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Larry Kudlow of CNBC negative on the market?

Larry Kudlow is an important commentator from CNBC that brings important news and people to the television to discuss world market news. (Update July 28, 2008.) 

Larry Kudlow is still negative on the market; but, wants to believe in a summer rally.   (Monday July 28th 2008)Kramer talked about news conference disclosing SEC policy enforcement of Short Selling rules already on the book to protect common Americans and assume people of the world.  Stay vigilant Jim Cramer and thoughtful people around the world shall save the rest of the world!!!  



Larry Kudlow is scared of the bond defaults  (January 31st, 2008).  At least he seems not his usual confident self.  His audience is negative.    $2.3 trillion municpal market around the country has systematic risk according to a guest.  In my opinion the retirement system of obligations may make it impossible for stagnant areas to pay back the money at some point in the future, and lead to defaults as others recognize these risks. The problems of a pure focus on gr The market is surely going to trade lower tomorrow if the trend is still lower.  Kuldow’s guest talked of funding sources drying up with demise of MBI. Bull’s argued derivatives in bonds bonds is where the value in MBI is .  No-one really knows where we go from here. Pension funds have to hope this is bottom or they will have to sell to meet funding requirements causing a snow ball of selling. 

He also talked about long time economist Pual Vulcur is backing Obama.   Paul Vulcar an economist Larry thinks acts with good judgement will be helpful.  I think Obama is another George Bush with distinct differences.   Obama has some good values that will be helpful to all people around the world.   With some good economists on his side maybe they can bridge the gaps.  I think Hillary Clinton will deliver the better future.  Sure makes me feel better being weighted short the market. 

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Market trading up nicely, lol

The market has continued to sell off rallies as of late.  Is this time different?  Is the market a forward looking indicator seeing a brighter future? To dat the market has set lower lows…I think it’s a stock pickers market, and values of different assets need to be adjusted.    Lets see if the rally continues late in the day or fails.   I think stocks are over valued because of  buy outs, and people paying too much for earnings.   I thinnk sustainability and responsibility would be better served if stocks trade lower from here.  The system needs to make adjustments that are best taken care of in a recession.    Bond holders should get paid corporate assets sooner than latter if I am right.  The math has to make sense. Math can not be manipulated.

I am short COF (more than I should be) and long CFC, BA.    I added to my short as the market traded higher on COF.  The company is issuing new credit to grow credit base as people’s deliquencies increase and long term prospects are challenged.  This sure is a competive market with things being repriced every day.   Google after hours I hope will send the market lower; but, some people are buying the calls.  Too much violence in the world, and dishonesty for markets to trade higher in my opinion.   I am hoping foreign investors will sell.  Jobless claims reach post Katrina levels –    The military is unprepared for a military strike, and their all standing in one place.  We need to start building military bases here, and bring security to all corners of the United States.  BA should do well in any environment.  The world will want lots of carbon fiber plaines  787’s scheduled deliveries starting in 2009.   Government needs to fill the populations needs beyond what business is capable of doing in Bill Gross’s mind. need to meet the needs of people around the world. Take a look how bad things could get   Government needs to get creative to fix this big debt, reduce environmental damage, and create a positive environment for people to live in.  I think voluntary estate planning to collect death benefits early, and not disruptively to reconcile debts would be very helpful.  Also, government taking small percentage stakes in large corporations to be able to reduce tax rates would also stimulate real growth.  Simple minimum standards of people are not being met around the world.  This makes it more diffucult for people to be comfortable.   Transaction numbers are decreasing.   

Kramer was overly bullish last night.   Cramer see this as bull market.  The two of us are very Bi-polar so we will have to see what he say’s tonight.   Not buying it.  Market said the market is going higher and this was a great buying opportunity.  Cramer talked about a lot of money moving out of bonds or choosing to invest large sums of cash in stocks.  He likes just about anything he was bearish on from his perspective.  I need to see some more hard work from congress , the senate, and the world before I change my opinion.  Too many problems out there for a recession not to be entered.  I don’t mind if I am wrong.  Interest rates have been cut twice to a Federal funds rate of 3%.  We have a chance to choose a new president, and signs of hope in Iraq.  Lets start talking about world goals, and peace.  Then take action, and stocks can be sustainable.  Sustainability is a better word choice for stable stock prices. 

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Week update of trading, COF, CFC, GOOG, BJS, PHM

I had a good week trading.  Not perfect; but, making some profits.

COF  I shorted about a week ago and took a small profit on a dip.  I have again reentered the position as the stock trades up today.  Taking a chance the stock will sell off.  Not too confident in the trade.  COF has a lower credit customer, and exposure to the subprime mortgage market.  MA is up after it beat earnings.  Much of the earning was from overseas growth, and a sale of a company.

CFC  I have a small long position.  Have been in and out a few times with no luck.  My timing has been off.  Just missing my entries, and jumping at higher prices, only to sell it at even.

GOOG has been one of my better trades timing wise.   I have been on the short side a few times, and managed to take profits as the stock sells off.   I think GOOG will trade lower after earnings; but, honestly GOOG scares me.  So I took the profits, and my re-enter over the next couple of days. I seem to have a decent feel for the movement of the stock or just getting lucky.  I think GOOG is overvalued. 

BJS  I entered short on the mostly American oil servicer becuase of decrease in Gulf activity, and left the trade around even because they said the stock seemed to have buyers, and was looking to move internationally.

PHM  I entered short a couple of times yesterday and took my profits on the open this morning.  The trade worked out well.  I just don’t know the housing industry well enough to keep pushing the trade. May reenter on the short side.  Considered going long becuase the company does appear to be one of the better situated homebuilders.  

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