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Statistics relates to everything?

Statistics on events in life are occuring as we speak.  All events have a probality of occuring in the future.  Measuring events that occur in the future, is mearsurable through statisitcs.   Horse racing is a fun sport; but, without the use of measuring risk you will go broke. Even, if you win betting on large fields you will still experience too much stress.   Horse racing is a fun sport betting on smaller fields!  Texas Holdem is another fun sport that measures statistics, luck, and probality to attempt to earn profits.

A focus list in stocks similarly limits risk, and field size.

My focus list,  CALM, AUY, AAPL, NVTL, and CROX.


 Entertainment purposes only,  Quick inflation would be good for me I owe 40K then $40k; but, equals 20k!! INFlation now!!!

June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Personal Growth |

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