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U.S military veterans website for peace and sustainability around the world.

Veterans have come together to search for peace.   A 2nd annual event of  marching for peace will occur on June 7th 2008.  I compliment all the good services these veterans of the military are providing.

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Word press valueable free or low cost bloging site.

I like using wordpress to spread my ideas, and voice my suggestions on the internet. I have some popular post slike Comics about stocks.  A trading system modeled on a 50 day moving average stock investing thoughts.  Help others. I am looking to expand away from stocks, and talk about ideas that help myself, and others.  Word Press offers all types of solutions for posting.  No or little ability to collect revenue per viewer seems like it could be a problem at some point; but, compared to other solutions I think wordpress is a good place for bloggers to start.

Entertainment purposes only

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