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Starting a website and running it is a tough challenge


(Article Update 6/15/08) New hi 53 views in a single day, Crossed 150 published articles, Redoing old posts to improve the quality, Accepted to Google Ad sense the website advertising program of choice for hundreds of millions of Internet users.  Going to try and make money through microsofts new network looking for all types of skills. offers a low cost and even free blogging site; but, you can’t be a stricly for profit site. On the other hand it is a great site to learn more about running a website. Paying so many fees to get a website started can be over whelming for most. I would highly recommend trying out a free blog first. The site keeps a daily tracking of your visitors. Including what article they read, key words used to find the article, and what links the reader clicked.
Learning more about the more technical aspects of the site.
Do alot of research about your plans. Making money is close to impossible it seems so far. offers competitive pricing and good value for the money as a for profit website hosting service, search engine placement, and user friendly templates to get your website running. . I am learning on the job as a web site operator and must say hard work is just that hard work. seems to be a helpful site that I am hoping to sign up with soon. Readwriteweb is a cool website I found reasearching running a website. Google advertising program adsense.  It is free to join

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Topstock on the Line Celtics crush L.A is my prediction G2 + series!

I bought myself a celtics t-shirt!  Beat L.A.!!!  Go Celtics!!!  Ray Allen is the man!!!  Celtics are the team. 


entertainment purposes,  Beer and water.

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Food, conservation, and energy bill becomes law,

When it counts for passing laws that provide funding to modernize Food conservation policy. Along with provided sound principles in ways that make the United States strong. Congress and the Senate over rode a veto from George W. Bush to make the Food conservation, and energy bill law. Congress member Tom Harkin sent out details of the news in his latest newsletter release. The following message can be accessed at Tom Harkins website.

It is with great pride that I note the new farm bill, The Food, Conservation and Energy Act – is now law. As Chairman of the House-Senate conference committee on the farm bill, I was honored to usher through a farm bill conference report on a strong, bipartisan basis, demonstrating support for core farm bill initiatives in farm income protection, conservation, energy, nutrition and rural development. This bill benefits every American and every Iowan – from our smallest towns to our biggest cities, urban and rural residents, farmers and non-farmers. The farm bill conference report passed the Senate by a vote of 81-15 and the House by 318-106.


Entertainment Purposes only,
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