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Day of Sports for Iraq. Boxing, American football and European football. American military playing with all the middle eastern groups. Sports can mend and create bonds in a constructive way.

Hope for the Iraq people.  With cooperation the world can end war, provide security, health care, clean the water, spread comfort, and add value to the world.  People can and need to learn from the past.  A new modern tradition of sports in Iraq would be good. Iraq enjoy football or American soccor very much  People should respect the differences and just work together.  Iraq should maintain its health with over spending on security, food, and building a sustainable economy built on the hope of peace and happiness.  Sports between different ethnic, and national groups would be a good start to warming relations.  Some television coverage of Iraqi sports athletes would give hope to many from the region. Create a sports league of social benefit for the people.  healthy for the world on an a daily basis.  Some daily sports would do a lot of good for the people of the world in my opinion.  Sports give access to so many people who other wise have very Little in common.  When peace is achieved we can fight less.  Restore and build honest relations between all parties through sports.  I call for a yearly contest.  No more war. 


                         I hope to inspire or be the third religous prophet and inspire others

                         My education is in economics and I have no religous training.

Entertainment Purposes Only,

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