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Reasons a recession could be healthy for everyone

1. Forces people to work together to find solutions

2.  Enforces accounting standards  

3.  Looks to the past to find mistakes

4.  Less consumption is good for sustainability

5.  It forces weak competition out of business

6.  Takes uncollectable debt out of the economy

7. Brings government intervention

8. Restores profit rates

A recession applied properly can help to minimize future problems   

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MTG looks like a good short here

MTG a private mortgage insurer looks like an attractive short.  MTG has held up and I think is over priced and should go to zero.  The company should be worthless when all is said in done by normal accounting standards.  If competition is allowed, a recession takes hold, and accounting standards are enforced MTG could go to zero   I hope the government progresses in its fight with greed.  I do worry because they recently allowed banks to take assets/debts to off balance sheets to be able to continue to loan money other wise not meeting correct  reserve requirements.

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ISRG looks attractive here

ISRG is a good buy under $320 in my opinion.  I think the stock will continue higher as it meets and exceeds expectations for the future.  Cramer was very bullish on the stock.  The growth potential is incredible in my opinion!  Here is Cramers coments last night “In contrast to Exxon-Mobil’s “hairy” quarter, Cramer cited Intuitive Surgical’s (ISRGCramer’s TakeStockpickr) recent earnings as an example of “going bald.”

When investors look at Intuitive Surgical’s earnings, they don’t see one-time gains, but rather earnings that beat every metric Wall Street was looking for, he said.

Intuitive Surgical beat the estimates by 20 cents a share. The company reported accelerating revenue growth, with sales up 68% year over year. International sales were also strong, accounting for 26% of sales vs. just 22% in the previous quarter.

Recurring revenue also increased and now represents 43% of total sales. Demand for the company’s core product, the DaVinci robot, was also strong. Wall Street was expecting Intuitive Surgical to sell 71 robots in the quarter, but the company shipped 78 systems

Cramer said Intuitive Surgical beat its numbers fair and square, and when a company beats every metric Wall Street is looking for, that’s a company he wants to invest in.

Going Strong”

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Extremely Bearish on the market

The stock market will crash in my opinion.  I would play it with a short in RTH, XLF and or SPY.  The market system is broken and not working in my opinion.   Service sector contracted to a reading of 44.6 while analysts estimates were at 53.  That is a serious miscalculation. .  Any reading under 50 indicates recesion or bearish indicator about the economy.  So service sector America seems to be hitting a rough patch.  Lay off the service employees when things get tight and continue business as usual.  Markets no longer crash because the fed cuts rates, doesn’t pay it’s debts, and buy stocks when they go lower.  Gotcha capitalism is another article on yahoo this morning.  Looks like yahoo pulled the story; but, I found something to show I am not making this stuff up.  Must of aggravated a few too many corporations using gotcha capitalism.   As in put you on hold until you hang up. Charge you fees when you aren’t looking, and get over on you any way they can.  

   A bidder for Norther Rock has pulled out of it’s bid to save the troubled bank. Corporations  true colors come through as they bid for corporations using loans and then back out when they can’t make a profit 

  I have plenty of loans I would like to back out of.   I’m tired of the government lending money to business’s to get over on me.  Tired of the government paying interest on money that is doing nothing.   Given the world has limited resources and humans are committed to racing to consume all of them.  Interest on idle money needs to be reduced and eliminated as the return on capital reduces.   There are answers and money can retain value; but, manipulation makes the problem worse in the end.   The unfolding of this may take 5 minutes or 10 years; but, it is better to find real solutions early to avoid disruptions. 

 We have large problems antagonizing other nations and not looking for common ground.  We cut are health care standards and military expendutures are out of control.  You can’t call people your enemy and fight wars to solve problems.     Honesty and understanding will always be the solution to problems.   The United States continues to persist that China, Iran, North Korea, Russia and others pos threats to our nation.  That is a losing strategy.  All people have to be our friends.

 Cutting taxes with government partnerships 

Standards to demand from you elected officials and new president

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