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Market thoughts, positives to help and negatives to deal with.

I get too short sighted when my money is in the trade.  I am not sure if I can over come this.  Part of me says use the last of my financial resources to try to trade.  I just can’t seem to escape the short sighted nature.  Getting tricked frequently.   I had a short position on MTG today and a long position on YGE.  I missed the rally in YGE early, and sold out of the MTG trying to be more aggressive with a short position on QQQQ.   The Q’s have powered higher. 

 I have noticed that CNBC has alot of relavant information about the market.  CNBC helps me spot, and keep in mind market ideas.  I have noticed that I may be able to use CNBC as a contrarian indicator.  Cramer was complely sure the market wuold crash some time this weak.  Then the market opens higher squeezing shorts.  

Keep in mind weather the market is up or down. 

Watch the movement of ingterest rates.

Watch Government policy

Work hard.  

Cover both sides of a trade befor executing it.  Analyze risk and reward.  Time frame. 

Don’t let greed play too small or big a role in decisions

The power of using good judgement as a large trading component

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