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ISRG looks attractive here

ISRG is a good buy under $320 in my opinion.  I think the stock will continue higher as it meets and exceeds expectations for the future.  Cramer was very bullish on the stock.  The growth potential is incredible in my opinion!  Here is Cramers coments last night “In contrast to Exxon-Mobil’s “hairy” quarter, Cramer cited Intuitive Surgical’s (ISRGCramer’s TakeStockpickr) recent earnings as an example of “going bald.”

When investors look at Intuitive Surgical’s earnings, they don’t see one-time gains, but rather earnings that beat every metric Wall Street was looking for, he said.

Intuitive Surgical beat the estimates by 20 cents a share. The company reported accelerating revenue growth, with sales up 68% year over year. International sales were also strong, accounting for 26% of sales vs. just 22% in the previous quarter.

Recurring revenue also increased and now represents 43% of total sales. Demand for the company’s core product, the DaVinci robot, was also strong. Wall Street was expecting Intuitive Surgical to sell 71 robots in the quarter, but the company shipped 78 systems

Cramer said Intuitive Surgical beat its numbers fair and square, and when a company beats every metric Wall Street is looking for, that’s a company he wants to invest in.

Going Strong”

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