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Can anger be measured? If so, who, how,what, when, where, and why?

Quantifying anger, and it’s effect on the world economy is an impossible task.  So how close or to what degree of error can a  moving target of human anger be measured?  Does it matter who is angry?  Response to anger appears to have individual, cultural, religious, and other ties.  Why do people get angry? They get angry for an un-measurable amount of different things.  I get angry more than I would like, and hope expressing my feelings will help fulfill my needs to express anger.

Anger has a value that is casually tossed aside in the understanding of an economic system.  In the more careful circles of life anger is something that is not disruptive at all.  Anger is essentially a human emotion.   Measuring intrinsic value in material goods may not be appropriate.  Measuring how anger plays out in the real world is definitely a task for this generation of people.

People often site anger in fights of all sizes.  From fights in wars to the disruptive forces of poverty.  Alcohal is known to make some people more angry.  I just get angry getting out of bed some days. Whats a guy supposed to do if he can’t sleep!
I get angry sometimes in unexpected places.  I only have one adrenal gland, and that contributes to my uneven, and unpredictable responses at times.   Do corporations push the edge on chasing profits with out enough concern for the customers.   Consumers feel differently about the price of products? Depending on how high or low a price is.   Should a car salesman be paid more to take advantage of a customers good will at the risk of making him angry.  Not passing judgement on the issue; maybe, a little.   Some corporations probably do a better job of customer satisfaction than others. 

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Good call on the classical bottom

The follow through in high volume.  The strong price movements as deals were done.  Banks moved with grace to solve problems quickly.  Organizations of financial banks appears to have given the momentum back to the bulls.  The government has again risen to the short term problems that can arise in the current economic environment.


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CALM current value should change given CALM’s large trading range.

CALM the American egg producer with top technology, and strong earnings to date has traded wildly. Between $25 a share to a recent hi mark over $40 a share. CALM now trading around $30 a share.  I would look to start getting long here, and hope to average in a little higher or lower.   Very well written article that considers fundamental margin numbers, cyclical business cycle, limited growth, and yields between 8-12% being offered for short term corporate debt.  The author rules against investing CALM seeing the multiple of 26 times conservative earnings target of $1.26 per share.  

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