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To short GIFI ahead of earnings or not?

Stock has low volume. GIFI a small company that focuses on oil rig repairs, boat repairs, and other related industrial repairs.  Because of the small size of the company I would think margins would fall along with business being focused on the United States.  The stock has run up a touch. The stock has missed earning two of the last four quarters.  Tempting; but, I think I am going to stick with my rule of avoiding the thinly traded.  (update 3/3/08  many oil companies are modifying old rigs to meet needs rather because abandonment costs are high. This should benefit GIFI going forward.

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Time to throw out the profit model and use a model of benefit. The world needs to come together to maximize efficiencies of delivery of benefits to society. By all standard measures of benefit, stored benefit,and consideration for others

Humans can act in a number of different ways.  So it should not surprise other people and cultures that we may disagree on a wide range of subjects.   Honest and rapid trade with benefit is in all peoples interest.   We drive each other crazy in the pursuit of our agenda’s.  Sharing of resources, happiness, and overall human benefit should be the goal of the world. Profit motive did alot to advance the benefits to the world.  Governments have done a lot to fill in the gaps.  Religious groups and people  give with concern for gods children.  Most groups have met most standards of deceny most of the time.    Communism has had limited success.  People and governments could not bridge the gap between trade.  Countries have been isolated because of the government being led by communist movements of previous generations.  Now abandoned by most nations because trade is to vital to any nations success. I watched some budgeting projections on CNBC.  The model showed no changes in human nature.    Reduction of  War is important to protect infrastructure, and preserve natural resources.   Resources  could become more isolated inappropriately in the future with out honest planning.  Delivering goods wastefully and inappropriately.  We all serve to meet our own profit motives per the profit model.  People will not act in a pure capitalist system without the profit motive. Unless profit is to  be gained in theory.  Operates very differently in reality.  Millions of people help each other, and conversely are scared of each other.   Millions of people adapt well to the conditions of a profit model; but, millions of others are left with needs unfulfilled.  I personally think with careful consideration that people could benefit more appropriately.  

 I really tried to keep this profit model off of the website about stocks.  It is important for myself to stay focussed on stocks; but, the differences of my life are shared. I can buy UNH even though I believe the corporation will act in the future to deny benefits to others and look to accumulate profits at any cost that falls with in what the law permits.  I should have looked worst of breed for offenders like HWAY they are loosing contracts.  I have surgery on march 7th for a couple of hernias from falling off a roof.  Governments paying the bill because I am poor.  I have a hard time wondering why I should not give up.  The market is my best answer to making some money; but, the market is determined to driving people crazy; assuming wrongly the best profit model it can create.  I share a better way for people to live. 

1. Reduce barriers between countries

2. Pay all people to not consume.  Motivating people to consume may have had a net benefit early on; but, now it can turn the opposite way with rising debts.

3. Those with resources should use those resources with a stated benefit of concern for others. i.e. the United States should meet the worlds need for food; not, waste it turning to ethanol.   Those with natural resources should use those resources not accumulate wealth; but, to help people.   There will be winners and losers because we may be in a zero sum game.  Meaning for every winner their is a loser.   Wipe out all the debts and cuts rates functionally on expected returns.  The bond market is correctly predicted a default on debt, and transactions have seized up.  Government should create a pool of money for sharing benefit with each other.  Governments are very devisive when they act alone.

6.  People should be concerned with sustainable peace

7.  Shared policing responsibility around the world.   People should be allowed to exist with respected boundaries, compromise, unstanding of differences, and faith of common ground.

8. Target is happiness

9.  Reduce population of humans to a point that encourages people to see all people as friends.

10. Restate the rules frequently and with purpose of helping each other.

11. Eliminate accumulation of debts

12. Build a path of functioning rather than a path of uncertainty

13. Good nature should be more defined

14. Wars should not be fought.

15.  People should not steal

16.  People should care about each other

17.  The world should move to meet future needs with a collection method to use benefitsto elliminate Profit pools are collected by taxes and redistribution, bank accounts, real property, stocks, bonds, and currency.  WE should use current profit pools to meet these needs.

18.  The government needs to take further

19.  Trade is good.

Going to have to work on the rest of the details.  Just my thoghts that keep me distracted from the market.

Entertainment purposes only; help others, ask questions later 

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