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CNBC did a special worth watching Home Wrecker; avoiding crooks, and dishonesty.

MSNBC special Home Wrecker about the risks associated with paying an inexpensive contractor, lies, work not completed. Many small contractors in remodeling, plumbing, roofing, painting, and other related fields can come up short of expectations. in fancy big trucks took money, and did not complete the work or attempt to do the work. Many others were guilty of everything from not being licensed to doing drugs on the job. Many small contractors do really good work. It is those with bad intentions or just a large amount of ignorance.   Many small contractors do not complete the task.  Some small contractors can be in-experienced, learning on the job, and even under the influence of drugs. Problems also included over budget expeditures, lack of quality in the work. References can even be made up or false.
On the other side of the coin the person offering the job may not be upfront about the work. May not be upfront with payment. .

For those who  want to learn more.  Go to this copy of an application to become a contractor in the state of Indiana.

Every state has an individual licensing department. Check you search engine under government and state licensing procedures for contractors.

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