psychologist, I saw today before getting out of jail.  My mind has never been allowed to develop to maturity.  I figured I had some brain to waste.  I have had my fun; but, I have been through more than my share of violence and suffering due to my drinking.  Much of this self inflicted.  It took 9 years to get a four year college degree.  I have come through a school of hard knocks and want to share the danger of alcohol to the youth of the world.   As the reincarnation of Iblais I walked the hard road so you don’t have too.  I worry, so you don’t have too.

  The world goes on and we all have value.   Despite are short comings however small or large.

Entertainment purposes, and personal development

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Long term oil contracts supported by people, corporations, and nations would support economic growth, and stability.


The world is far to beautiful to make reckless mistakes in.  Look for sustainability would encourage world harmony.

Oil markets need to adapt or be eliminated.  In capitalist terms that typically means elimination.  Price gouging, and market manipulation are sure to be a never ending part of oil futures trading markets.   Any market that allows for people to unreasonable lose or gain large amounts of money in very short periods of time is unsafe at best.

Why would Americans pay over a hundred dollars for a barrel of oil when nation around the world would sell us oil for lower prices.  How much lower?  Well, with oil trading at over $120 a barrel when nations with large oil reserves are currently will to make long term supply aggreements at more reasonable prices of say $80 a barrel.   Time for oil futures trading markets to go.  We don’t need you.  Support sustainable economic policies.

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