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Trying to set up a not for profit Business

Not for profit business is a good solution for the future. Many successful business’s work under more honorable interests than for profit business. In principle because the often act to help the less fotunate, the environment, and for the purpose of achieving some benefit for the world.
I purchased a car from a charity auto sales lot and had a positive experience. The car was well taken care of and the charity being represented was rare tigers. Under the laws of the business I think it was 70 percent of the sale amount went to the charity, and the remaining amount went towards expenses of operating the car lot; including compensation for those working at the dealership.

Fraud is a big concern of myself and just a reminder to be considerate of others when doing business. The government has more information on operating a non-profit business and how to protect yourself from fraud. With some reaserch, and education I believe may try to set up a non-profit business.
Quick thoughts on getting started.
1. Think about a mission statement
2. Ask yourself does this business really help other people? How can I improve upon this idea?
3. Do lots of research.
4. Find a cause you want to support and will work with you.
5. Be persistent in achieving your goals.

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