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Ten year peace agreement in the Middle East bad idea between Israel and Hamas

   Ten year peace agreements between Israel and Hamas is a bad idea in my opinion.   Any aggreement that is not ever ending as intended.  Is a waste of time.   Ten years is worthless than a good fight now.  I morrally oppose war; but, approve of a war for ultimate victory if peace can not be achieved looking far into the future. Moderate viewpoints and understanding of those with different view points all have to do with a good future. Per se a good direction to move in. I read a proposal that ends the conflict reasonable between Israel and Palestine.

   We are all humans of different values, wants, needs, thoughts, sizes and shades.  As such we should respect these differences. Biodiversity offers much hope to the future in meeting all unforeseen needs and contributions of others.
Israel has contributed great to both the well being of the world and rath of hate as religous forces have battled for centuries in an attempt to dominate societies. All the failure of violence to bring peace should be learned from and avoided in the future with acceptance of other cultures. With respect for human and property boundaries. Life has much beauty to be shared and worked for with careful decisions.  All people have value and need to be respected as such. Equally the environment is a concern.  All balanced
Humans can learn from the past.  Much of the past agreementslike the United Nations and modern world governments holds the answers learned from experience.  We have the structure and need compromise to work out the differences.  The great wealth of Oil in the middle east has led to a never ending fight.   The spreading of technology, health care, food, shelter, and happiness need to be  the targets of all people.  I call on all religious preachers, practices, and non applicable peaceful parties to cooperate with good another.  To share earned efficiencies and apply considerate minimum goals to make the most of the world.  Deliver jobs, housing, responsibility, religious freedom, careful boundaries, sustainable trade, and environmentally friendly goals.   

  It is important to move towards people in peace, good will, and respect.  I pray for peace now.  Peace can be had with spreading strong economic policy.  Security gains around the world are important parts of a peaceful society.  People have different responses to fear, and should be respected as such.  

   Give The Palestinian people an environment to be happy in an opportunity to be educated, and thrive in as a surviving tribe out thousands.  Give Palestine a clear path from Gaza and the West Bank.   A thin path with homes left intact between Gaza and West bank could unite Palestinians.  If, and only if the Palestian people commit to enforcing and honoring an agreement for a peaceful end to centuries old conflict for tribal/cultural/economic/religiousdominance of the Beautiful land East of the Mediterranean Sea. 

    Restating the rules and common goals repeatedly will help to avoid wars in the future.  To reach our potential on earth and help others reach their potential.  Make a well thought out plan for peace.  
Food, weapons , oil, and bombs are best served to help protect eachother from the common enemy of natural challenges and to protect the environment. 
The world needs to resist greed in a careful way.  Greed on the very bottom of the economic scale, and on the very top of the economic scale can become very disruptive  without strong safe guards and good judgement.   Boone Pickens supports wind and solar power to save the United States Economy.   As environmental damage takes place up to distances of over a thousand miles it is important to reduce the pollution around the world.  Technology should be shared accounting for the great value of these ttechnologies to solve worlds problems.  It takes a whole community to raise a well rounded person.  Man must lead men and women to prosperity. 
  In a near zero sum game it is clear that much of the debt of the United States is what we as a nation call profits.  Shady business deals cloud the judgement of foreigners.   Strength, honesty, hard work, and good will are sure to help the world.   It is ok to negotiate hard deals with careful judgement.  It is not ok to act like heathens going to hell.  Religion’s values do not make one free of judge or with out flaws.   Judgement is to be made with consideration for others.  People should be free of innapropriate harsh judgement.  

Over time technology allows man to do more with less.  This is clearly the path forward from a considerate, innovative, and environmental perspective.  As such careful planning and learning.
  Educational achievements like graduating highschool, and college can be supported by payments of future expected gains in productivity and quality of life can help to support human devlopment.  Good decisions and innovative solutions are important.   Population management is worth mentioning.  Most ecosystems are destroyed by over population and awareness will help keep society safe.  Particularly if resources become less abudant and humans live much longer than past generations.  Eliminating poverty will do alot to reduce pregancy rates.   Children will be the benefit largely of the decisions the world as a whole makes now or chooses not to make.
  People need education, clean water, social skills, internet access, health care, shared good will, entertainment, religous influence, communication, and compensation for the shortfalls of profit.    In a land with winners and losers comes a lot of shared responsibility.  Permanent peace will only be attained with repect for differences, human rights, forgivness, human boundaries, accounting for weaknesses, and moderate laws.  Gambling has a large multiplyer effect, and brings happiness to many people.  With the winning and losing comes much responsibility.

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  1. Fortunately he is not limited by our understanding of Him…

    Comment by James Hobbs | April 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Mr. Hobbs,
    I hope you get a chance to check out the recent updates to my website. I know you would be happy. I did fix alot of comments I made under the influence. I hope you and I can set careful boundaries. Being considerate of others.

    Comment by topstockblog | May 13, 2008 | Reply

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