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33% of corn production in 2009 U.S.A predicted to go to ethanol!

In 2009 33% of the corn produced in the United States will go towards ethanol production because of the high premium paid for oil.  This is causing a short fall in production of food world wide to meet the needs of the world…hmmm. If, Humans didn’t breed like rats in conditions of poverty
I would’nt ask you to be concerned.  But, humans reproduce at a dramtically higher rate in conditions of poverty.
No more corn use as a substitute for gasoline!! This would be a start in the right direction to alleviating short falls in food around the world.   Topstockblog supports revisiting legislation supporting switch grass as a substitute for gasoline.  More incentives to find new solutions.
Carbon farming has alot of potential to solve problems of the world by taking carbon out of the air.

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