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Larry Kudlow wants to be positive on the market, In July 2008 Larry said, “Short Oil, and Drill – Drill solutions!”

 Larry Kudlow of CNBC is looking for tax cuts.  Larry likes goldilocks economy – not to hot; not to cold.  on every evening at 5 p.m eastern time.   I hope to catch a show soon Larry.  At my last update Larry wanted to believe in a summer rally.   (Monday July 28th 2008)  Carley Furino “called for a depression if Barack Obama is elected.”   A stark contrast to the tremendous success Barrack’s recent visit with world leaders brought to aligning world interests in sensible ways.  Mad Money’s Jim Cramer talked about a news conference disclosing SEC policy enforcement of Short Selling rules already on the books to protect Americans, and he assumes the rest of the people of the world.    


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  1. What has happened to the Larry Kudlow Show? My husband and I do not like the new format of Crisis with female cohosts. We would only watch the lst hour and turn off. Now as of Nov. 5th there is no Larry!!!
    We liked the old format and want to see it back. We watched it everyday. We had to tape the show. It was our favotite financial show. We want only Larry to lead the show and have on the gray beards that he would interview.
    Please let me know what has happened.
    Thank you and hope to hear.

    Comment by Christine Hudson | November 6, 2008 | Reply

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