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Statistics relates to everything?

Statistics on events in life are occuring as we speak.  All events have a probality of occuring in the future.  Measuring events that occur in the future, is mearsurable through statisitcs.   Horse racing is a fun sport; but, without the use of measuring risk you will go broke. Even, if you win betting on large fields you will still experience too much stress.   Horse racing is a fun sport betting on smaller fields!  Texas Holdem is another fun sport that measures statistics, luck, and probality to attempt to earn profits.

A focus list in stocks similarly limits risk, and field size.

My focus list,  CALM, AUY, AAPL, NVTL, and CROX.


 Entertainment purposes only,  Quick inflation would be good for me I owe 40K then $40k; but, equals 20k!! INFlation now!!!

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Daily excercise suggestions for all

Any exercise is better than none at all.  Finding the time to take care of your body will have a positive impact on your life, and the people around you.

Getting in good physical shape is a challenge. With busy schedules, air conditioning, and conveniences it is easy to see how people become over weight.  In fact getting in any type of shape at all is a mystery to millions of Americans. As my father would say “being over weight is something I understand.”

In Topstockblog tradition I found some exercise websites to share.   This exercises/health website has a nice article on Daily excercise suggestions for adults.

 Video Jug offers free video’s on a variety of work outs, and a number of other subjects.

Ask Men the benefits of Aerobic exercises to burn more fat. Ask Men boasts over 5 million readers a month.

Plyometric excercise is always something Topstockblog has wanted to learn more about. offers some insight in Plyometric excercise is used by high level atheletes to improve athletic performance.

Womens’ Health Magazine online looks like a great website for the latest exercise tips.   The website site is very funtional, comprehensive on the subject of fitness, health, and diet.   Men and women can benefit from this website.

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RTH looks like a good short at the higher end of it’s trading range

Update 6/13/08:  The RTH has risen pretty quickly along with most of the stock market.  I would like to go short Monday 6/15/2008.   QQQQ seems to be my favorite short sale position.   RTH; no real opinion!

(5/29/2008) RTHindex looks like a great short on the bounce higher.  The retailers look to be in trouble with consumers tapped out.  The RTH has alot of stability being an index and offering a small dividend. WMT being the largest stock in the index. RTH appears to be range bound and can be sold when over bought, and bought when over sold

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