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Post and view home video’s on YouTube.

YouTube looks to be a cool website for posting videos. Many people use YouTube to either post their own home videos or watch for the coolest new videos posted by others.

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Congress member Robert Wexler from Florida is dedicated to ending political and economic corruption in the United States government with strong statements.

Congress man Robert Wexler speaks out to stop the war in Iraq.
Wexler has a whole campaign of searching for the truth, and holding government accountable for decisions. Mr. Wexler calls out lies told about the Iraq war. Wexler seeks sound solutions for the future. I give the congressman from Florida much credit. Mr. Wexler has fought to make polluters pay in Florida, and protect the environment. Mr. Wexler takes strong stances against corruption in government, and the private sector.

Check Robert Wexler at congress member Robert Wexler website for his re-election campaign. the Democratic party, and support his efforts to end the war.

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Link to Forex currency trading website with free tools and information

This website looked like a good place to get started learning about global exchanges for different countries around the globe.  I hope to learn more about forex opportunities.  I liked the articles on the bottom discussing specific currencies.

Another forex website

Click Here!


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Learn Spanish

Spanish is hard to learn.  Most people need help to learn a foriegn language.  Paying attention to details, and good memorization is important.  Hear are some links to English, and Spanish websites.“>”/></a></div><div>

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