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Taking a break or quit trading stocks?

Never fun to ask yourself that question.  None the less I am confronted with the question as I no longer feel comfortable or able to support my self trading on a short bankroll. 

I traded short term call and put options over the past month and half. QQQQ, RTH, CRM, TGT, CFC, UNH, YGE   I had a real good run over loading on one option contracts. I was able to diversify a few times. I tried to use delta neutral strategies.  I found it too frustrating.   Using options it’s always a race against time.   Profits may be still available at times.  I will have to take a break and reflect on everything.  Just not sure I can do it. I did make a few dollars trading. Thank you mr. market.   Trading stocks in perfect setups seem to work.  Trades that focus on chart patterns did well.  Buyers often enter when you think they wouldn’t.   I was happy about turning off CNBC during trading hours. Never really missed it.  I did well on the way down in January when the market tanked and then gave the money back in four days with this recent up tick caught me short and stubborn.   I see why investors focus on a list of predefined stocks to follow.  I just don’t know if I have the patience to do that.    The successful traders focus on a group of stocks that they are comfortable with in some fashion.      I enjoyed parts of my experience, and happy to leave some behind.   Best of luck.

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