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Recent trading review

I have made a little bit of money in the market.  It has been an up and down week.  I have been a bit stressed out.  I failed to take any money out of the stock market.  I think taking money out is helpful for long term success and responsibility

I exited my COF short trade with a small loss.   The stock rallied and went against my position.  The stock rallied for anothe two days then fell quickly.  My timing was off.   News of a dividend and share buyback led me too the sidelines.   I don’t really believe the stock will be a long term success; but, not sure when or how far the stock will fall.   COF does have mortgage exposure and deal with risky credit card holders.  They are now refinancing all mortgage holders regardless if they are late on their payments.  In the news I have heard AXP represents a better shorting opportunity because it two will suffer from defaults; but, the defaults may be a surprise to investors who may take profits.

I short sold Google a few times successfully.   I believe the stock is currently a decent investment.   The stock has corrected and as time passes a higher stock price may be coming.  Just not sure how long the party will be

I short sold the RTH index successfully.  I became more aggressive with the trade over the last week.  I am currently overly aggressive ahead of the retail numbers and have added unsuccessfully to the trade.   I see the stock may stagnate in this range as I originally thought.   I want to exit the trade with my pride intact.  International story in MacDonald’s.   Have to look at percentage of sales over seas.  WMT should do well overseas.  I prob should get out soon.

I tracked some other stocks to watch. I have watched BIDU which represents value here, i saw good value in AAPL and that trade would have worked. Balance need to be found.

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