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Larry Kudlow of CNBC negative on the market?

Larry Kudlow is an important commentator from CNBC that brings important news and people to the television to discuss world market news. (Update July 28, 2008.) 

Larry Kudlow is still negative on the market; but, wants to believe in a summer rally.   (Monday July 28th 2008)Kramer talked about news conference disclosing SEC policy enforcement of Short Selling rules already on the book to protect common Americans and assume people of the world.  Stay vigilant Jim Cramer and thoughtful people around the world shall save the rest of the world!!!  



Larry Kudlow is scared of the bond defaults  (January 31st, 2008).  At least he seems not his usual confident self.  His audience is negative.    $2.3 trillion municpal market around the country has systematic risk according to a guest.  In my opinion the retirement system of obligations may make it impossible for stagnant areas to pay back the money at some point in the future, and lead to defaults as others recognize these risks. The problems of a pure focus on gr The market is surely going to trade lower tomorrow if the trend is still lower.  Kuldow’s guest talked of funding sources drying up with demise of MBI. Bull’s argued derivatives in bonds bonds is where the value in MBI is .  No-one really knows where we go from here. Pension funds have to hope this is bottom or they will have to sell to meet funding requirements causing a snow ball of selling. 

He also talked about long time economist Pual Vulcur is backing Obama.   Paul Vulcar an economist Larry thinks acts with good judgement will be helpful.  I think Obama is another George Bush with distinct differences.   Obama has some good values that will be helpful to all people around the world.   With some good economists on his side maybe they can bridge the gaps.  I think Hillary Clinton will deliver the better future.  Sure makes me feel better being weighted short the market. 

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  1. I don’t care who gets elected, as nothing will change. All that really matters is that the markets move, and we get a crack at trading them.


    Comment by masteroftheuniverse | January 31, 2008 | Reply

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